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  1. New episode of Playas Guide out covering Rare Games on the XBOX 360 https://youtu.be/7LIHm7ydTvQ
  2. New episode of Plays Guide out today covering Rare XBOX Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqyKFOfqBRQ
  3. Going live with Midway Arcade Classics Vol 2 https://twitch.tv/playasguide
  4. No need to go anywhere this NEW episode of Playas Guide brings exclusive Famicon games from Japan to you https://youtu.be/yrshTWIPgtM
  5. Going live with a non retro game http://www.twitch.tv/PlayasGuide
  6. This just in February 2020 Retro Gaming News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwHsLX-tal0 YouTube
  7. I don't think I've ever met jerbilly. I think I've meet just aboot everyone else here though. I honestly could name everyone. Here goes a shot though: @captmorgandrinker @Pats1717 @zi @Vaosu @SoleGoose @mog @KHAN Games ToxieRules , OSG, @Rdools Starsoldier1 @Bighab ClaytonBigsby, @B.A. @Paul @K3VBOT Roth @The Count @the tall guy @bigjt_2 @Penguin AaronE , Supernesman @doner24 @thesubcon3 @Ferris Bueller @xtremegamer @MrClutch @rizz @Megamanfan @DukeTogo
  8. We live with Joe and Mac SNES https://www.twitch.tv/playasguide
  9. It's here as you probably guessed! This weeks video topic covers the rarest PS3 games https://youtu.be/dBJHj9S5-ds
  10. Going live with more from the SNES backlog come chill http://www.twitch.tv/playasguide
  11. Last week we took a look at Rare PS1 games. This weeks video covers Rare PS2 games https://youtu.be/BF15kbuZMGg
  12. Hey Austin, Thanks for taking the time to watch my video. I know what you mean with regards to conceptual rarity. I really don't think that there are many rare games after the cartridge era of gaming. The production of games for the most part has been increasing up until now. And today's modern game collecting drives me nuts with all the intended limited editions, collectors editions and limited print runs.
  13. Join me as I relive the glory of Sonic the Hedgehog http://www.twitch.tv/PlayasGuide
  14. There's a pole up for tonight's Playas Guide stream. You can vote now on Twitter
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