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Movie Debate #5: Get Out (NO SPOILERS)

Reed Rothchild

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Ok so we got to the theater late and missed the first 10 mins of the movie.  So we were really in the dark until creepy stuff started happening.

Upon rewatching it and seeing that opening scene, I felt that opening gave away too much.  Weird case where missing part of the movie made the experience even better.

9/10 Fantastic flick

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8 minutes ago, G-type said:

I thought it was good. Jordan Peel is a good director, and his follow up, Us was even better. Get Out is a little overrated, considering Skeleton Key had the exact same plot (but made more sense)

I didn't really care for "Us". There were a few plot holes and I didn't personally like the underlying theme of the plot. 

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Cool movie. It's seriously creepy throughout its first half, and starting out I think it handles the topic of racism in an extremely mature and nuanced manner that you rarely see in pop culture.

But the further you get into the movie the dumber it becomes, until it dives into


full slasher shlock in the third act.

This isn't really criticism as it's obviously completely intentional, but I do think it's a bit of a wasted potential from what seemed like it could have been a more "intelligent" movie. I still liked it a lot.

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This movie actually reminds me a lot of Red State (directed by Kevin Smith).  Both movies were directed by people who I was very familiar with, but only from comedy settings, and both movies were the first horror movies directed by those individuals.  Also both movies are also similar in that I wanted to like them, but something was missing that kept them from being great.  

Also, this talk of McGuffins makes me want to talk about Ronin.  Hopefully we can include that movie in a debate sometime.  

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On 2/22/2020 at 11:33 PM, Reed Rothchild said:

Does it matter if it's a McGuffin?  It's like comparing the time travel in Looper against the time travel in Back to the Future: neither matters, they are just needed to propel the story forward.

it matters in the sense that one I feel wants me to take it seriously, where the other one is just being pure fantasy so its a little easier to just go along for the ride.

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