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  1. People have been talking about 120 fps on PS5, but at this moment it's just talk. Honestly, ease of gaming and fun games is more important to me than anything else, but I don't mind a bit of eye candy...
  2. Also something about the PC attitude just rubs me the wrong way...
  3. I'm stealing this meme from VGS user Gary Hobbesworth SO, the age old question, PC gaming vs console? Myself, I'm WAY into console gaming. Not a fan of PC gaming, although I know people that are much more into PC and also those that enjoy both. My friend has a Switch, plans to get a PS5, but also plans to get a $2000 gaming machine. To each their own, but it always seems to me that console games are easier to use, are more collectible, and that there's no real advantage to having a PC. Not to mention the fact that a PC will set you back at least a couple of grand (if not more) while a console is say 1/5 the cost. However, I am open to discussion and being persuaded
  4. https://www.courant.com/coronavirus/hc-news-coronavirus-student-sues-yale-20200804-eyr4lbjs2nhz7lapjgvrtnyyea-story.html I do think that face-to-face interactions in the classroom are ideal. However, given that we are in the midst of a pandemic, I think the only reasonable thing for universities to do is to have online teaching. Still, not one bit surprised that lawyers and a few others are trying to milk the system for what they can... I mean, is anyone really surprised by this?
  5. Is it even worth trying to get an Nt mini, or is it all just bot bait?
  6. It does seem to me that for many of these instances, as some have said, it's the adults that make "everything" sexual. Granted, it has been many years since I was five, but let's face it, you don't really think sexually until you hit puberty or are exposed to such concepts by adults. That said, I still think the Punisher doll was a terrible idea
  7. It's nice that Trump is "helping" the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-yosemite-gaff_n_5f2f194dc5b64d7a55f44180 President Donald Trump’s embarrassing blooper mispronouncing “Yosemite” earlier this week is paying off hugely for a U.S. Jewish museum, sparking eye-popping online sales for its “Yo Semite” T-shirts. Trump struggled Tuesday in a speech as he mistakenly referred — twice — to Yosemite (yoh-SEM-i-tee) National Park as “YO-semite.” (Twitter wags referred to it as “Yo! Semites!” — which could be a weird Trump greeting to Jews.) As it happens, the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia has been selling T-shirts with images of two sequoia redwood trees over the words “Yo Semite” since 2011. Trump’s gaffe sent sales skyrocketing. Online shoppers spent $30,000 on the shirts and other merchandise in the first 30 hours after the blooper. That’s nearly the entire amount the museum collected in sales for all of June.
  8. The original Thundercats is great I had forgotten that on their old planet (episode 1) they didn't (I paraphrase) "need protective clothing" ... yeah, no way that would make it pass the censors today. At least not in the USA. I don't think the Japanese would have any issue with it (someone correct me if I'm mistaken)!
  9. Hmmm, yeah, only one episode so far. Maybe it will get better (but I bet it won't). As expected, the "critic" score is much higher than the audience score, but that's par for pretty much everything these days. If the "critics" hate it, the audience will like it, and vice versa.
  10. Any homebrew fans? I love homebrews... need more SNES games
  11. Gotcha! I had no idea Symphony of the Night had such an error as well. Obviously it must be only certain printings and/or certain regions?
  12. If I might ask, what exactly does that mean "data error"? Does it have a game-breaking bug or something?
  13. I'm a bit surprised by that, but it will sell out and then second-hand prices will be 3-4 times cost, as usual...
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