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2022 VGS NES Weekly Contest - Parodious DA!


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Events Team · Posted

Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to rumble!

This week our contestants will prove their mettle and their shooting skills by playing an amazing shoot'em up game!
It is time for PARODIUS DA!

Without further ado, here's the rules:

  • Pick 1 player
  • Pick the power meter of your preference
  • Pick manual or auto power up, by your preference
  • Play on hard
  • Play till you lose your first life
  • After you lose your first life, pause the game and take your picture
  • If you beat the game without dying, pause the game after the second loop starts and take your picture
  • Participation: 5,000
  • Highest score wins
  • Genre: Shooter

The contest ends Sunday, 04/03/22 at 11 pm EST.  Your user name should be written or typed on a piece of paper and be in the picture for your score to be valid. For speed runs that require video, that is not required.  The entire TV screen, or computer monitor if you are playing on an emulator, MUST be in the picture for the score to be valid.  No partial screenshots will be considered or accepted.  No screenshots by hitting "print screen" on a computer will be allowed.  You must take a picture of your computer monitor.  There may be instances where this will be acceptable, but it will be at the discretion of myself and the contest organizers.  Also, the use of turbo controllers is forbidden, as well as any cheat codes, Game Genies, slow motion functions, or save states if playing on an emulator.  Also, we will only be using NTSC systems for the contests.  The use of PAL systems will NOT be allowed.  Good luck everyone and have fun.

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Events Helper · Posted

Took me all week, but now I can appreciate a decent shmup!  I really wanna go back and beat the game now.........But it will rest for now.  This was definitely a stellar run for me though!  Glad i was able to make it here.  Don't know that i can on hard again, but maybe i will play it on normal, then try hard!



@Gloves got this this morning!

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18 minutes ago, the_wizard_666 said:




Yeah, I suck nuts when it comes to shooters.  Hoping to improve on this significantly, but I'm not sure how much gaming time I'm gonna have this week, so I figured I should lock in a participation score 😛

It doesn't look like I have this on my Everdrive, so I'll probably just rest up for Kung Fu next week.

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39 minutes ago, mbd39 said:

I wonder what the rules will be. Game A and unlimited loops is what I'm hoping for.

I think it was Game B and one loop last time. I'm pretty sure that I've won under both rule sets before, so I just have to hope I'm not rusty. It's been a while since I've played.

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Events Team · Posted
2 minutes ago, mbd39 said:

Nice. I'm pumped for that.

I was considering "Record 20 minutes of play time and your score will be what you had at the end of those 20 minutes" but this will be used for a famous puzzle game who is busted for scoring in the future.

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