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  1. Unless you have experience... i would advise against reflowing any surface mounted component.
  2. A dead battery shouldn’t effect it in any way other than... of course not being able to save. sudden impact will kill any ic, im guessing it’s got a faulty chip
  3. Stay safe out there, shit’s crazy... and no meetups at 1am, use your heads people.
  4. Here in my state i believe all games stores that buy or trade with customers are required to have a pawn (or equivalent) license, and are required to hold all purchases for ten days also anything with a serial number is put into a police program to verify against theft. No i would never shop there. slightest hint of ethical shortcomings im out... I’ve had video games stolen and it FUCKING sucks sexually assaulting a minor with a disability?!?!?!
  5. I remember seeing this in the theater back in the day. There was quite a bit of buzz surrounding this one, I remember everybody talking it up at the time.
  6. Check you local craigslist ads... thats how i got started with a 40$ 1943 cabinet. Please invest some time into understanding the tech, That way minor issues won’t become major headache’s or repair roadblocks... I honestly would discourage anyone from owning an arcade cabinet, that did not have some interest or desire to maintain it electronically. Almost every issue I’ve come across i was able to resolve myself with a bit of research and elbow grease. if you can afford a pinball, buy a pinball! Will be the best purchase you can make if you buy at the right price. Most owners toss out tables with super minor issues...700$ replace a few bad diodes= 3000$ table. You can also find tables that need whole sets of boards replaced and excessive water damage... as with all things do your research. And I personally would never spend mote than 600$ on even the most desirable cabinet. Keep in mind your seller only has so many possible buyers.
  7. 1st Sega Genesis. 2nd sega gamegear. 3rd gameboy pocket all 3 are still very special to me, though were never made a priority in my collecting
  8. The very last gba game i needed was the proud family vol. 1
  9. Great movie, great pinball. rip: robin williams
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