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I completely agree. Every time I play GTA Online I feel reluctant to have my (female) character go into the desert region. I mean she does more than booze before she hops onto her scooter. And I am completely reluctant to get her both a convertible and a personal lawyer. Because that lawyer is never going to be see the bats that are screeching at them while she drives. I mean god damn man... The only thing worse than bats are ones nobody else claims to see. 😬

That, and bees. And chickens if you piss them off enough.

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I like to be thankful for them bats. I mean, the bats kept you on your toes and help build your reflexes when you were all budding gamers! Cheers bats, thanks for all the wonderful times you’ve knocked us off the ledges!

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on the 2600 alone, we got:

nuberub- the bat in Adventure that always steals yours items and can't be killed

pitfall 2- the bats move in a very shallow sinewave pattern and you have to be pixel perfect to pass under them.

haunted house- has a vampire bat

HERO- has bats the block your path in the tunnels

Mountain King - the bats will steal your crown while trying to escape and are nearly impossible too avoid

Crossbow - has a bat in the cavern, trying to get attack your friends

Frrankenstein's Monster - yup more unkillable bats. also spiders

Sword of Saros - has a bat in the maze, who alerts the wizard

Ghost Manor - the bats here are probably less worrisome than the mummy with the axe





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