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  1. For real, a brand new ps vita game for 3 cents. I feel like I’m dreaming. The cashier was very suspicious.
  2. Hello, My youtube channel “DScapades” is the only channel out there dedicated to making content about rare and obscure Nintendo DS games. As you can imagine, many of the games I play are terrible, but I love to riff on bad media in the style of MST3K. my most recent video is about all of the weird and useless bonus items that came bundled with some DS games. Back in May, a friend of mine recently found a prototype of an unreleased duke nukem DS game and my channel was the first place on the internet to see the game footage. You can watch here
  3. Yeah don’t go for a complete DS set unless you want to overpay for shovelware. Well, that can pretty much be said for most systems. Good thing about DS is there isn’t a flood of sports games. Also, the rarest 100 DS games are about as rare as the rarest 5-10 GameCube/ps2 games. It’s incredible how many DS games had a super small print run.
  4. Thanks! Us North Americans are very lucky, all pal games have white spines , and all Japanese DS games have black spine, but North America got the full rainbow of colors on the spine.
  5. I have noticed that there really isn’t a comprehensive list of all the Nintendo DS games that came bundled with bonus items, so I have started a compendium of sorts in this video as a reference for anyone interested in DS bundles and variants. Some of them are pretty common but there are a few that I know are extremely rare. let me know if you have any bundles I didn’t include.
  6. Hello, my name is Cliff. I’ve been collecting video games pretty hardcore for the past 7 years, but have recently been getting into Nintendo DS games. I have started a YouTube channel where I review and make fun of rare and obscure Nintendo DS games in an informative way. I go pretty in depth with DS collecting. Please check it out https://youtube.com/c/DScapades let me know if you have a gaming YouTube channel so I can follow you back!
  7. Definitely keeping it. I have a thing for weird DS bundles
  8. I bought this wiffle ball DS bundle that comes with a bat and ball. I haven’t found anything about it online, not even a picture. I have a feeling that it’s a Best Buy exclusive because of the sticker and because bestbuy.com lists the game as the “standard edition”. Can anyone confirm this? Anyone else own it?
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