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  1. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER The guys sit down to discuss their favorite Amusement Park and County Fair memories from the past 30 years. That first hill into the small tunnel on the Beast at King’s Island is killerMatt and Luke both had these cheap Beast hats with a built in mulletThe Vortex at King’s Island is about to be removed but the guys have so many memories of riding it.That slide on the right is a doozy!Flight of Fear at King’s Island was previously known as The Outer Limits The Smurf’s ride from King’s Island Panthom Theater, that replaced the Smurf’s ride at King’s Island Evil Knievil at King’s Island The band Matt discovered the night before a King’s Island trip Jason and his family at King’s Island in 1986 Loch Ness Monster at Busch Garden’s Williamsburg with the interlocking loops.Matt loved this runaway ski lift coaster so much he bought a shot glass so he’d never forget it. Son of Beast at King’s Island, the only wooden coaster with a loop (until it was torn down). Look how much wood!Chang at Kentucky Kingdom, a stand up coaster that packed a lot of G-ForceMatt and Luke’s dog Boomer who ran away to join the carney’s at the fair and later found Matt at Sears. View the full article
  2. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER In their first episode recorded remotely the guys sit down to discuss the our favorite TV shows that premiered or ended in 1995 and the biggest events of the year including the OJ Simpson Trial, Cal Ripken’s Ironman record, a murder on the Jenny Jones show and celebrities who died on Christmas Day. Matt’s #5 – The Critic Matt’s #4 – Mr. Show Matt’s #3 – Full House Matt’s #2 – Ren & Stimpy Matt’s #1 – The State Jason’s #5 – Taxicab Confessions Jason’s #4 – Full House Jason’s #3 – The Love Connection Jason’s #2 – Supermarket Sweep Jason’s #1 – Batman: The Animated Series Luke’s #5 – Sliders Luke’s #4 – Mad TV Sopranos on PAX TV (edited for content) Luke’s #3 – The Drew Carrey Show Luke’s #2 – My Brother and Me Luke’s #1 – Goosebumps Ryan Gosling int he Goosebumps episode “Say Cheese and Die” View the full article
  3. Genre: Action Publisher: American Sammy Total time played: 3.5 Hours Short review: An action platformer that plays like Ninja Gaiden mixed with Batman, with some first person action as well as some driving levels. The game also has a pretty involved story. Interesting links related to Vice: Project Doom SoundtrackSpeedrun (14min 28sec)All Cutscenes Fresh Air After so many long, hard and/or boring games in a row it was nice to get a short and to the point game with good controls, a good story and no unfairness…well, almost no unfairness. That’s Different The first stage of the game is a top down driving stage that plays like Spy Hunter where your goal is to drive fast and clear anything in your path with a gun. Before playing the stage you are presented with the beginning of a story that feels like a futuristic film noir. After beating this level you are presented with more story and then finally, the title screen. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a game with playable prologue before the title screen, at least not on the NES. Starts out as a driving game Hey, Wait A Minute After the first driving level I had assumed the game was a driving game, but, I was wrong. The first level after the title screen is a side scrolling platformer that plays like a mixture of Batman and Ninja Gaiden, but, not as good as either of those. The bulk of the game looks and plays like this. Controls and Gameplay The gameplay is really straight forward, A jumps, B swings your sword. Most enemies are killed with a single hit and bosses are all pretty easy with easy to distinguish patterns. Throughout each level the enemies you kill will drop 1 of 5 items: Coin – Collect 100 of these for an extra life. There are unlimited continues and levels are pretty short so I never really felt the need for these extra lives. Skinny tube?? – This replenishes 2 points on your health Hunk of Meat – This replenishes a lot more of your health G – Adds grenades to your inventory. To select the Grenade, hit select until it is highlighted on the heads up display at the bottom of the screen. Grenades are thrown in an arc and have a pretty big blast radius. B – Adds bullets to your arsenal. To shoot the gun, hit select until the gun is highlighted. The gun has a longer range than the sword but not much longer. I found this to be the least helpful weapon in the game. As a side note, I used the sword 90% of the time, so much so that I rarely if ever ran out of bullets or grenades. It wasn’t until I was on the last level that I realized B was for bullets and G was for Grenades. I thought G was for gun and B was for bomb. Another Game? After a few levels you are presented with the 3rd type of gameplay, it is a first person on rails shooter where you move the cursor over the enemies and fire. There are 2 of these levels in the game, both are short, which is good, any longer and they would have gotten old. A different type of level The Story I’m not going to go into the story, mainly because I don’t remember exactly what it is about as I only read through it once. But, I can’t think of another game on the NES with a more detailed story. In fact, this video, shows just the games cutscenes and is 14 minutes long! Compare that to a game like Super Mario Bros. which has 0 cutscenes and no story. Pretty Shallow The music in the game is pretty great, the controls are solid