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yet another nes m82 restore/convert to ntsc)

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some one found my last thread where i had converted a m82 console from pal to ntsc  and wanted theirs done too.  so  i did the job  and converted it to ntsc.  so hey if you want a cheaper ntsc version get a pal model  send it to me  and i can covert it to ntsc  theres literally no difference between the ntsc and pal models lol.

also  any one with a m82  i recommend you get your power supply recapped  every m82  ive seen the power supply is just about to die or has died.  the caps are on their last legs and  are leaking (which can damage the power supply board)  or if you run yours the caps could explode which could damage the unit.  id be willing to do the job for you if you want!  i can recap the whole unit too increasing life and value of your machine.  just pm me 😛





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