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  1. I'm running out of games I haven't beaten before and have any chance of beating. I'll give Al Unser's Racing a go. What's the deal with Lethal Weapon? It's a 7 but no one is touching it.
  2. Dragon's Lair is done. I hated every bit of it and will never touch it again
  3. Glad you took my suggestion! just kidding It's been a year since I played it, but I think the really only hard part is outrunning a Kraken
  4. I promise I'm still working on Dragon's Lair. I'll try to power through this weekend. There are some pretty doable games on that list.. Hudson Hawk, Immortal, Break Time, some of the racing games, and F-38 aren't that bad. The Ultima and Might and Magic games are just boring, but not hard with a walkthrough. Didn't someone figure out Rock N' Ball last year? Two Koei games and Shingen left too, of course
  5. A-Team and Beverly Hillbillies TV shows are sucky and the movies are better? That's crazy talk! The Addams Family was a very good TV show (for what it intended to be) that also had decent movie adaptations No one's going to pretend The Brady Bunch show was high art, but the 1995 movie was middling at best, and the made for TV movies and the Christmas movie and the Variety Hour were dismal.
  6. As VGS's resident scumbag, I can help you out. I smoke a couple of cigars a day. Most importantly, DON'T INHALE THE SMOKE. Think about how you suck on a straw. You want to close your throat and sip on the cigar and let smoke stay in your mouth, and then blow it out. Do you have a cutter? If you try to cut off the end with a knife, you'll destroy it. If not, you can make a punch cut with something sharp. Take a few draws and then rest for a bit, then repeat. I assume you don't have a humidor, but the humidity in Taiwan is in the 60%-80% range, so it won't be a total mess. Le
  7. Dragon's Lair sucks. I am super unmotivated to finish it, but I'll power through
  8. Things have changed a lot since I was a kid in the 80s and I slapped together a car myself. It wasn't great but I tried my best. Now it looks like the dads have taken over. I'm sure there were a few who were doing it back then, but it seems to be on a whole different level nowadays.
  9. Korean fried chicken burrito? That sounds awesome.I would destroy a couple of galbi burritos too
  10. @Reed Rothchild you are a glutton for punishment
  11. Those links are all fine, but don't contradict your assertions. " Christianity is not tied to Judaism, but rather the Muslim faith." - really? "The church, after Christianity became an organized religion, ignored this among many other things. " - Islam wasn't even around until the 7th century, a full 5 centuries after Christianity was an organized religion and well entrenched in both the Western and Eastern Roman Empires when Heraclius and the Byzantines (and of course the Persians) first got walloped by them in the 620s. "When the prospect of Jesus being born popped up, it was
  12. Ever been to a bar / restaurant when the wifi goes down or the power goes out?
  13. This may be true in Canada, but not in the US. This comes up every time some jackass pulls a stunt with pennies, and the US Treasury even has a section on it on their website.
  14. I have no interest in discussing religion with anyone here, but this is 100% nonsense on a historical basis.
  15. Just give them to an old taai-taai. She'll take care of it.
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