and the level backgrounds and gameplay is pretty varied. But, there really is no depth to the game, no strategy. For the most part, you just use your sword and walk through the levels fairly easy. I’d say of the 11 levels I got through 6 of them on my first try. With unlimited continues it was easy to practice the harder levels until I mastered them. I also found the enemies to be pretty random and not detailed. There didn’t seem to be any consistency to the enemies, it was just a bunch of random guys with non-memorable looks. But, as I said earlier, the game is mainly polished and feels incredible after the last few games I’ve had to suffer through. That Final Level Difficulty Spike As expected, the further into the game you get the harder it is. The final stage was pretty difficult, guys jumping out and throwing stuff at you from every which way. There are even some big holes you have to navigate while dodging triple ninja stars thrown by Ninjas who come out of the holes. Not only that, the narrow platforms provided disintegrate if you stand on them for too long. I spent more time on this level than all other levels combined. But, I eventually got pretty good at the level and could get to the final boss every time. The Final Boss The final boss is pretty underwhelming, its just a guy who looks like you, he jumps between the middle and both sides of the screen and fires his gun if you are not close to him and swings a sword if you are. After a few tries I found the secret, when he lands a jump and shoots his gun you can hit Down+Forward and run toward him in a ducked position avoiding his bullets. Get close and hit him a few times with your sword. If you hit Down+Forward to early, before he shoots his first bullet at you, he will shoot from a crouched position and you won’t be able to run toward him. After getting the feel for this he is easy to beat. The Final Final Boss This is one of those games with 2 final bosses and of course the final final boss is massive and a nightmare to beat. The first 5 or so times I got to the final boss I didn’t get a single hit in before I died. After watching some videos I found a strategy, stand under his legs so that when he lands a jump you can swing your sword at him from below. This didn’t work for me, you have to be in the perfect position or he is going to kill you quick. After a lot of trial and error I found that you can easily dodge the projectiles he fires when he lands. After dodging, throw a bomb to do one hit point of damage. Unfortunately, I never had enough bombs to actually beat him. If you die on the final boss you have to play through the final stage again, I was able to find a spot in the final level where I could farm bombs. As it turns out, the enemies re-spawn if you walk off screen and then walk back. On top of this, the enemies always drops the same items. So, I was able to gather a lot of bombs and refill my health before the final fight. I was feeling confident with full health and 32 bombs, more than enough to beat the boss. But, after hitting him twice the screen turned red and I died. I thought the game glitched so I tried again, same result. It turns out there is a timer in the game, one that never came into play before this level. There isn’t time to farm health and bombs because then you won’t have enough time to beat the boss!! After some trial and error I learned that throwing a grenade at the boss right before he lands his jump allows you enough time to dodge his projectiles and because the grenade explodes so slowly it actually hits him two times. With this new strategy I only needed half as many grenades! This guy took longer to beat than the rest of the game combined. Final Thoughts After a bunch of brutal and un-fun games Vice: Project Doom felt like a masterpiece. But, it isn’t a masterpiece, it is just a really solid game that is in the top 20% on the NES library but never reaches that all-time classic feel. As detailed and long as the story was I was disappointed that the end of the game was just a quick story wrap up and this: View the full article
  4. Genre: Fighting Publisher: Electro Brain Total time played: 10 Hours Short review: I guess this qualifies as a karate game but I never once felt in control so it almost felt like I was watching a poorly animated 8-bit cartoon over and over until I was lucky enough to win. Interesting links related to Best of the Best: Karate Championship Video Review (FilmnStuff) Soundtrack They Tried I’ll give it to the developers, they really tried to make this game realistic. The graphics are pretty decent and the idea to use the stage lighting as the life bars was pretty unique. But, the way the game flows, the menus, the objectives and the manual leave a lot to be desired. The Menu This is the menu screen, looks nice, right? Let’s go through the options here and try to make sense of them. Reset: I never clicked this button but I assume it resets the game or at least resets the stats back to the default? Pad vs NES: this means the player on the left is controlled by a human and the player on the right is controlled by the computer. You can change this to Pad Vs Pad to play 2 player. Not sure why they decided to go against the best practice naming that every other NES game uses. Grading: Clicking this screen shows all the characters in the game with how much money they have won. But, at no point in the game does it tell you how much money each fight is worth or how much you have. The only way to see your name on this screen is to have enough money to be on it. Hitting