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  1. And inb4 "I like to sit closer", it's fine to have your preference, I'm referring to general ergonomics guidelines that limit how much you have to turn your head and eyes when watching. If you have a huge screen and sit close, obviously more pixels will be visible to you.
  2. @ifightdragons: You don't mention screen size. If it's a 60 incher, then 10 feet is way too close and not normal view distance. 10ft would be normal view distance for a 32". I CBA to look up the physical limits of the eye, but it certainly exists and yes, it is crossed with these TVs at normal ranges.
  3. 4k tvs are affordable, but they don't have a wide install base. For obvious reasons, because there's not much need for them.
  4. BW isn't the reason they use the mobile app, it's about control. 32 kbps is entirely workable for speech with speex or opus.
  5. WTF yall, it's like we're talking past each other. You condemn scalping, when I'm thinking of N64 owners who don't have a Switch, hence can't get a NSO subscription, hence can't buy the darn controllers from Nintendo.
  6. @Nintegageo: There's a difference here between this and console scalping. Nintendo's limits mean many people who may want new N64 sticks can't get them at all. So if you don't have any use for them yourself, passing the 4 on to people who want them is an useful service (and it doesn't hurt if it makes you some money!).
  7. The lot of you who don't have use for the N64 controller yourselves will probably have a good scalping chance then. In 10 days we'll know how they are made, and if the parts can be used to refurb an original controller, there will be massive demand for them. Nintendo's limit of only NSO subscribers and only N pieces per person means each of you gets to scalp some.
  8. I had gotten the Masterpiece edition for free in a cd spindle years ago, but only bothered to play it like last year (using scummvm, naturally). Being a historical legend, but also very old, I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out rather fun, 7/10, with only a couple puzzles needing online help.
  9. The smaller devs may make the carts themselves, and to get a decent price may need to order 100 units at once etc. This then means that once the KS lot is sold, they'd have to front off a lot to sell some additional copies, which would not be worth it to them. And as for digital sales, piracy is the obvious answer. There's even some hilarious thieves asking for roms of unreleased homebrew fully seriously, they just want everything for free, reality be damned even if the game's not even out yet lol.
  10. Just like with Piko's decision on which ROM to use on steam, the collections likely chose PS1 because of available emulators.
  11. Not mine, but had a lot of fun reading the long Animal Crossing creepypasta. The one with kidnapped kids being reused for parts for Penny, and Nook being the reluctant helper.
  12. erac

    N64 jam 2 starting

    The second N64 game jam is starting: https://old.reddit.com/r/n64/comments/q05odn/n64brew_jam_2_a_nintendo_64_game_jam/ - consider participating, or if not a dev, do check out the previous jam's results.
  13. @Shmup: I was making a counterpoint, it's not universally liked if here's a player who finds nothing good on there (now changed to one good game). As to what I like, besides the obvious AAA RPG series like FF and Tales, series/games like Resident Evil, Dead Space, and Horizon: Zero Dawn also fill all my criteria, even though they aren't RPGs or even close. They all had a good story, made me think, and were great games.
  14. I'm aware I'm picky haha, just by expecting a story I'm already in the minority. With a giant backlog, it doesn't really hurt though. Virtue's last reward looks great actually, that makes one good 3ds game, thanks Sumez. Though I may play it on the PS4 instead of getting a 3ds.
  15. Maybe what you collect in an action-adventure are instead rupees, better swords, more gear. It still doesn't lead anywhere or have any reason to continue playing (for me). What I mean by points includes any replacement for them too, including progress for progress's sake. "I beat that boss, and now my reward is a changed icon on the map", uh, yay.
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