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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Idblbruno Idblbruno 02/21/2022 Easy to work with and shipped everything right away. Thanks! CynicalJedi CynicalJedi
phillip1887 phillip1887 02/20/2022 Enjoy the games! Always easy dealing with Phillip. Great VGS member! Highly recommend. Clutchcards Clutchcards
dr_orangejuicer dr_orangejuicer 02/19/2022 Received everything as described. LHCGreg LHCGreg
Hammerfestus Hammerfestus 02/19/2022 Real good dude...super easy to work with...shipped the game fast...the game was in great shape...great price...excellent seller...would definitely do business with him again!!! Hollywoodcaddy Hollywoodcaddy
Hollywoodcaddy Hollywoodcaddy 02/19/2022 Excellent buyer. Fast payment and pleasant to deal with. Thanks. Hammerfestus Hammerfestus
Mr. CIB Mr. CIB 02/18/2022 Great transactions involving CIB GBA and CIB NES games. I would do all my trades with Mr. CIB if I could! Naked Warrior Naked Warrior
TDIRunner TDIRunner 02/17/2022 Gave me a really good deal, very patient and easy to work with. WarMech WarMech
WarMech WarMech 02/17/2022 Easy to work with. Thanks again. TDIRunner TDIRunner
Boss Boss 02/17/2022 Easy to deal with! Great VGS member! Thanks for the purchase. Hope you enjoy the N64 games. Clutchcards Clutchcards
Clutchcards Clutchcards 02/17/2022 Thanks for the N64 games! Boss Boss
OptOut OptOut 02/16/2022 Awesome dude!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brickman Brickman
Brickman Brickman 02/16/2022 Bricky boy forwarded me some cool N64 games and gave me a pack of Tim Tams. Enough said! <3 OptOut OptOut
Clutchcards Clutchcards 02/16/2022 Awesome Seller!! Game shipped quickly and was in great shape, easy communication with member. Really hope to do business again with in the future. Thanks so much Richard Kimmel Richard Kimmel
CIB_Wholesale_no_split CIB_Wholesale_no_split 02/15/2022 Bought lots and lots and even more lots of stuff. Great to work with! ProtonX ProtonX
dr_orangejuicer dr_orangejuicer 02/14/2022 Great seller!! Thanks again! 3rdStrongestMole 3rdStrongestMole
BLINXERIZER BLINXERIZER 02/14/2022 Good sale! Bought some games from their for sale list! Happy with transaction, would do business again! Jeevan Jeevan
Richard Kimmel Richard Kimmel 02/13/2022 Friendly & easy to deal with. Great VGS member. Thanks for purchasing Clutchcards Clutchcards
Goodvibes Goodvibes 02/12/2022 Great Buyer! Idblbruno Idblbruno
Goodvibes Goodvibes 02/12/2022 Thanks for the trade; it's nice to finally have a Secion Z map :) Dr. Morbis Dr. Morbis
Idblbruno Idblbruno 02/11/2022 Great member to work with, easy transaction and communications, fast shipping and great packaging, thanks again Goodvibes Goodvibes
alpenanews0506 alpenanews0506 02/11/2022 Great member to work with and communications. Helped add a bunch of inserts to the collection. Goodvibes Goodvibes
Maertens29 Maertens29 02/11/2022 Awesome member to deal with, great communications and happy to get some help with inserts I needed. Thanks again! Goodvibes Goodvibes
Dr. Morbis Dr. Morbis 02/11/2022 Great member and trade we finally got done. Always a pleasure and thanks again. Goodvibes Goodvibes
Renmauzo Renmauzo 02/11/2022 Great guy to deal with, super easy communications and transaction. Wish they all went this smooth, thanks again. Goodvibes Goodvibes
Goodvibes Goodvibes 02/11/2022 Wonderful to work with and great communication, a smooth transaction with a solid member. Thank you! Renmauzo Renmauzo
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