the A button while looking at the money takes you to a screen that shows little icons which represent the trophies each player has. This same trophy icon appears near the fighters mugshot on the menu. How you win/lose these is not clearly explained, but, I think I finally have it figured out. When you win match you get the trophy of your opponent and they get your lowest ranked trophy. So, it is possible to have your name by the trophy on the Grading screen but that trophy now shows on your opponent on the menu screen. Select Hits: Until I found a random YouTube comment that was shown on screen as a screenshot in a different YouTube video on this game I had no idea how this screen worked. The manual mentions there are 32 moves in the game and you can assign 8 of them to your fighter at a time. On the Select Hits screen there are 8 options. What I assumed was that you could assign a specific move to each of the 8 options creating your 8 unique moves. But, I couldn’t figure out how to assign moves. What you actually do is select from 8 presets each with a set of 8 pre-assigned moves. Load: Allows the player to put in a password to continue an earlier game. You aren’t loading anything, you are inputting a password Save: Generates a password. Again, it doesn’t save anything, just gives you a password you can “load” into the game. Name: Allows you to change the name of your character Preview: Allows you to watch a preview of you vs. the opponent. This served no purpose and was the equivalent of not hitting start in a game and the game then shows you a demo of the game. Physical Type: This pops up your 3 attributes and compares them to your opponent. From what I gather these numbers mean absolutely nothing. Sometimes I would fight an opponent who literally had half of the stats I did and I would lose 10 times in a row. I understand the concept here but it appears to be completely broken. Match: This is what you select when you are ready to lose to fight your next opponent. Next: The game lets you fight whoever you want whenever you want. I prefer the traditional fighting game method of moving on to the next guy automatically. All of the opponents look exactly the same and the only way to know if you have beaten them is to remember which trophy they got when you beat them. Training: This is where you build up the stats of your 3 attributes. The first 2 require you to just mash the buttons to fill up a meter while the 3rd requires you to hit Up, Left or Down depending on which of the 3 training pads on the screen protrude from the wall. Honestly, this is the only part of the game I felt like I had a decent handle on. But, like I said earlier, I never noticed any increase in my fighting ability as my stats increased and it is possible to increase your stats too much and not be allowed to fight an opponent. One big annoyance was that if you lose a match your stats go down a bit meaning you have to train more. Eventually I gave up on this and just would put in the password to avoid having to do the training again. Honestly it didn’t save much time but my thumbs started hurting from the button mashing required in training. Not bad looking. Unfortunately this is 90% of the game. Am I Controlling This? The first 3-4 hours of attempts in this game I never once felt like I had control of my character. Even after beating the game I still can’t fully explain how the controls work. But, I will explain how I think it to works. First off, the time between hitting a button and the character performing the moves is so slow it was really hard to know what button performed what action. I think this was done to keep people from just button mashing, you are supposed to plot out your moves. This is to make the game more realistic, it just frustrated me. Holding or tapping the Down button will dodge or block your opponents moves. It was hard to time with the huge lag in button input but if you got lucky and dodge a few attacks your life meter increases a bit. To pull off an attack you hit A or B (both buttons do the same thing) and tap the D-Pad in any of the 8 directions. Sometimes hitting the D-Pad without pressing A or B would also perform a move. I think pressing A+B with no direction pressed may also perform a move. Again, I never felt comfortable as to what I was hitting actually did. No Spam! In a lot of fighting games, beginners will perform the same move over and over, this is called spamming and often times a spammed move is impossible to stop meaning experienced players will lose to beginners. In Mortal Kombat for example, if you continuously foot sweep your opponent you can win most matches. It isn’t fun and doesn’t take skill so is generally frowned upon in the gaming community. Best of the Best made sure you couldn’t spam to win a match. If you attempt the same move 3 times in a row the referee stops the match for a few seconds and resets the fighter’s positions. How To Win A Match? At the start of the match there are 4 lights above each fighter. As you hit your opponent the lights dim and then go out. When all 4 lights go out the fighter will fall to the ground and not get up. The other way to win is to make it through all 5 rounds and have more lights than your opponent. I never once went to decision, I always won or lost in the first 4 rounds, with exception of the last fight where it did go into the 5th round. How To Beat the Game? You have to beat every opponent in the game plus some secret opponents that will ask you to fight after you have won a few matches in a row. Basically, I