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Did you have a smaller company whose games you bought?


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Almost a bit hard putting it into perspective who would have been thought of as small then but likely if not dead aren't now.

SNK with Crystalis and Baseball Stars.  Sunsoft with Spy Hunter, Blaster Master, (gifted to me) Festers Quest, and Journey to Silius.  Hudson on Faxanadu and Bomberman.  Broderbund for Raid on Bungling Bay.  Technos for Super Dodgeball and River City Ransom.   Obviously given it was supposedly a dying breath--Square with Final Fantasy (also Rad Racer.)

SNES era gets a bit trickier.  Enix with Actraiser and Soul Blazer.  TOHO(Compile) for Space Megaforce.  Sammy/Nihon Falcom for Ys 3.  Bandai with Ultraman.  Interplay for Star Trek Bridge Simulator.  Data East for Joe & Mac, and JVC for Indiana Jones and his Greatest Adventures.

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If SNK, Hudson, Enix and Natsume are "smaller companies", then I guess my list is endless. Though companies like Konami, Capcom and Taito were obviously very dominating "AAA brands", I'd still say the majority of notable titles for most platforms is made up of A- and B-tier brands like these.

Data East
Wolf Team
Vic Tokai

All great game developers. Well, except maybe Asmik and Seta...

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As a kid, no. Pretty sure back then I was only influenced by friends and maybe Nintendo Power.

In recent years, I'm starting to notice companies more. Like I'm much more likely to buy a game by Way forward after playing DuckTales Remastered and Double Dragon Neon.  They really know how to do remakes!

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On 7/9/2020 at 11:57 AM, Sumez said:

I could have sworn Wurm was Vic Tokai XD

I don't know why I keep mixing up those two.
I guess they made very similar games.

Wurm is similar in gameplay (though not in theme or story) to Golgo 13. Both games had Shoichi Yoshikawa involved.


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I more recognized who made certain games, but didn't seek out specific publishers. I just based my choices on the games themselves regardless of who made them. To slightly waffle on that, when it came time to buy a new console, I did look to see who would be releasing games for it so that I would be able to get the next entries in series that I enjoyed. But other than that, it was never like "Let's see what Sunsoft has out this month."

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I never really looked into that.  I didn't realize Nintendo didn't make all the games until after the N64. I always just saw their name on the box and when you turned on the console.  Rare, Neversoft, etc didn't mean anything to me.  After that I started to notice but it took until the last few years to really follow developers/publishers.  Now it's just for the ones to ignore (Ubisoft/EA).

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Events Team · Posted

When I was young I really enjoyed the games developed by RARE on the NES. I liked the genuinely good games of them (Battle toads, Cobra Triangle, R.C. Pro-Am, Wizards & Warriors, etc.), but I also enjoyed any game of them just because of the particular vibe they had, especially their music and sounds effect.

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16 hours ago, a3quit4s said:

I dunno about smaller in their prime but Taito games are the shit

In the arcade, Taito were pretty much the leading business for a while. Space Invaders was a gigantic hit, and of course Bubble Bobble, as well as everything inbetween. They published the earliest Capcom games outside Japan (like Ghosts n Goblins) before those guys got their own footing, and they even took a lead in the shoot'em up genre thanks to Toaplan's outputs until those guys went indie. I always considered them one of the elite.

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I never had a Genesis or Saturn, so I missed out on a lot of stuff by Treasure, despite making many of the best 2D action games of all time. Guardian Heroes and Gunstar Heroes are still 2 of my all-time favorites. I really need to get Gunstar Super Heroes sometime, hopefully it's a better sequel than Advance Guardian Heroes.

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