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  1. Good news on the test! I fully relate to the project work. It's stupid. People need to put their computers away and go talk to their plants or something
  2. No worries at all. Just checking, mostly since my posts will be harder to read with no embedded photo until I add SSL to my domain. I've not really been in the contest threads for the last number of weeks. Things have been rough here. I hope you're doing well.
  3. Has the final scoreboard been posted yet? If so, it's missing a few people... @guillavoie @BeaIank just checking
  4. This is a fun game. I think I played it once years back when I first started collecting unlicensed games. Hopefully, I remember to play it again before the week is over 51,850 http://www.myvideogamelife.com/a/vgm/vgs/vgs-ninjistar-krazykreatures-score-2020.jpg
  5. I pretty much forgot all about this. Ooops. 1,615 http://www.myvideogamelife.com/a/vgm/vgs/na-ninjistar-heavyshreddin-score-2020-final.jpg
  6. hahahahaha. I completely forgot about this! That was really one of the best contest weeks and seasons ever!
  7. We all met in secret! Sorry @Bearcat-Doug. Actually, I've only been on VGS once or twice per week, so I kind of forgot about this....
  8. I fully support AND endorse this! Let's make it happen!
  9. This was me from my college days. I've no idea where you found it, but I still party like this from time to time. Especially when playing Minecraft.
  10. I'll start it off with this gem from Paperboy 2 week in 2017...
  11. @NESfiend@Jeevan @Bearcat-Doug @bertsampson @Richardhead @SuperJimtendo @Murray @JamesRobot @BeaIank @guillavoie @Gaia Gensouki @mbd39 @docile tapeworm @Ausden @0xDEAFC0DE @Jicsan Feel free to tag anyone I've forgotten... so many players! Let the off-week shenanigans begin!
  12. @BeaIank just a heads up that 8bitdontquit is listed twice on the scoreboard. I'll happily take one of those spots for him!
  13. I'd love to provide a long-winded, detailed reply this... but i'm not up for it. I'll just say this: Is HTTPS more secure? Yes. Does a site using HTTPS make it safe? No. It's not a silver bullet and there are a lot of other factors that can contribute to the overall security of a website. EDIT: I will say, I like that you're thinking about security!
  14. I had forgotten that I like this game. 123,440 It seems that VGS no longer allows embedded HTTP URLs. I'm too lazy to fix it now. You'll have to take the risk when opening http://www.myvideogamelife.com/a/vgm/vgs/na-ninjistar-vgs-tgl-2020-final.jpg
  15. Just thought I'd drop in an say hi. I hope everyone's doing well. *waves*
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