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  1. Okay, I'll make it a bit more interesting and egg you on @NESfiend! Stage 19 - 331,700 Game over http://www.myvideogamelife.com/a/vgm/vgs/vgs-ninjistar-gyruss-score-01.jpg Stage start http://www.myvideogamelife.com/a/vgm/vgs/vgs-ninjistar-gyruss-score-02.jpg
  2. I'm thinking about buying these for Mr Pickles, aka Senor Pepinillos! @Richardhead https://www.amazon.com/Mexican-Natural-Sombrero-Fiesta-Supplies/dp/B07R3W77GZ/ref=sr_1_22?dchild=1&keywords=sombrero&qid=1606985252&sr=8-22
  3. I see Mr. Pickles has joined the brotherhood of CCC (Cat Cervesa Connoisseurs)!
  4. And me. You mean to disappoint me too, @Jeevan. I'm sure @Richardheadwill beat me. No need to worry, @NESfiend
  5. How about Quake 3 / Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory?!
  6. I had a similar process. If you point press on stage 2 and stage 4, you should be able to get 500k - 600k without fighting the boss. I was not able to do this in my runs as I kept dying very early in stage 4.
  7. The sniper gets sniped by his student. Sorry @docile tapeworm! It actually looks like you're in 12th though. @8bitdontquitand @Ausden came in ahead of you. If it means anything to you, I got this score with the last 2 hours and was actively trying to best it, but I kept messing up.
  8. 383,800 I've definitely got a better run in me, but it didn't happen today. What a neat game though. Scratch another one off of the list. http://www.myvideogamelife.com/a/vgm/vgs/vgs-ninjistar-aliensyndrome-final-2020.jpg
  9. Who is this? Just kiddin', Kyle. I hope all is well, dude!
  10. This just gave me a GREAT idea for an April O'Neil piece (giggity)!
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