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  1. Heritage is allowed to bid on items on their website as well, so they likely bid up to that guy's max.
  2. Bump, still got most of this stuff! Make offers! Bomberman is on Ebay if you want to handle it through here instead
  3. Years ago, I had all my games in a spare bedroom. Collection wasn't really big, but had a decent amount. I knew where everything was though because it was right after I started getting back into collecting older games so everything was in a little dresser I had. Star Fox 64 and my Gyromite carts disappeared. Never found them either. We had a younger girl (early 20s) watch the house when we went on a vacation. I think she had her boyfriend over and I suspect he took them. Not sure why those two though when I had much more valuable things in the same spot.
  4. Man that seems like it would be some really tedious work! I bet you will have a real sense of accomplishment after it's finished. I'm looking forward to the finished project!
  5. I made a list years ago with the games I wanted for each system I owned. I've pretty much stuck to that list and then picked up additional games as I've learned about them or heard good things. So while it's not an expansive list, it's made just for me.
  6. It'll probably be the limited or collector's editions of regular games most likely. If I had to guess anyway.
  7. I realized a few weeks ago that I don't need all the stuff I had. I was debating on selling it all (because of the combo of high prices and waning interest) so I went through my games and picked out the ones I thought I would miss the least. Needless to say, those games are now on my selling page right here on VGS. I made a few sales, felt good about it, didn't regret it (yet), so I'll continue to sell as long as people want to buy them. But to say I am fully dedicated to selling is inaccurate because I am only selling here, nowhere else, so if someone comes along and offers me a good deal on
  8. Bump, still available!
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