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  1. The positioning on “TM” on the front of the cart. The “M” is typically right on the edge of the label or partially missing. Also, the positioning of “Dragon Fighter” along the top of the label is all wrong. Since there is no picture of the board, I cannot say that the board is fake. Although a fake label with fake wear n tear are the tell tale signs of an overall fake.
  2. Dragon Fighter Nintendo Entertainment System Game cartridge 1992 | eBay Nice job putting scratches on the label to make it look authentic. Reported.
  3. Little Samson (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992) 451034560396 | eBay Already reported to Ebay.
  4. Looking for a good condition cart. No discoloration.
  5. Snow Bros.- the colors seem too dark Bonk - no visible codes in inner tabs
  6. Not sure about these, but they just do not look correct to me. Any thoughts? Snow Brothers (Nintendo NES) -- Original / Authentic Box ONLY VGC 13388110285 | eBay Bonk's Adventure NES Box Only 39854000393 | eBay
  7. The vast majority of their games are way overpriced. There is 1 game on their site that is well under EBay going rate since COVID. I am going to stay away from buying due to the negative comments I continue to see.
  8. Found a game I might be interested in on their site, but I see no reviews for their website (only store location). They are located in Los Angeles. Thank you.
  9. Label looks like a damaged repro. The corners just scream fake to me. Thoughts?
  10. Original Nintendo NES Mike Tysons Punch Out 5 Screw Variant RARE | eBay
  11. The board does not match pictures of known boards and there is no visible code on the chips that compare to known authentic copies. The cardboard on the inside of the box is white instead of off white. Also, all authentic boxes that I have seen contain chipping along the inside of the lid.
  12. He responded back to me as well claiming the board and everything else is real, when in fact everything appeared fake. At least they took it down. Good job everyone!
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