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  1. Retro-Bit's stepped their game up considerably with their controllers. Their Genesis/Saturn controllers are genuinely top-tier, nearly identical to OEM. Haven't tried the Tribute 64, though it's been on my radar for a while. That reminds me, I have a repair kit for original N64 sticks I need to use...
  2. Alright, I'll join in. I know jack all about wrestling so have fun crafting me a profile, only thing I have to say is I want this as my theme:
  3. I'm too young to really add anything of value to this convo, but my local mall is still busy as hell. Maybe like two or three store slots are empty (smaller ones, big boxes have never been empty) and there's always one helluva crowd. Guess it helps that there's a bunch of nicer restaurants there now. There were two other competing malls that closed down years ago, though. One bit the dust well before 2006 (when I moved to where I am now), but the local technical college bought the building and uses it now (every year there's a massive book sale that covers the entire open floor...it's great). The other mall was like, literally visible from the current one, they were that close. Extremely beautiful place, green marble tiles and decorations. Relatively high end...that's why it ended up folding. Shame, too, since it's the only mall I remember going to that had a fairly large indoor fountain.
  4. On-and-off with og Quake, also been playing a bit of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga cuz it was cheap during the Steam winter sale and I haven't played it in the better part of a decade. Good times. Also gonna move on to the original Serious Sam games after I finish up Quake. The beheaded kamikazes are calling my name.
  5. pikac̷h҉u is love ṕ͝i̸̡k҉á̵̢c̷̛͟h̷̡u̢͠҉ is life
  6. we allowed to bump? cuz i'm gonna bump
  7. I'm your Secret Santa! Thank goodness everything arrived safe and sound, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  8. My first Genesis was a roach motel when I got it. Looked fairly clean on the outside, but the inside was like it'd been in a barn for twenty years. The amount of dead cockroaches was staggering... *shivers* Funny thing is that after cleaning it, that Genesis ran like a champ. Never had a problem with it, aside from it generally being one of the worse revisions for audio/video quality.
  9. My SS didn't leave their name (neither did I, teehee) but they certainly know the way to my heart Hope everybody's having a great Christmas so far!
  10. Alright, gonna re-write this a lil bit to tidy it up. Looking for an Atari 5200 system, games, accessories, whatev. I've never had one and I've been getting the itch lately so a good setup with a few games would be nice. I know they're a tad temperamental so if the controllers don't work or anything that's fine, I'll probably have to repair/upgrade them regardless. Not looking for any one thing in particular, just whatever's the cheapest Also, more on the down-low, looking for an Atari 7800, console and controllers only. Got a big empty box that needs fillin. If anyone's got anything they'd be willing to part with, let me know!
  11. I'd say Cinemassacre in general. IIRC Hagane, while rare, was dirt cheap until Mike did the SNES Hidden Gems vid on the channel Edit: Yep just checked, game was like $89 before "Top 10 Obscure SNES Gems by Mike Matei", jumped to $285 almost overnight.
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