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  1. Same situation for me I bought this on amazon for $300 thinking that would be a decent price even for the greatest hits version at this point. I never anticipated them sending me a reseal. Thankfully Amazon has good buyer protection so I will just mail it back and get a full refund.
  2. My huge streak of bad luck for my collection continues. Had packages stolen,a fake prototype and now a resealed game. I am almost certain it's a reseal I just wanted to ask what you guys think. The y fold looks perfect and the game looks mint but it says security device inside.
  3. Lol i actually think yours is more valuable. Mine his a corrupt game file that won't play and a bunch of scratches. It's all good I took a gamble and it didn't pay off. Silent hill is my favorite series so I would've loved for it to be real, better luck next time
  4. Actually it has the exact same dates as these files. Is it possibly still legit?
  5. bummer, although its a really old copy i guess it isnt real. Unless some files were changed in 2009 lol Thank you all for you help!
  6. Oh wow that's a small game, that is consistent with the amount of data on the disc so rather it's legit or made recently that's probably the build on the disc.
  7. Yeah, If the game still shows up I'll check the dates first. I don't think the guy selling it was trying to pull any shenanigans he mentioned he got it In a trade and couldn't figure out how to get it to play on his ps2. His store had all positive feedback and it seemed like an unnecessary risk for him to make this disc he only was asking $40.
  8. That's the thing I'm worried about since no management is here on the weekends
  9. The files would have a date created as well as a date modified so if the date created says 2001 I think its legit
  10. Having to run and hide in most modern horror games instead of fighting.
  11. I'll probably never know what I had now since my package says "delivered to agent" when nobody was at my apartment to pick it up. I swear I'm snake bitten with fucking packages. This is something I will never get back.
  12. Hahahaha double dragging my balls across your face is great.
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