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  1. I posted a thread asking how much this is worth with the box on NA, but that was ages ago. whenever i check the sold ones on ebay its always all over the place, and only one ive seen with the box. the one i have the box inst in amazing shape, and there is a rip on the top left corner, but thats the only major rip i can see. its missing the insert that holds the cart inside the box too. i have not tested it as it requires you to modify your nes in a certain way so it can fit in.
  2. really hate to see that they killed off a site with so much history, and a special culture, and replaced it with a husk that doesn't even remotely resemble what made NA a great site. but they dont care about that, all they care about is the data that it holds. RIP NA, vive la VGS!
  3. its been snowing like crazy here since like 4ish, its not even November yet!
  4. Packers 1st in NFC north, lets go boys!!
  5. I rarely drink energy drinks, but when I do drink one I usually drink those mango monsters, they're really good.
  6. i sell on ebay from time to time, and ive just stopped allowing offers, because someone will lowball me, ill counter for a lower than average price, and then they just stop offering.
  7. Im curious to see if anyone else on here is an avid eSports watcher/follower. i mainly watch pro CSGO but i also watch a little bit of pro smash sometimes.
  8. not collecting anymore, but i plan to sell what remains of my collection soon, a lot of it will probably be listed here so i might as well start the thread now.
  9. yeah fortnite is a lot of fun for me, idk what it is about it. probably the building, as there's no game that is quite like it.
  10. 4/10, used to love their shit then I went back and it's just ehhh at best imo
  11. i think my pfp speaks for itself lol
  12. i wish i had kept a picture but i remember getting this absolutely trashed copy of tecmo super bowl for a contest, and the label was almost destroyed, the cart itself was falling apart, at that point i should have thrown it out but i needed it for the contest and then later it broke and i couldn't get it working again.
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