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Werewolf 3: The Signups

Reed Rothchild

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Editorials Team · Posted

To quote our good friend fox:

The game is a challenging and rewarding battle of deduction and confidence as you team both with and against your fellow forum members.  It will be played in the separate Club section, right here on the site.  If you are interested, please sign up in this thread.

Looking for 20.  We'll roll with 14+ if necessary.




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Editorials Team · Posted
2 hours ago, Jeevan said:

1 more, come on guys, join the party!!!!!!!!!     @Splain my second wolf buddy come on!  if you can't play too much we will just take you out first 😉 

Dude, I'm debating signing on as a backup, but I guarantee I'll end up subbing in for COBRA COMMANDER, SUPREME MEGAWOLF OF THE AGES.

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