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VGS Homebrew Almanac formerly known as The Currently Available Homebrew Thread:

The purpose of this thread is to keep an up-to-date list of cartridge homebrew releases that are currently in production for the NES, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Sega Master System, and Genesis. This list is for those who need their homebrew right now (well, now plus shipping time and something for the tax man).

For those looking for NES homebrew roms, NESworld and Homebrews Connexion are the places to go. And don’t forget to explore the itch.io pages of your favorite developers!

For those curious what is included in each entry of the Action 53 series, NESdev has a wiki for you.

Part I of this list will only include currently available physical releases (available that is, from the original producer (I can't watch every eBay auction). Hacks, repros, and re-releases will not be included (but this might be a good place to also flag pirated work so we can call out theft where it happens). This list will include games as well as chiptune carts. Variants can be included where there is a substantive difference in gameplay; limited editions, variants of the physical cart itself, or minor in-game differences will not be distinguished.

Part II of this list will include defunct homebrew games that are no longer available from their original source but can be found on the secondary market. This section is intended to serve as a reference for collectors new and old who wish to enrich their collections as well as their lives with what was once brewed but alas is brewed no more (at least until Ferris re-posts his fairly exhaustive Aftermarket Price Guide here or on a dedicate site).

For simplicity’s sake, links will be to a game’s individual page/thread (or as close as possible). 

*Please note, I am sure that there are mistakes and games that slipped my attention in what follows. Feel free to point them out or inform us all of a change in a game's status. If you are the creator of a game and you would like to have your work included at a set date/time, please feel free to send me a pm

Part I: The Currently Available Homebrew List

Currently Available NES/Famicom Releases:
-0-to-X NA Edition $75 CIB Link

-2 in 1 Geminim/Siamond $27 C Link

-8Bit Rhythm Land $45 CIB Link

-8-bit XMAS 2018 $46 C Link

-8-bit XMAS 2019 $46 C Link

-8-bit XMAS 2021 $48 C Link

-8-bit XMAS 2022 $49 C Link

-8-bit XMAS 2023 $50 C Link

-The Adventures of Panzer $50 CIB Link

-Almika - The Star Rider Denetsu Gaiden $40 C Link

-Almost Hero $50 CIB Link

-Alter Ego €25 CIB Link

-AO $35 CIB Link

-The Arm Wrestling Classic $65 CIB Link

-Assimilate $35 C Link

-Basse Def Adventures €52 CIB  Link €52 CIB Link

-Bat Lizard Bonanza $30 C PM johnvanderhoe 

-Battle Kid Dangerous Trap $20 CIB Link

-Beautiful Girl Mahjong Cram School Vol. 1 (FC) ¥ 9,800 CIB Link

-Beer Slinger $35 CIB Link

-Billionaire Banshee $50 CIB Link

-Bishoujo Mahjong Juku Part 1 ¥12,800 CIB (FC) Link

-Black Box Challenge $40 C Link

-Blazing Rangers (NES) €55 CIB Link

-Blazing Rangers (FC: Honō no Rangerman) €55 CIB Link

-Bobby Six Seven $60 CIB Link

-Carpet Shark $50 CIB Link

-Crabbie Attack $56 CIB Link

-Creepy Brawlers $50 CIB Link

-Dead Tomb $60 CIB Link

-Desolate Love (FC) $50 CIB Link

-Deth Complex 2 $40 CIB Link

-Donkey Soldier (aka neMULEsis) $60 CIB Link

-Doodle World $55 CIB Link

-Dragon Master $40 C Link

-Draiocht $40 CIB Link

-Dungeons & DoomKnights $65 CIB Link

-Dushlan $40 CIB Link

-Expedition $75 CIB + Cards Link

-Eyra-The Crow Maiden $50 CIB Link

-Family Picross $40 CIB Link

-Fire and Rescue $50 CIB Link

-Flea! £50 CIB Link

-From Below CAD$90 CIB Link

-Full Quiet $60 CIB Link

-Garbage Pail Kids: Mad Mike & The Quest for Stale Gum $80 CIB Link

-Get'em Gary! $40 CIB Link

-Ghoul Grind: Night of the Necromancer $46 CIB Link

-Gotta Protectors: Amazon’s Running Diet $40 C Link

-Gunhawk $50 CIB Link

-GunTneR $60 CIB Link

-Haradius Zero (FC) ¥10,000 CIB  Link

-Haraforce (FC) ¥7,920 CIB Link

-Haratyler (FC) ¥6,000 CIB Link

-Haratyler (NES) $50 CIB Link

-Haunted: Halloween '85 $60 CIB Link (NES) & $45 C Link (FC)

-Haunted: Halloween '86 $60 CIB Link (NES) & $45 C Link (FC)