just kept fighting until I saw the screen telling me I was the best of the best. The Breakthrough The comment that saved my sanity Before I found this comment I won 6-7 matches in about 8 hours. After reading this and using this strategy I won my next 5 matches in a row. Without this I don’t think I would have been able to beat the game. So, basically, this is a way to spam the opponent with the same attacks without triggering the games anti-spam feature. It made the game much better but still not fun. But, you can’t argue with results. The below image of me beating a fighter who had the highest number for all 3 stats, 99. Look at those splits? What you don’t see is how violently the character does the splits, he lands so hard he bounces off the ground! Final Thoughts This game is pretty ambitious, the developers tried to make a realistic fighting game. But, the NES hardware couldn’t really handle the vision of the game designers and because of that the game is nearly unplayable. Honestly, if there wasn’t such a lag between inputting controls and seeing the action performed on screen the game would have been decent. But, because I never once felt in control I have to give this game a really low rating of 1 heart. View the full article
  5. 9 for me. I've only seen the movie one time but it would definitely make my top 20 of the 2010's. I honestly can't believe a movie about a college jazz drummer could be as edge of your seat thrilling as it is.
  6. Genre: Action/Arcade Publisher: SNK Total time played: 5 Hours Short review: An early port of a quarter munching arcade game where you play as a soldier who must infiltrate the most heavily guarded base of all time. It is one of the hardest games on the NES. Interesting links related to Ikari Warriors The Mexican Runner Playthrough (55min 25secs) Soundtrack Video Review (Angry Video Game Nerd) Level Maps Arnpoly Written Review Oh Boy After playing through 40+ hours of Bases Loaded I was so thankful the next game, Section Z, was fun and not too difficult. However, the the random number generator gods were not in my favor after I beat Section Z in late December. I made the decision to take a week off and go into 2020 with a fresh palette and start knocking some games off my list. Another reason for the short break is that I got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and wanted to play through some of the games I’ve heard such great things about. My heart sank when the next game I would be playing was Ikari Warriors. I had always heard such bad things about this game, it moves really slow, is full of flickering enemies that are too numerous for the NES’s processor to handle and it was supposed to be really difficult. I Cheated One of the most impressive feats on the NES is to beat Ikari Warriors the legit way, without every continuing. In the gaming world this is known as 1CC (1 Credit Clear), the phrase was coined (pun intended) back in the heyday of arcades when skilled gamers could beat a game on a single quarter. When Ikari Warriors was in the arcade the point was to kill the player as quickly as possible to make them put in quarter after quarter trying to finish the game. When the game got ported to the NES this became less necessary as no matter how many tries the player needed to beat the game they only had to buy the game once. The instruction manual does not mention anything about being able to continue, you get 3 lives and when you lose them it is game over, unless you score enough points to earn an extra life. However, the developers had a secret weapon up their sleeve. Whether this was left in the final game on purpose or was a mistake that was never removed is a mystery to me. Either way, it is one of the best known secrets on the NES that when you die in Ikari Warrios you can quickly tap ABBA on the controller to get another continue. Entering that code is the equivalent of putting another quarter in the arcade. If you want to watch someone beat the game without “putting in another quarter” watch the video by The Mexican Runner. It took him 37 hours to finally do it. If you want to read a detailed description of what it takes to master the game, read Arnpoly’s review, it took him just over 100 hours. If you want to hear someone make excuses and complain about Ikari Warriors keep reading, you are in the right place. ABBA As hinted above, I used the ABBA continue code and I used it a lot. The first few nights I played the game I played it legit, when I got a game over I started over. I felt like I was doing pretty well, I would kill some guys, eventually getting to a tank which made the game much more manageable. I eventually got to some water where the tank had to be abandoned. I figured I was close to the end of level 1. On a whim, about 4 nights into my journey I decided to use the ABBA code just to see the entire game and try to pick up some tips and tricks for when I would play through it without using the code. I eventually got to the end of level 1, it took 30 minutes and I continued over 30 times. The water I got to the night before was about 5% of the way through the first level. At this point I got very discouraged and decided that life was too short for me to spend the entire year of 2020 struggling through a broken game I hated. I made the decision that I would probably never wear the badge of a real hardcore gamer who could 1CC Ikari Warriors. I have come to terms with my decision and even using the code to gain unlimited continues the game is still a nightmare. The beginning of a very long journey