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Is it okay to date your ex's siblings


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  1. 1. Is it okay to date your ex's sibling?

    • Yes, this is okay.
    • No, this is not okay.
    • It's okay under certain circumstances.
    • Other (please explain)

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My brother and I were having a debate about this tonight, whether it's okay or not to date your ex's siblings.

We both recognise that in a perfect world, such a situation would never even come up, but what about if you date a woman, for example, yet you and her sister are a much better match? Or a similar situation, only with a pair of brothers, and the ex-girlfriend fancying the other brother.

We're not discussing and debating things such as dating or f**king the sibling out of revenge, anger, or to make the ex jealous, rather at some other point down the line dating the sibling, just as one would normally date anyone else.


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One of my best friends(might as well be a brother) was going out with a girl that I ended up dating after him. We were together for 4yrs. Never was any problems between any of us. But then again we were reasonable people that use logic more than emotions in those situations 

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Member · Posted

This thread reminds me of high school where a mate used to date a girl. They broke up and then dated her close friend in the friendship inner circle. Then he broke up again and dated another close friend in that same friendship inner circle. 3 girls within the same inner circle!

I remember being admiring of the guy and wondered what his secret was back then. But then again, I didn't really care too much cos I was too busy with games. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes! I think it's ok to date an ex's sibling if it's out of genuine love and sincerity to commit for long-term. It's a little weird, I wouldn't do it, but I can accept it.

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13 years ago I flirted with my wife’s older sister for a couple of days. It lead nowhere, and we parted ways before ever even meeting up.

3 years later I started chatting with my wife, and here we are today 9 and a half years later married with two children and an angel baby.


I say it’s fine as long as there’s a mutual understanding amongst all three parties and no romantic feelings for the one left out.

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Administrator · Posted

The answer in my opinion, as with most things in life, is it depends on the situation and the people involved.  I know some people who would be absolutely fine with this, and have no problem.  And then I know other people who would find it extremely awkward and uncomfortable or even offensive.  

I mean, if I broke up with someone, I wouldn't go out of my WAY to date their sibling necessarily.  And it's also a 'problem' if, say, the ex would be really upset about it.  Because if the new relationship could be a real thing, then that could cause problems down the line, and unnecessary family drama that you may have to deal with forever.

So it really just depends on the exact dynamics of the situation and the people involved.  

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