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  1. Anyone Scratched a Nintendo Game Pack card before? https://youtu.be/EmRxdkj5q14
  2. I'm shocked at the State of SNES Collecting. This is unlike any other console collection. Take a look for yourself https://youtu.be/7Ly1of8FiuA
  3. Let's take a look at the State of Playstation collecting this week https://youtu.be/Wz3anIZHs4s
  4. Niagara Video Game Swap Sunday, November 7, 11am - 3pm 201 Main Street, St.Catharines, Ontario $5 Admission, Children 10 & under are free Like and Share on Facebook for a chance to win free admission, winners announced October 28 https://fb.me/e/18Qpfh1up Vendor Tables $35 each https://niagaragameswap.com/ Covid protocol in place, in compliance with provincial regulations.
  5. Is now a good time to start collecting PS3 games? This weeks episode of Playas Guide takes a look at the current market for Playstation 3 games https://youtu.be/hwsEWzL5My4
  6. Are video games getting too expensive to collect? Here are some ways to cope with the market. https://youtu.be/ajlDk5pmGXU
  7. Which of these retro Gaming movies have you seen? https://youtu.be/n7SqqRzQHkI
  8. This weeks episode of Playas Guide takes a look at the SHOCKING state of N64 prices https://youtu.be/lgz1Kf12Upc
  9. Right now my son is four, and I'm not worried about trust. I'm thinking ahead, because the next home I purchase I plan to live in for a very long time. I realize a lock is the most obvious solution, but depending on the layout of the home it may cut off access to other parts of the home, which could be important if in a basement. Unless I build an additional wall. The other thang is that I know in high school so , "friends" who would have no problem stealing from other "friends ". Even kicking in doors to steal plants. So it's not a concern for me now, just wondering what others in the position I'm talking about have done. But maybe the majority of us aren't there yet and we'll have all sold out by then outta fear of punk kids pilfering our shit.
  10. Hey Playas, I'm looking at a new home and thinking about where my game collection would go, and I had a thought. I was pondering how I'm going to look after my game collection when my son is in his teens. And maybe not really even him so much as his friends when he has them over or decides to through a party while I'm away. If the rate prices have been going continues I could easily get robbed a fortune by that time. So obviously I want to keep things securely away, but I enjoy having a room full of game and all the hardware to play them, with a few items displayed, much like many game rooms. What do the collectors here with older children do to keep there collections safe during this period in life?
  11. Catch the latest edition of the Retro Gaming News for July 2021 https://youtu.be/D5x1IK-X20c
  12. Anyone here remember video rental stores? This weeks Playas Guide presents The Last Video Rental Store part 2, Bay Street Video in Toronto. In this series I'll be hunting down some of the last operational video rental stores. https://youtu.be/3KPBpAPNlVE
  13. Come get your Wii U prices. This episode of Playas Guide takes a deep dive into the current state of Wii U collecting. https://youtu.be/PqJ8BsTOK5s
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