Let the Complaining Begin The first thing you will notice while playing through Ikari Warriors is how slow everything moves. It is almost as if they game is in slow motion. I originally thought it was because the programmers were over zealous and the NES couldn’t handle the game. But, that isn’t the case. As you kill enemies some of them drop power ups, an “S” increases your speed and an “SS” gives you super speed. The “SS” powerup makes you move at the speed you should have been moving all along. This makes me madder than it should. Why make the game unbearable until you get a powerup and then take the powerup away when you die? On top of the slow movement the game is full of enemy soldiers who want nothing more than to kill you. I don’t know how many guys I had to kill while playing through the 4 levels, but I bet it was well over 1,000. This wouldn’t be horrible if there weren’t so many cheap enemies who pop up at the last minute to kill you. Seriously, you would have to play through this game hundreds of times and memorize where the enemies are in order to avoid some stuff. The Tanks and Helicopters Sprinkled throughout each level you will find abandoned tanks and helicopters which you can enter, these make the game much more fun and easy. Both vehicles are immune to enemy soldiers and regular bullets so if you can commandeer one you may actually make some progress without dying. But, the farther you are into the game the more annoyed I got by these vehicles. More times than not I would get into a tank and within 5 seconds would hit a mine or get blown up by a grenade. You can exit the vehicle but I found that most of the time I couldn’t get out quick enough or the buttons didn’t work to exit and I ended up dying when the vehicle blew up. Power Ups If you want to survive you need powerups, the most useful being “L” which gives your gun a lot more range. I found with this powerup I could stand a good distance from enemies and shoot them. However, when you die you lose your powerups and I died so much I never kept a powerup long enough to do me much good. Slow and Steady Normally slow and steady wins the race. But, not in Ikari Warriors. If you try to go slow and inch forward killing enemies from a distance the game starts firing missiles at you from the top of the screen. Seriously, if you take your time the game makes it harder to advance. Eventually I just went balls to the wall and didn’t care how much I died. I just wanted to progress forward, and since I was using the ABBA code I wasn’t too worried about continues. There were several stretches in the later levels where I would die 10-20 times in a row before I would advance a single screen. Keep in mind, without the ABBA code you get 3 lives to finish the entire game. Cheap Deaths I found my fair share of glitches throughout the game. I got so mad that on several attempts I would die and re-spawn in a place where I was trapped and couldn’t advance. There were walls on all sides of me and the screen doesn’t scroll backwards. I was forced to reset the game when this happened and it was probably the maddest I got while playing through the game. Probably the coolest screen in the game. The image above is the end of stage 3 and it took me several tries to get past it. First, there are 3 guys on either side of the desk (they were already dead and gone in the picture) firing unlimited bullets at you. If you can see the skull behind the desk that means the ABBA code is disabled for some reason. So, I would attempt to walk forward enough to see the enemies but not far enough to see the skull. That way I could continue if I died. After a few attempts I was able to successfully do this. I then threw grenades at the zombie guy until he died. After this I didn’t know what to do, I thought the game messed up. I waited too long and the “you are going to slow” missiles started firing at me. I ended up getting hit by the missiles and getting a game over and since I could see the skull on the wall I couldn’t continue. I ended up looking up what to do online and would have never figured it out on my own. You have to throw a grenade in the exact right spot in front of the desk to make a staircase appear. If you do that and go down the stairs you have beaten stage 3. Good Riddance (Final Thoughts) I really didn’t like this game. Some games are fun casually but hard to beat. Some games are easy to beat and not very good. This game is just plain not fun. It is way too hard and the frequency at which a new player dies makes it almost unplayable. This gets my vote for one of the worst games on the NES simply because of its difficulty and slow buggy gameplay. I had been dreading playing this game for as long as I could remember due to its reputation as unforgiving and not fun so I definitely had a negative bias going in that I just couldn’t shake. I’m glad I’ve now played through it, and I am also glad I didn’t spend the 100+ hours it would take to master the game. But, I am also sad that I’ll never be able to wear the “Beat Ikari Warriors 1CC” badge of honor. View the full article
  7. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER The guys sit down to discuss their favorite movies of 1994 aka the year of Jim Carrey. Matt’s #5 – Pulp Fiction Matt’s #4 – Ace Ventura Pet Detective Matt’s #3 – Speed Matt’s #2 – Forrest Gump Matt’s #1 – The Shawshank Redemption Jason’s #5 – The Flintstones Jason’s #4 – Beverly Hills Cop 3 Jason’s #3 – Ace Ventura Pet Detective Jason’s #2 – Wes Craven’s New Nightmare Jason’s #1 – The Crow Luke’s #5 – Wes Craven’s New Nightmare Luke’s #4 – Major League 2 Luke’s #3 – Pulp Fiction Luke’s #2 – Ace Ventura Pet Detective Luke’s #1 – Interview With The Vampire View the full article
