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  1. Wing Commander is a classic on the PC, curious how it translated to the SNES?
  2. Jerry Seinfeld was certainly not the "star" of the show, but overall I recall very much enjoying his eponymous show. Of course, it has been a long time. I do also recall that the writing by Larry David was excellent for the most part, and although NBC asked Seinfeld for more seasons, he refused stating that he had done what he set-out to do. I do respect him for that. Hard for me to say whether it's overrated until I watch it again... On the other hand, I fully agree that Friends is greatly overrated.
  3. Yeah, well to be overrated it has to be beloved to a certain degree It's really unfortunate what happened to the Simpsons... https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/pop-spoofs-no-longer-the-main-draw-20111109-1n614.html#ixzz1dHgzL7xF The central tragedy of The Simpsons is that it has gone from commanding attention to merely being attention-seeking. It began by proving that cartoon characters don't have to be caricatures; they can be invested with real emotions. Now the show has in essence fermented into a limp parody of itself. Memorable story arcs have been sacrific
  4. 2020 article on the most overrated TV Shows per state https://www.reviews.org/tv-service/most-overrated-shows-in-america/ My #1 pic, The Simpsons, came out on top in 7 states. Don't get me wrong, I used to love the Simpsons, back when "it was good", but wow, over the years it really lost its charm. You agree? Disagree? Game of Thrones and Friends were also popularly disliked
  5. Anyone here old enough to remember when video games were considered devil spawn?? Here's a NYT opinion piece https://www.nytimes.com/1982/01/28/opinion/l-video-games-for-the-basest-instincts-of-man-151899.html Noting that video games were "cultivating a generation of mindless, ill-tempered adolescents" Well, it's nice that today scholars are into gaming
  6. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/02/27/dollars-flood-venezuela-maduro-abandons-socialismo-favour-chinese/ Perched on the mountain range that divides the sprawling city of Caracas from the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela’s Hotel Humboldt can be seen from nearly all corners of the capital...Now, the hotel is open again as a symbol of an impending economic recovery and tourism boom in a country that has suffered the worst economic crisis in modern Latin American history. But the so-called Socialist president’s touting of the luxurious, $300 per night hotel in a country where most live in pover
  7. Lovely https://thecurrent.pk/gandapur-mistakes-gta-v-video-for-real-life-footage-praises-pilot-for-narrow-escape/
  8. https://sports.yahoo.com/china-will-host-the-2022-winter-olympics-while-accused-of-genocide-should-the-world-boycott-233310879.html “To attend a Beijing Olympics can be seen as an endorsement of genocide and crimes against humanity,” says Teng Biao, a Chinese lawyer and activist... Any boycott, Biao says, “would be welcome” and impactful – and the more far-reaching, the more impactful. The IOC has not publicly addressed the accusations of genocide, nor has it addressed any of China’s abuses with any specificity. And no activist expects that the IOC will. “The IOC just seems to have c
  9. Added PixelHeart to the list (see first post). Anyone purchased from them? Experiences? Good? Bad?
  10. Hell hath no fury... https://www.businessinsider.com/ex-girlfriend-tips-off-fbi-about-alleged-us-capitol-rioter-2021-2
  11. You are wrong. I can't speak for the fake snowers, but yes some (truly misguided) people really believe the Earth is flat
  12. UK chain Hungry Horse has something to help you keel over...
  13. For what it's worth, IGN liked it and gave it an 8/10 https://www.ign.com/articles/ghosts-n-goblins-resurrection-review
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