-The House in the Cemetery $65 CIB Link

-Hungry Ghost Night (Gasse version) (FC) $45 CIB Link

-Hungry Ghost Night (Wang version) (FC) $45 CIB Link

-Jim Power $55 CIB Link

-Justice Duel $45 CIB Link

-Kirakira Star Night DX (FC) $53 CIB Link

-Konomi's Monster Party Bishoujo Mahjong Gaiden Beta Version (FC) ¥10,800 CIB Link

-KUBO 3 $30 C PM dale_coop

-L’Abbaye des Morts (FC) €45 CIB Link

-L’Abbaye des Morts (NES) €45 CIB Link

-LAN Master $30 CIB Link

-Lawn Mower $30 CIB Link

-Lion Mancala $46 CIB Link

-Little Medusa $60 CIB Link

-Lizard (NES) $60 CIB Link; $55 CIB Link; & €45 CIB Link; (FC) €45 CIB Link

-Log Jammers $50 CIB Link

-Lucky Penguin $50 CIB Link

-Machine Cave $40 CIB Link

-The Magnilo Case $65 CIB Link

-Meteor Swarm $35 C Link

-Micro Mages €45 CIB Link; (FC) €45 CIB Link

-Mojonian Tales $48 CIB Link

-More Glider $35 C Link

-Mr. Lee's Alishan Tea Collector (Demo) (FC) $40 CIB Link

-Mr. Maymunshine's Christmas Land $50 CIB Link

-Multidude $40 CIB Link

-Mystic Pillars $36 C Link

-Nebs 'n Debs $48 CIB Link; (FC) €45 CIB Link

-Neo Heiankyo Alien (FC) $45 CIB Link

-NES Virus Cleaner $30 CIB Link

-Nighttime Bastards $47 CIB Link

-Ninja I & II $49 CIB Link

-Nordle (NES€45 CIB Link & (FC) €45 CIB Link

-Norenwake Yakitori Master Toriku Jr. (FC) ¥7,500 CIB Link

-Orebody: Binder's Tale $60 CIB Link

-OverObj (FC) ¥7,500 CIB Link

-Peace Love Trippy Club (FC) $40 CIB Link

-Pelusa's Saga: Kaji's Trials 45 CIB Link

-Pico Pico (Basse Def Adventures) (FC) ¥3,124 CIB Link

-Piss the Fish (FC) $42 CIB Link

-Plummet Challenge Game $50 CIB Link

-Porun-chan no Onigiri Daisuki ¥7,963 CIB Link

-Power Coloring $35 C Link

-Project Blue $60 CIB Link & 50 €CIB Link

-Quadralords $35 C Link

-Quest Forge - By Order of Kings $40 Link

-Rainbow Brite: Journey to the Rainbow Land €39,90 CIB Link

-Rainbow Catcher $50 C Link

-Rollie $60 CIB Link

-Roniu's Tale $60 CIB Link

-Snakky $20 CIB Link

-Solaris $35 C Link

-Space Mutants $50 CIB Link

-Space Raft $60 CIB Link (keep an eye out for the coming rom for Space Raft Arcade, which Jordan is bringing to MGC!)

-Study Hall $33 C Link

-Super Bat Puncher Demo (FC) €45 CIB Link

-Super NeSnake 2 $34 C Link

-Super Painter $40 CIB Link

-Swords and Runes RE $45 CIB Link

-Swords and Runes III LE $250 CIB Link

-Swords and Runes III NA $75 CIB Link

-Temple Dilemma $60 CIB Link

-Troll Burner $20 C Link

-Trophy $60 CIB Link

-Turtle Paint $52 CIB Link

-Twelve Seconds $35 C Link

-Twin Dragons €45 CIB Link; (FC) €45 CIB Link

-Wampus C PM johnvanderhoe Link

-Wart Worm Wingding C PM johnvanderhoe Link

-Yeah Yeah Beebiss II $30 C Link

Currently Available NES/Famicom Music Carts:
-8Bit Music Power Final $33 CIB Link

-A Hole New World Soundtrack (chiptune) $45 CIB Link (NES) & €40 CIB Link (FC)

-bitpuritans: 2A03 Puritans RE $50 C Link

-Creeping it Real $40 CIB Link

-Electric Dragon: Another World $45 CIB (FC) Link

-Famicompo Pico 2014 $50 C Link

-Famimimidi $200 C Link

-Mega Ran: RNDM $50 CIB Link

-Sergio Elisondo: A Winner Is You $35 C Link

-Zi: Quiet $35 C Link

-Zi: Silicon Statue $35 C Link

-Zi: Thornbury $35 C Link

-Zi: [Welcome to] Eville $35 C Link

Currently Available SNES/Super Famicom Releases:
-Chip's Challenge $50 CIB Link

-Eyra-The Crow Maiden $50 CIB Link

-Fork Parker's Crunch Out $50 CIB Link

-The Last Super $30 C Link

-Little Medusa $60 CIB Link

-Nekotako $72 CIB Link

-Old Towers $50 CIB Link

-Quiz Impact Habit's Great Adventure (SFC) ¥10,780 CIB Link

-Super Sudoku $40 C Link

-Sydney Hunter & the Caverns of Death $40 CIB Link

-Yo Yo Shuriken $50 CIB Link

Currently Available SNES/Super Famicom Music Carts:
-The Cult of Remute €36 C Link

