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  1. Taco Bell had a chili burrito. It was... ok.
  2. Damn... how many Michigan people we got roaming around this joint?
  3. Yesterdog used to, but I think they simplified their menu because of Covid, so we'll see if it comes back. Otherwise, I know how to make them.
  4. It's a deep fried sliced Koegel on a grilled sourdough hotdog bun with all-meat & tomato chili, finely diced sweet onion, sweet relish, mustard, ketchup, and extra sharp finely shredded cheddar
  5. Grand Rapids style. Yes... it's a thing.
  6. In Michigan we just call this "a good time". But for the sake of argument I'll say chili.
  7. There's a lot of Mandalorian lore being wolven into this series. I think that cruiser Gideon is in possession of may not be his much longer and is actually a Mandalorian light cruiser the Venator class destroyers were based off of.
  8. Accepted. Game is started. I didn't know there had actually been a game started officially until FH messaged me. So thanks for some kind of a warning. My alerts for this forums only comes through when I'm active on the webpage and I don't sit on it 24/7. But anyway... here we go.
  9. i'd be down depending on the game schedule. On quarantine still but thats ending this next monday more than likely. Then I'm back to working until 6pm EST most days and sundays off.
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