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I've posted about this on Twitter a lot, but since I've never made a thread on NA....here's my current project. With art from Frankengraphics, Halcyon is a large metroidvania adventure that's supposed to be sort of a mash-up of concepts from Metroid and Blaster Master. We've been slowly working on this for about 2 years now, hopefully it will be done some time next year.

You can follow along on twitter or occasional longer posts on my blog.





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Been watching the development of Halcyon for a while now on Twitter, and I'm definitely excited to say the least! Between the art and gameplay, it's shaping up to be an amazing game 🙂

I have one question though; How do you pronounce the name? 

Is it hal-see-on? hal-kai-on? hal-shun? I'm super curious.

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On 10/29/2019 at 5:39 PM, TylerBarnes said:

How does one get the red [Homebrew] tag on topics? 

When creating the topic, there was a field to enter tags.  Then below that, there be an "item prefix" field that you can use to select one of your tags to be the primary prefix tag for the topic.




there be an "item prefix" field

Huh, I sound like a pirate.

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Getting to take a peak at the demo of this was one of the big highlights of MGC this year for me. 

I loved the character's idle animation and bomb throwing mechanic. The bomb arch seems like a small thing, but really cements the game's exploration focus and helps Halcyon distance itself from a Run'and'gun, which I could see someone mistaking it for based on the graphics and some of the physics. The bomb throwing had me slowing down and considering how I should approach an enemy rather than simply charging in. Good stuff. 

I had been seeing graphical teasers on Frankengraphic's blog which I follow very closely, so  seeing the demo in person and meeting Nathan was a big deal for me. Though I should also mention, the demo had no sound at the time, and envisioning the Alien soundscape frankengraphics will dream up for this has me hotly anticipating this title. 


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