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  1. SO Rad < your twitter post even motivated me to pop in Castlevania 3 last night for a refresher. Amazing work!
  2. Raftronaut

    KUBO 3

    Hey Congrats Dale and SJ games! Here is a link to the OST if anyone is interested. Seiji wrote the main melody for the title music which I transcribed from a phone recording Dale sent me. I arranged it for the game from there. It was a fun project and I am glad I could contribute to your family project
  3. I feel very strongly the NES has a lot more life to give new gameplay ideas, I would never discredit anyone trying to attempt to try something new. In fact, I think this pursuit is the most admirable in all of homebrew, when it works... Personally I feel there is something to be said for striving to provide the player with intuitive controls out of the gate. Part of the duty of a game dev is to slowly teach the player how to play the game. When a new control scheme is suddenly dropped on me and I can't figure it out in 2-3 minutes i'll give up and move on with my busy day, not to say I won't come back to it, but it does stiffen that barrier of entry. Oftentimes my game playing time is down to 15-20 minutes a day, that might speak more about the nature of my opinion on this, but I'd rather spend that time on gameplay than getting frustrated on controls... Striking a balance of these two things seems to be the ultimate goal in my humble opinion.
  4. Raftronaut

    Free ROMs

    This is great news, do you have a ballpark time frame?
  5. I was super happy to see that KHAN offered that rom as a download last week and was finally able to check it out myself. I came late to party.
  6. Lizard : My personal favorite homebrew, A lot has been said about it, some find it frustrating and prohibitive, others find it warm and and inviting. I'm very much in the latter camp, I'm pretty much smiling as soon as I put this on. Not only great music, but unique with emphasis on atmosphere over catchy melodies, very artful. The type of game that really gets all of the senses going... Of course, people hate it for the same reasons. Twin Dragons : Maybe the most rewarding homebrew i've played. It didn't really appeal to me at first, I didn't think I would like it, but I took a chance and bought a cart based purely on the good faith it received from the community. It kept continuing to surprise me how much I liked the game, I wasn't expecting it nor was I prepared for it, it made me remember why I go looking for these experiences to begin with. The game blooms as it progresses and just keeps getting better and better pushing you forward. The music here again is fantastic, very very slick sound design, wonderful balance of mood vs. Action Nim & Nom : My favorite to play with friends other than Micro Mages ( I feel like that one is a given). A very challenging co op arcade (puzzle?) platformer based around a lunge mechanic that will have you flying all around the screen. Graphics are bright and cartoony which adds a lot to the charm of the game. I end up playing this one a lot with my family or friends who aren't generally into video games, the co-op aspect just makes it plain fun. Serious drawback here is the music, I understand the developer is not a musician and struggled to write the music themselves in famitracker (which I applaud), but the repetition makes for a very unpleasant experience. Thankfully the developer included the option to turn the music off in the title screen menu, and the sound effects they created are actually very good, so it saves the experience for repeat plays. Star Versus: Competitive Asteroids meets Street Fighter II. Again, another fun game to play with friends, the controls are maybe a bit too complex, although it does add a ton of replay value to continue mastering play styles. The controls do create a somewhat stiffer barrier of entry for newcomers, which can be a turn off since they take some getting used to compared to Asteroids. The game really shines in 2 player mode, though it does offer a limited 1 player mode that does help in honing your chops. I'm a big nerd for Arcade space shooters (literally all my favorite games) and there aren't too many space shooting homebrews , so I have to give it to this one for hitting that spot for me. Incredible music on this one, with very clever sound design that never lets off of the gas pedal. Cool environmental stage effects that add some interesting gameplay variety as well as super tight controls . Project Blue: Only having played the demo, I already know this will jump right up to the top of my list once released. Go download the demo yourself and see for yourself. Chibi-Cyber punk with slick platforming controls and a grimy and beautiful mood setting soundtrack. Extra points for it having some of the best 8bit graphics anywhere ***this was a fun exercise in wasting time at work, thanks for reading/skipping over, lol
  7. hey thanks! It's a tune I'd written years ago which had become our unofficial theme song. All of the songs from the game are songs I had written for the band. Being a musician, the soundtrack came first and the details for the game have been unfolding since then as my skills improve
  8. Raftronaut

    Space Raft NES

    Hello out there, This is my first post here on the forums, so I'll take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Jordan and I am a rock musician from Milwaukee WI. Sometime early last year I started making chiptunes of music I had written for my rock band at the time Space Raft. I had intended it as a joke originally, but actually discovered I found chiptuning to be incredibly fulfilling and started looking for the next logical step in my progression into NESdev. I decided to make a little demo for the Nesmaker Byte Off in spring 2019, which admittedly was pretty poorly made, glitchy, and mostly broken, but I used it as motivation to continue with the project as a learning experience and feel it has grown into a fairly competent game for a first development. I've received a lot of help over in the nesmaker community as I struggle to get my bearings in programming, so many thank yous to that tremendously helpful scene Since it's the end of the year, I thought maybe it would be good to share the progress I've made since then and offer the updated demo to any that might be interested here. The game features music from the band Space Raft, as well as personalities and locations (music venues, bars and record stores) from the Milwaukee music scene. Since this project was essentially meant for the Rock audience (which is where most of the interest in it currently lies) Mainly as a bridge for those who might be interested in finding the NES homebrew scene for themselves. There are a mix of obstacle based scrolling levels in the band van similar to T&C surf design and top down adventure levels where you'll have to clear all the sandwiches before the former bass player Srini (included per his request) gets you, Something like Trogg meets Robowarrior i guess. It's a bit of a romp in the vein of the Monkees "frodus caper" so the premise is purposefully half baked and ridiculous. What I have attached here is the demo ROM I managed to finish for the Portland retro Gaming expo (working steady since then and more updates will me coming soon). The game design is still rather fluid, so many things will be changed before the eventual release. For posterity I will include the link to the original nesmaker thread in case anyone is interested in playing through older builds: http://nesmakers.com/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=2867 My intention is to offer cartridges for pre order at some point, but that will be once development is completely finished. Thanks for looking! Please play LOUD (lol) humbldt music.mp4 SR_prge3.zip
  9. Yes, the fix for adding flicker within nesmaker is well documented: http://nesmakers.com/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2455
  10. Raftronaut

    Dimension Shift

    Have you ever by chance asked someone holding this position to explain their reasoning? Actually maybe that would be something to avoid to prevent an earful of gobblygook. Seems like "I won't support this project if it is too complete" would be a hard position to argue... ha!
  11. Raftronaut


    I haven't been able to try this yet, but I really admire the simplicity of the design. Games like this are super addictive great work!
  12. I also agree that some simple In-game music would help, even a single channel playing a jingle would add something. Some sort of CPU challenge would help things along too. Even if only to serve as obstacles like in excitebike.. Just a thought. The presentation is terrific and the title music is great. Very nice work! I especially enjoy the cheerful mood of the music, it really fits the feel of the game.
  13. That is helpful! thanks! Yeah, I don't doubt that at all, which is why I've been wanting to give this one another shot. Thanks for the hints, hopefully this will put me on my way
  14. I felt very very confused by the combat system in this game, I got so frustrated on my first attempt that I set it down and never came back to it. Is there any sort of PDF manual or combat instructions available anywhere? I sure would like to give this game another shot...
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