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  1. Nice score. I think I'm in a similar position with my score and progress. There's still time to play, but I don't see myself scoring 60k. I really like this game though. It's enjoyable! If only Q*Bert had an RPG...
  2. I agree. He gets worse on the levels where you have to jump on the tiles multiple times.
  3. I'm enjoying Q*Bert. I'm not real sure how well I'll do overall, but it's fun
  4. It is in the works. Albeit sloooowly. 2018 was not the first tournament. See below on keeping it going... Your archives are dusty, but they're not dust! Just a few weeks ago I began updating the "wins and points" table you made to bring it up to speed. We can't let all of that work and history disappear!
  5. skinny @42 foot tapeworm better try this week, else I'll be catching his ass on the leaderboard!
  6. This weeks top 8 will be more like a top 5 Damn this game is hard! (giggity)
  7. I haven't made participation yet. I love Q-Bert but quickly realized I've never played NES Q-Bert before. I think I've got the controls set up in a way that works now, at least.
  8. These cups will forever remind me of drinking copious amount of cola while sitting with friends at a diner.
  9. This was my first time making it to level 3 on one life. It was my 2nd or 3rd time making it to level 3 overall. I forgot what to do at this spot and died. You have to shoot the top crate, then jump from the bottom one to make it over safely. Had I been able to put a clean run together, I would have likely made it to level 4 somewhere as that's where my max progress had ended. I didn't give this game much attention. It's definitely more enjoyable as you progress, but I _really_ wasn't feeling it. You ended up with a pretty good score!
  10. I have more in me, but probably not today 36,850
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