  8. This was my favorite movie of 2017. Check out my video review:
  9. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER The guys sit down to discuss one of the most iconic sports figures of all time, Mike Tyson. They talk about his early life, boxing career, controversy and what happened when boxing ended. Young Mike w/ his trainer, Cus D’AmatoYoung Mike in the ring.Would you want to fight this man?The fight that proved Tyson wasn’t invincible.Arguably the most infamous boxing match of all time.Probably the most famous face tattoo ever.One of the first documentaries on TysonMike Tyson even has a cartoon!This is a much more entertaining and accurate source of information about Mike Tyson than our podcast. After boxing Mike Tyson has become a marijuana farmer View the full article
  10. We released a new episode today and it is probably my favorite so far. We discuss the songs of 1994, which is probably my favorite year for music ever: Listen online: https://www.buzzsprout.com/157319/2504998-songs-of-1994 Download MP3: https://www.buzzsprout.com/157319/2504998-songs-of-1994.mp3… Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/46PuqVUk1Xi4ZaZmXwpdMx Spotify Playlist of Songs: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3MmpS4F06K0OAiXpKR6OGB… Listen on Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/…/the-lost-art-of-p…/id1351597634 Listen on Overcast: https://overcast.fm/itunes1351597634/the-lost-art-of-podcast Blog w/ Show Notes: https://thelostartofpodcast.wordpress.com/2020/01/16/episode-35-songs-of-1994/
  11. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE Matt and Luke declare this is their favorite year for music ever. The guys sing, play guitar and Jason interprets instruments with his mouth. Lyrics are analyzed and some poor guitar playing is demonstrated. So many great songs came out this year!! Spotify playlist of all songs on the list: Matt’s #5 – Warren G – Regulate Regulators Speech from the movie Young Guns Matt’s #4 – Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun Matt’s #3 – Lisa Loeb – Stay (I Missed You) Matt’s #2 – Seal – Kiss From A Rose Matt’s #1 – Blues Traveler – Hook Jason’s #5 – Soundgarden – Head Down Jason’s #4 – NIN – Ruiner Jason’s #3 – Beastie Boys – Sure Shot Jason’s #2 – Weezer – The World Has Turned And Left Me Here Jason #1 – Live – I Alone Luke’s #5 – Warren G – Regulate Regulators Speech from the movie Young Guns Luke’s #4 – Live – Sh*t Towne Luke’s #3 – Silverchair – Tomorrow Luke #2 – Seal – Kiss From A Rose Luke’s #1 – Soundgarden – The Day I Tried To Live Scatman – Matt and Luke were obsessed with this song! Matt Plays Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So View the full article
  12. Hoskat

    Section Z

    Genre: Shooter Publisher: Capcom Total time played: 4 Hours Short review: A competent side scrolling shooter with a maze element that at first seems daunting but ends up being really easy to follow as long as you draw a map. Interesting links related to Section Z Detailed Strategy Guide For Section Z Speedrun (31min 26sec) Soundtrack Video Review (Jeremy Parish) A Brief Relationship After the long hard battle with Bases Loaded my playthrough of Section Z felt very brief. I believe my enjoyment of the game was magnified as I actually had to learn how to navigate and practice certain sections over and over to master them. It was just nice to use my brain again. How to Play The game is pretty straight forward, it auto scrolls from left to right and you move you character up, down, left and right dodging enemies and bullets while shooting to the right with the A button and to the left with the B button. The goal of the game is the travel from Section 0 to Section 59 and kill the final boss. Unfortunately, the game is not linear, each section ends with a choice of 2 paths to take, and there is no way to know where you will end up unless you map it out. Let’s Map It Out I tried playing this game without a map and didn’t get very far before realizing that I was going to need a map. I could have easily found a map online, but, what is the fun in that? I wanted to map the game out myself. I had tried mapping out Metroid when I played it but quickly realized that Metroid was a bit too large of a map for me to handle. Since Section Z had a known number of levels and each level ended with only 2 paths I figured I could handle the smaller map. My map of the game As you can see in the photo I decided on a style for the map that really doesn’t look like a map at all. It is definitely a rough draft as some of the sections were not mapped and some things were crossed out and I drew the first 2 regions too large meaning the final region of the game is the one closest to the top of the page. As crude as my map was it was more than capable of making the game very playable. Prepare to Die While playing through Section Z you are going to die a lot. Thankfully there are unlimited continues and the game is more than fair in how it handles death. As the game progresses your maximum hit points increases from 20 to 99, but you start each continue with only 20 hit points. You lose one point each time you are hit by an enemy bullet, but, if you touch an enemy directly you die instantly and are taken back to the beginning of the section you are on and your hit points are reduced by 5. If your hit points reach 0 you are taken back to the beginning of the region (Section 0, Section 20, or Section 40). You start the game with 3 lives before needing to continue. I never really understood why you need lives as losing a single life or losing your last life seems to be no different in where you restart. 