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Top 3 Favorite TV Shows of All Time


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If I'm doing just animated:

The Simpsons

Family Guy

Batman the Animated Series

honorable mentions: South Park, X-Men, Doug, Rockos Modern Life, Animaniacs


My top 10 non animated shows in no particular order:


Game of Thrones


Breaking Bad

The Sopranos

Boardwalk Empire

The Wonder Years

Turn Washington's Spies

Six Feet Under

Peaky Blinders


Other good shows that almost make the list:


Squid Game

Mind Hunter

The X-Files




Star Trek The Next Generation




Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Saturday Night Live

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On 8/24/2021 at 10:12 PM, Code Monkey said:

I know if someone could find me the entire first (only) season of The Jackie Thomas Show, I'd pay a lot of money for it. I even asked Tom Arnold why it's so hard to find when I met him a few years ago and he said the producers didn't like him and buried it.

Someone has posted 17 out of 18 of the episodes on YT in the last 3 months. I just used Jdownloader2 to download them all to my computer since there's no telling when someone will notice and take them down.

I remember watching a few of the episodes back when it was first on. Alison LaPlaca was the queen of the sitcoms back in the early 90s and I had a big crush on her. She is in Madhouse too, which is a fun but forgettable movie.

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Twin Peaks


and, uh

I don't know


Well at least there's Twin Peaks.
I've liked a lot of tv shows, but I think very few really manage to stand out. Game of Thrones started out great the first few seasons and then grew progressively worse. Mad Men was incredibly well made, but also feels a little pointless, and I have no interest in ever rewatching it.
I might actually submit Orange is the New Black as number 2 or 3. It starts out kinda cringeworthy, but as it starts focusing less on the terrible commedy and more on the super well crafted drama it becomes very very good, and manages to end on a super high note, which is surprisingly rare for a TV series.

Daredevil was really cool for seasons 1 and 3, but feels more like a guilty pleasure to me than something genuinely great.
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance was way better than I'd ever thought it could be, but since it got canceled after only one series I guess it's more of a miniseries than a tv show?

10th Kingdom is a massively underrated/overlooked adventure/comedy series, but again it's more of a miniseries, and on the DVD release I have it's actually been condensed into a single very very long movie rather than a series of episodes.

X-Files is kind of a timeless classic. Every time I've rewatched old episodes it's surprised me just how well it holds up. But it's also an uneven show with a few boring fillers, and it generally faded out near the last few seasons which you'd probably only watch out of loyalty to the earlier ones.


Yeah, I think that's all I can think of right now. I might have forgotten some, but as of right now I'm gonna go with:

Twin Peaks
Orange is the New Black

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Pretty much in this order.

1) Professor T. (the Belgium version)

It is literally the best murder mystery series I can choose to watch. The casting always feels spot-on, the stories are more about the characters who did the crimes than why they did it, etc. And even though I am not entirely interested in visiting Belgium, I often find myself engrossed in the areas they show. Plus, I find Jasper Teerlick to be one of my all-time favorite characters. (But that might be due to the fact I relate with him in some ways.)

2) Detective Conan (original Japanese dub)

I may never get into the main manga series, as it is eventually going to be 100 volumes long. But with the TV version there is something fun about watching an episode while doing the classic "Who did it?" shtick. The downside for me is that I have missed so many episodes, and there are times I was forced to miss many more. In many cases, I literally think this is my favorite anime series (as of right now).

3) Doc Martin

This is more of a guilty pleasure than anything else. But thanks to PBS going back to season 1, with Acorn needed to see the remaining episodes at this time, I have come to like the simplicity this series has to offer. And yet... I am starting to wonder if I will see the rest of the series. So for the time being, this is my #3.

Honorable mention: Barney Miller (mostly the Abe Vigoda episodes)

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