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  1. Really cool update !
  2. Seiji has Sharpie, and Posca and a lot of other ones.... Yeah, he signed the carts, and the boxes... before the boxes were wrapped / sealed. (else It would have be NO problem at all) Next time, Seiji will not sign any copy. Please anyone, don't even ask.
  3. I will be happy to send you that box, @fcgamer. Sorry I couldn't honor your first choice for a signed (non damaged) box. Things happens and ultimately I was not able to make more signed copies (And I thought I couldn't sell that one to you because it was damaged. It's my fault, I know and I did apologize for that) The KUBO3 boxes (signed and not signed) will be ship to you and I will send you the tracking informations by email when it's done. Also, I am sorry everyone for the drama.
  4. I already explained, how could I be more clear ? You preordered for a kubo 3 Famicom, yes, and I never said you are out of the list, I can send you KUBO3 3 Famicom. The only problem is I can’t send you a signed one anymore, because there are no more (we have two signed boxes that are damaged —one is already sent to my family— the other one is the one on the posted I posted last night). To be clear, technically I can still send you FAMICOM edition like you originally preordered! I can send you one or two or three. Man, the sign thing was only for a few copies, like a bonus!
  5. @fcgamer I make it public, like that you will NOT attack me later, when you will receive it… I proposed you other alternatives but you won’t accept and just threw me your money (1 hour ago) with a DO IT. Ok… Here is YOUR signed copy, like you can see it’s damaged. But if you really want it, ok, I will send you that one! Please, confirm me, here … I will send you that one. Everyone is witness that the copy you will receive is another in perfect condition:
  6. Thank you spacepup… it was a really interesting adventure, Seiji was awesome and it was a pleasure to help him in his projects. We all learn a lot of things (me that when you go public, you have to deal with all the bad things, haters, angry people and assholes… luckily, I preserved Seiji from most of that)
  7. Dave, it’s not cool, man
  8. I have nothing to hide and to be clear, you are the one that is making that doing all those waves here. I replied to your email, proposed you solutions (either I can send you a custom kubo “thank you” card hand drawn by Seiji, with stickers. Or send you a sealed copy that Seiji would sign (on the “wrapping plastic”)…. Man, it’s unfair from you to attack me, I am doing my best to try to find a solution… but you are the one that is not cooperating. PS: like I told you, I still have a signed box copy remaining, but that box is damaged, so I can’t sell you that one.
  9. I've made pre-orders to estimate the quantities to be manufactured. Some people asked me, signed by Seiji copies, so I accepted (and proposed to a few of you...) I contacted each person to validate their pre-orders: validate their address and receive the payment for validation. With that. I could make the games… Seiji signed some copies. We finished the manufacturing, sealed the boxes. The validated orders waste shipped at the beginning of this month. Contacting me now, for validation of a signed game and a regular copy… I am sorry, but I can not honor this request. We no longe
  10. This is THE week! The KUBO3 Famicom edition (CIB) will start being shipped this week. Thank you for all the people who supports my son's projects.
  11. Awesome interview. What Remains is one of my favorites homebrew games. Glad to read more from the creators Great job, Sean! Can't wait to read the next Episode!
  12. It's TIME !!! The shipping will start soon. If you haven't received any email from me, yesterday, it means I haven't you on my pre order list... (or I forgot you) Please contact me ASAP if you want a copy of KUBO 3 Famicom -> my email: d a l e c o o p @ g m a i l . c o m It's almost sold out ! After that, I will not be able to sell you one >_<
  13. dale_coop

    Space Gulls

    Really cool game, glad they released it.
  14. Whoah! A physical cart will be awesome... haha, it was fun to work on that little game. Great marketing item.
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