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  1. Go to the NES or (SNES) thread and see what games are still unbeaten for this year. You can either pick 15 of the most difficult games and report them all as played within a day or so in a contextless post, or let us know that you're working on a longer game, then report back when you've beat it, with or without video evidence.
  2. @tigerwolf Username checks out Glad you liked it! BTW, the Beat all NES games Contest in the Site Events and Contests subforum has a few Koei games left for this year...
  3. I found it easiest to sneak up on El Chapo's (or whatever his name is) mansion, stay low, and jizz on it with the machine gun in the helicopter. That's actually the best way to handle a lot of the later missions
  4. Oh please, British people shouldn't lecture Americans about fast food or obesity. Chip shops and Indian joints serving chicken tikka masala (their national dish) all over the place, and they have their own fast food chains along with the American imports
  5. Making progress on Wizardry. I'm concerned about the whole age thing, it seems like you start declining once you hit age 50. I'm not near there yet, but it's a looming concern
  6. I was an expat in Hong Kong and Shanghai for about 4 years total and visited most countries in the region during that time
  7. Damnit, now you're making me crave dim sum feng zhao
  8. Hells yeah. I've read through it a few times and translated a portion back in college, but translating the entire work is on my to-do list. I also recommend the Landmark Herodotus as it provides excellent annotation and maps to go along with the text. There are versions for Thucycides and Xenophon.
  9. Pretty much. In addition, the real challenge of NES Monopoly is taking advantage of the quirks of the AI to win quickly. Lowest $ is a decent and more verifiable proxy for quickest victory.
  10. So when does this start going and who decides the games? I think my suggestions went over like a wet fart, but I'll still put a plug in for Blue Marlin and lowest $ win in Monopoly.
  11. Using Select or Start for any sort of function other than loading a menu or saving/pausing a game is one of the worst sins of NES game design. Hope you are enjoying kicking back in your LUXURY GOLDEN WARPSHIP!
  12. Damn, Wizardry I is slow going. Going to take a lot of time to level up before I can really start exploring the maze.
  13. AD&D Dragonstrike is done. I would have never picked this game if I knew what it was, since I'm not very good at shooter type games. Worse, it's not even fun or very exciting. Will do Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord next
  14. I am pretty bad at this game. Here are my notes from when I beat it back in 2017. This assumes you qualify for the next stage each time (i.e. beat in 4 rounds). If I screw it up at some point, it's reset time. Break Time is actually easier to beat with no skills, IMO. Only the last two opponents are hard and if you try enough times the opponent will leave you a way to combo the 9 ball in on two games out of 3 (or win through skill in one game and get a lucky combo in the other) Anyway, here's my Side Pocket notes: ______ In case anyone cares, here's the basic outline of how
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