Currently Available Gameboy/Gameboy Color Releases:
-2021: Moon Escape $60 CIB Link

-Adulting $22.08 C Link

-Airaki $15 C Link

-Alien Invasion $28.75 CIB Link

-All Humans Must Die! $50.72 CIB Link

-Annihilator $50 CIB Link

-Another Dracula's Castle ¥4,730 CIB Link

-Ark $21.39 C Link

-Asteroids Chasers €45 CIB Link

-Batty Zabella $45 CIB Link

-The Beach Bum Pays His Rent $45 CIB Link

-Beta Soul $56 CIB Link

-Big2Small $40 CIB Link

-Bingo Machine ¥3,480 C Link

-Black Castle $20.33 C Link

-Bonesy $15.27 C Link

-Borruga $21 C Link

-BULB! $38 CIB Link

-Burger Kitchen 8,800 CIB Link

-A Cat & His Boy $22 C Link

-Cel Story £45 CIB Link

-Color Lines DX $18.40 C Link

-Commodore 16 Classics I for GBC $34 CIB Link

-Commodore 16 Classics II for GBC $34 CIB Link

-Cubic Style GB Flash Cartridge with Illustration ¥1,000 C Link

-D*Fuzed $50 CIB Link

-Dangan $25 C Link

-Dango Dash $60 CIB Link

-Death Planet $18.40 C Link

-Die and Retry $15 C Link

-Dimeo's Jukebox $69.69 CAD CIB Link

-Dino's Offline Adventure $15 C Link

-DMG Deals Damage €40 CIB Link

-Doc Cosmos £40 CIB Link

-Dracula’s Castle ¥4,400 CIB Link

-Dragonborne/Dragonyhm $55 CIB Link

-Escape 2042 $30 CIB Link

-Far After £140 CIB Link

-The First Project $35 CIB Link

-Fix My Heart $60 CIB Link

-Flooder $46.79 CIB Link

-From Below Pocket CAD$80 CIB Link

-Fullswing 3,300 C Link

-Fydo's Magic Tiles $50 CIB Link

-G-Zero $56 CIB Link

-GB Dot Illustration (Quiz Impact Illustration Collection) (GB Color) ¥4,500 C Link

