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  1. Well, there is IIRC is a SM64 hack with the hat throwing already...
  2. Echoing FF XV. That thing was more bug than game, and even the game parts sucked, the only (main) FF to go as low as 7/10 for me.
  3. Just like retrorgb says in the article about that VCR/dvd player with built-in hdmi, the cheap crappy composite-to-hdmi converters are intended for VCRs. That doesn't need low latency nor perfect picture.
  4. N64's C&C and Starcraft were fun, even if it's not the same as mouse-keyboard.
  5. There are several sm64 coop hacks, and many of them are not even hw compatible, they work on emulators only. I think kaze's splitscreen one is the only one that works on hw. Buy an Everdrive64 instead of supporting repro makers.
  6. OK games, but the controller is too big for me, and it's just a PC inside. Not a console.
  7. Powerpak has been dead for years. Everdrive is active.
  8. Dinosaur Planet is not going to get an official release. This is a ROM leak, in bad beta state, of a hybrid DP-SFA form (it has Fox already), meaning this state involves Nintendo rights. DP could only be released if someone got the sources for the early DP form where all rights are Rare's (Microsoft's, who would probably sell them). -- do not buy repros.
  9. That's just hilarious. Fonzie is the king of form over function, not being paid has more to do with his mismanagement of money, and claiming they have three undisclosed "AAA" SNES/MD games is just a cherry on top.
  10. Ah, N64, the next homebrew frontier...
  11. It's not a one-man operation, if you remember they advertised that kevtris now has a team of fpga developers under him. Sales and mgmt are going to be separate. However you may have missed there's this global pandemic thing going on, which may affect manufacturing chains.
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