3 Regions At first I was thinking this game would be nearly impossible because I struggled to get through Section 2. I eventually realized that I didn’t need to go through Section 2 at all. There are a few sections throughout the game that seem to be much harder than most, I did my best to avoid those. Eventually I started making progress and filling in my map. The farther I got the more shortcuts I found to skip over many of the sections. So many projectiles to avoid in Section 02 Each region has 2 sections where the branching path at the end is blocked by a red beam which means you need a key to unlock it. The key is found by finding a mini boss and defeating it. It does take some trial and error as I found even when I had the keys the red beam gave me no indication that it was now unlocked. It wouldn’t be a big deal except if you touch the red beam without the key you die instantly. Which path should we take? The top or the bottom green beam? Thankfully, once you defeat a mini-boss and get the key you never have to beat that boss again, even if you have to continue. Usually the red beam skips over a lot of sections so once you defeat the mini-boss and get a game over you can skip many sections. It really does make you feel like you are making progress with each life. Defeat this thing to get a key to unlock a new path. At the end of every 20 or so sections there is a boss fight. Once you beat the boss you are shown a cut scene and the next section you go to becomes the new starting point if you get a game over or lose all of your hit points. No Passwords Section Z is not a long game, it can be beaten in under an hour once you know what you are doing. But, it does take a bit of time to learn the game and map it out. There are no passwords in this game meaning you have to beat it all in one sitting. In games like this with unlimited continues I utilize my Retron 5 as a way to leave my Nintendo on for days at a time so I didn’t have to continually start from section 0 each time I played the game. Powerups There are only a few powerups in the game and they are not easy to come by. Only a few sections in the game have powerups and sometimes you need to go out of your way to visit sections to pick them up. At the top right of the screen you will see an “L” which is your base gun which is a laser. It shoots across the screen but is fairly weak. You can pick up an “F”, an “M” and a “P”. The F is a 3 way shot, the M is a wide powerful gun that looks like a greater than sign and the P is a shield. If you get lucky you can combine some of these together to create a 3 way M shot with a shield. Once you get this gun the game becomes much easier. But, be careful, if you die you lose your powered up gun and sometimes it isn’t worth it to track down all the powerups again. Section 41 Some of the levels have hidden rooms that only appear if you shoot a specific spot. Inside these rooms you usually find 2 beams where you are forced to make a choice. Sometimes these are health refills and sometimes they are warps to other sections. In Section 41 the hidden room left beam refills 15 hit points. As you start each life with only 20 hit points and can hold a total of 99 hit points I found this section to be the best place to farm for health. I would get the 15 point refill, leave the hidden room and immediately touch an enemy to go back to the beginning of the section. I repeated this a dozen or so times until my health was maxed out at 99. What makes this the best section for doing this is that at the beginning of the section is the “M” gun powerup. This is by far my favorite powerup in the game as it has the widest path and most powerful shot. Once my health was at 99 I would die one more time and go back to the start of the section and pick up the M gun. You have to be careful, if you pick up the gun before you are ready to move to other sections it does not come back. Once I had full health and my favorite gun I was ready for the end of the game. Section 59 The final boss is the only boss in the game where you can actually build up health while you fight it. Even with the ability to grab health pickups while fighting and going into the battle with almost 99 hit points it still took me two tries to beat this thing. There are just so many bullets. The final boss won’t go down easily. Final Thoughts For being released in 1987 this is a really fleshed out game. It is challenging but not unfair. It requires skill and patience and it won’t be possible unless you have a photographic memory or make a map. It is a pretty basic game but also a lot of fun. The one thing I can’t quit thinking about is the name, it is called “Section Z” but the game actually features Section 0 – 59, never once are you in a section with a letter. It is much like R.C. Pro-Am that has a box that says “32 Tracks of Racing Thrills” but only features 24 tracks. View the full article
  13. Being that you are on a video game forum I would probably do one of the video game episodes. The newest episode, Video Games of 1988 is a good one. I also really enjoyed recording the following: Episode 3 - Cassette Tape Culture Episode 8 - Landlines Episode 11 - Summer Vacation Let me know what you think if you give it a listen, we are always looking for feedback and episode ideas!
