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  1. I preordered in-store and will grab it after work. That's the only sure thing with GS. That said, I do agree with others that pre-ordering this title isn't terribly useful.
  2. Hopefully this garbage doesn't fully go through. $600 from $20k/200 transactions is egregious and shit way to drum up money. I can't see any valid reason why anyone would be in favor of this.
  3. I have a full US Dreamcast set and that's really it. Also, every Silent Hill game/OST released in the US. (shocker) I almost had a full US Vita set but sold a majority of it back in late 2018. I've thought about getting the launch lineup for a few consoles as that seems like a cool subset...
  4. What do you mean? Like the variant data? I would think Wata (for example) would provide some filtering mechanism when searching a pop report. Wouldn't be too hard either. But then again, "not too hard" for Wata proves to be a challenge these days. Not sure if this is what he meant but it immediately made me think of a game once graded by WATA that ended up being crossed over to VGA. I'd assume that's already a factor in other collectible pop reports though. Not sure how you would combat that.
  5. Fantastic game - I was hooked on drumming for years. Still have the ION kit.
  6. Optics are bad but I think it's an overreaction to highlight this as some massive collusion or manipulation. Proof of preferential treatment on grading would be a stronger issue IMO.
  7. While I agree that a lot of people (especially YT personalities) seem to forget that their videos are a major cause in price increases, if only by brining awareness to titles. That said, Hagane is legit uncommon/rare as is P&R2. I rarely saw those over my 15 years of collecting. (Though I did get a copy of Hagane for $3.50 from LukieGames on eBay in 2014 - by pure luck)
  8. I’ve got at least 5 messages similar to this or the “you’re selling too low” over the last few years. My reply is….. you’re always welcome to purchase it. The “protecting your investment” mentality in gaming has been out there long before any of this. While I've personally never gotten a message like this in my 14 years on eBay, I know there are some wild ass people out there. That said, wouldn't you think that they'd just buy the game low to acquire more copies and guarantee their manipulation? Especially something that's a few hundred bucks...
  9. First car was a 1996 Nissan Maxima which I got at the age of 18. Since then (2004), I've had a total of 4 cars including the Maxima. (96 Maxima, 04 Impala SS, 07 Accord, 16 GTI) Bought the GTI new and have enjoyed every day of ownership.
  10. I've got my stuff in an unfinished basement and my girls are still toddlers. That said, I figured leaving enough spiders down there would deter girls from even thinking about going downstairs.
  11. As much as I love my Honda, I've been using a B&D trimmer for going on 7 years and it's pure tits.
  12. Not the strongest library, but the top-tier games are majestic. I've also never had an issue with the controller like a lot of people who claim to wrestle with it. I will say nostalgia is a driving factor for me since it came out when I was at an age where playing local multiplayer was the best thing on Earth. I can still pick up Goldeneye and THPS, play the entire game in one sitting, and love every second of it. Also has the best wrestling games of all time.
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