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  1. Yo. I'm in. Can't start until tomorrow tho. Heading to bed for the night in a minute here.
  2. It's cool. I hope this website works out. I'd love to play a round. Love me some RISK.
  3. damn... missed out on this one. can spectators still watch the match somehow?
  4. At the least you'd think someone would give you a custom avatar or status or something!
  5. Yup. I'm usually one of the older people on the other forums I'm on. Guess not so much here. Well... yeeup. Lol. Not gonna lie, doesn't break my heart I'm not the oldest. I usually am. Sweet. At least I can not worry about having to explain myself all the time then. Lol. Regardless... I am a grandpa, thanks to my step-son. Sooooo there's that.
  6. Lol. Well... I'll be 39 in June. So you tell me.
  7. Hello. I am MashFan. Older brother to SpoonmanAbramsX. Old school lurker on SA, TWBB, and such forums past, present, and future. Co-conspirator of G1 After Dark (G1AD). Retired gamer, computer nerd, old married man, grandpa, and all around geek... I am usually one of, if not THE oldest, on a forum. I enjoy all things geek/nerd. Dnd, comics, Legos, MtG, all things video game, and especially all things techie. I look forward to partaking in some forum shenanigans. Especially forum mafia.
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