  14. Figured I would move this thread about my podcast from NA to VGS: Topics discussed so far:Episode 1 - Video Store MemoriesEpisode 2 - Top 5 Movies of 1988Episode 3 - Cassette Tape cultureEpisode 4 - Top 5 Songs of 1985Episode 5 - Mortal KombatEpisode 6 - Action Figures Episode 7 - Top 5 Video Games of 1990Episode 8 - LandlinesEpisode 9 - TV Theme SongsEpisode 10 - Top 5 Movies of 1997Episode 11 - Summer VacationEpisode 12 - Practical Movie EffectsEpisode 13 - Top 5 Songs of 1993Episode 14 - WWF WrestlingEpisode 15 - Top 5 TV Shows that Premiered or Ended in 1987Episode 16 - Non-Mainstream Horror ClassicsEpisode 17 - Horror Through the DecadesEpisode 18 - Top 5 Video Games of 1989Episode 19 - Board GamesEpisode 20 - Christmas MusicEpisode 21 - Christmas MemoriesEpisode 22 - Top 5 Movies of 1991Episode 23 - Top 5 Songs of 1982Episode 24 - TV Shows and Events of 1997Episode 25 - Michael JacksonEpisode 26 - Game ShowsEpisode 27 - Video Games of 1987Episode 28 - Movies of 1998Episode 29 - Pee Wee HermanEpisode 30 - Songs of 1983Episode 31 - Commercials and Commercial JinglesEpisode 32 - Non-Mainstream Horror Classics Part 2Episode 33 - TV Shows of 1986 Episode 34 - Video Games of 1988 Episode 35 - Songs of 1994 Episode 36 - Mike Tyson (Coming Soon)Website:https://thelostartofpodcast.wordpress.com/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TheLostArtOfPodcast/You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-lost-art-of-podcast/id1351597634 Stitcher - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-lost-art-of Overcast - https://overcast.fm/itunes1351597634/the-lost-art-of-podcast Spotify - (Search - The Lost Art Of Podcast) If you guys get a chance to listen I'd love to hear some feedback, both positive and negative.
  15. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE TO YOUR COMPUTER The guys discuss the video games that they still play over 30 years after they came out. Matt believes this is his favorite year of video game ever. Matt’s #5 – World Class Track Meet Matt’s review after beating the game. Matt’s #4 – Jackal Matt’s review after beating the game. Family Guy – It’s a Jackal Matt’s #3 – Gun.Smoke Matt’s #2 – Super Mario Bros. 2 Matt’s review after beating the game. Matt’s #1 – R.C. Pro Am Matt’s review after beating the game. Jason’s #5 – Super Mario Bros. 2 Matt’s review after beating the game. Jason’s #4 – Knight Rider Jason’s #3 – Jackal Matt’s review after beating the game. Family Guy – It’s a Jackal Jason’s #2 – Blaster Master Good luck finding your way around this giant map. Almost as bad as Metroid.Jason’s #1 – Bionic Commando Hitler’s exploding head Luke’s #5 – Super C Luke’s #4 – Gauntlet Luke’s #3 – Super Mario Bros. 2 Matt’s review after beating the game. Luke’s #2 – Double Dragon 2 Luke’s #1 – Altered Beast Other Notes During the episode the guys talk about the 2014 Mortal Kombat tournament and how Matt edited fatalities and vs. screens for everyone. View the full article
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