-GB Dot Illustration (Technos Japan Kon) ¥4,200 C Link

-GB Dot Illustration (Tomoe Yamane-Game Impact Collaboration) ¥4,000 C Link

-GB Studio Central Gameboy Pixel Art Jam 2023 $21 C Link

-GB Wordyl $54.70 CIB Link

-Gelatinous: Humanity Lost $50 CIB Link

-Genesis $50 CIB Link

-Ghostly Labyrinth $25 CIB Link

-Goodboy Galaxy €55 CIB Link

-Gun Ship $26 C Link

-Guns & Riders $15 C Link

-Illuminated $56 CIB Link

-Infinitron $20 CIB Link

-Infinity $60 CIB Link

-In the Dark £40 CIB Link

-Into the Blue $25 C Link

-Invasion of the Geminorons $61.24 CIB Link

-The Island of File C$45 CIB Link

-Konbu-cahn Gaiden 6,050 CIB Link

-The Little Tales of Alexandria $29 C Link

-The Little Tales of Sapphire Hotel $29 C Link

-Lost Terminal €36,90 CIB Link

-The Machine $60 CIB Link

-Magipanels $45 CIB Link

-The Mayor of Sanctuary $60 CIB Link

-Mona and the Witch's Hat Deluxe $25 C Link

-Museum on a Cart69 CB Link

-Ninja Twins $56 CIB Link

-Nosferatu's Revenge $15 C Link

-Oni $56.32 CB Link

-L'Orbit: The Microwave Orphan $55 CIB Link

-Penalty Kick 91 $21.39 C Link

-Petris $18.40 C Link

-Pineapple Kid £40 CIB Link

-Pine Creek $60 CIB Link

-POWA! €55 CIB Link

-Powerball £45 CIB Link

-Princess Gardening ¥ 6,380 CIB Link

-Quartet $18.40 C Link

-Quest Arrest $35 CIB Link

-Quiz Impact Habit’s Great Adventure ¥5,550 CIB Link

-Repair-chan's Repair Daisakusen ¥ 6,380 CIB Link

-Retroid $20 CIB Link

-The Retrospekt.com.au Retro Gaming Museum The Game AVCon 2019 $15.27 C Link

-Rox OS $55 CIB Link

-Rusty & Ruby - Save the Crows £40 CIB Link

-Saeko-sensei’s Sex Appeal Blackjack ¥5,280 CIB Link

-Scary Maze Game $18.74 C Link

-Sheep it Up! €40 CIB Link

-Space Ex: The Human Race to Mars $60 CIB Link

-Take It Racing 2 £25 C Link

-Tales of Monsterland £40 CIB Link

-Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe €49 CIB Link

-Tower of Hanoi $18.40 C Link

-Wing Warriors €25 CIB Link

-The Year After $60 CIB Link

-Yõsei Wars £45 CIB Link

Currently Available Gameboy Music Carts:

-NES Rocky Theme 5,500 CB Link

-Remute: Living Electronics €30 C Link

Currently Available GBA Releases:
-HomeBrew GamePack $40 C (?) 

-Miko Para ¥5,800 CIB Link

-Motocross Challenge $40 C (?) Link

-Powder $35 CIB Link

-XE GamePack $50 C (?) Link

Currently Available GBA Releases:
-Gizzmoix: Ellie Kemper Spring 2005 €35 CIB Link

-Gizzmoix: People in the Sun (GBA Repress) €40 CIB Link

-Slow Magic: Δ $40 C (?) Link

Currently Available Sega Master System Releases:

-Baru Baru €45 CIB Link

-Extreme Volleyball Infernal League $45 CIB Link

-Flight of Pigarus €50 CIB Link

-Heroes Against Demons €45 CIB Link

-Prisonnier 2 €45 CIB Link

-Voyage-A Sorceress' Vacation €45 CIB Link

Currently Available Genesis/Mega Drive Releases:
-16Bit Rhythm Land $60 CIB

-Alice Sisters €50 CIB Link

-Alien Cat 2 $50 CIB Link

-Arkagis Revolution $50 CIB Link (Mega Cat) & €45 CIB Link (Broke Studio)

-Attack of the PETSCII Robots $45 CIB Link

-Balaio de Jogos (4-in-1) 99.90 R$ CB Link

-Block'Em Sock'Em $25 C Link

-Bomb on Basic City (2021 Edition) $30 CIB Link

-Bone Marrow $60 CIB Link

-Bone Marrow Rebirth $60 CIB Link

-Chip's Challenge $50 CIB Link

-Coffee Crisis $50 CIB Link

-The Curse of Illmoore Bay $60 CIB Link

-The Cursed Knight €45 CIB Link

-Debtor $60 CIB Link

-Demons of Asteborg €69 CIB Link

-Devwill Too $50 CIB Link

-Eyra-The Crow Maiden $50 CIB Link

-Fight for Vengeance $60 CIB Link

-Flame Dragon Seiken Xiamomei 7,480 CIB Link & Link

-Foxy Land $60 CIB Link

-FX Unit Yuki $60 CIB Link

-Gluf $50 CIB Link

-Gunslugs $43 CIB Link

-Handy Harvy $35 CIB Link

-Hunter Girls $45 CIB Link

-Kromasphere: YAGAC MD $35 CIB Link

-L'Abbaye des Morts $45 CIB Link

-Life on Earth €55 CIB Link

-Life on Mars €55 CIB Link

-Little Medusa $55 CIB Link

-Mega Marble World $35 CIB Link

-Mega Quadro Pong $44.75 CIB Link

-Metal Dragon €55 CIB Link

-Misplaced $50 CIB Link

-Old Towers $50 CIB Link

-Papi Commando: Second Blood €45 CIB Link

-Romeow & Julicat $50 CIB Link

-Saboteur! R$300 CIB Link

-A Satyr in Hell $43 CIB Link

-Super Heavy Duty $35 CIB Link

-Tanzer $50 CIB Link

-Tanglewood $50 CIB Link

-Xeno Crisis £55 CIB Link

-Xump 2 €24.37 CIB Link & Link

-Yazzie $50 CIB Link

Currently Available Genesis/Mega Drive Music Carts:
-genMDM $80 C Link

-Mikeyeldey: the album C$18 CIB Link

-Mikeyeldey: mikeyeldey95 C$25 CIB Link

-Remute: Technoptimistic €33 Link

-YM2017 $65 CIB Link

-YM2020 $75 CIB Link

 Currently Available Game Gear Releases:
-Heroes Against Demons 59 CIB Link

-Saeko-sensei’s Sex Appeal Blackjack ¥7,800 CIB Link

 Currently Available TurboGrafx 16 Releases (HuCARD only):
-Atlantean $68 CIB 

Part II: Defunct Homebrew or Sorry But Your Homebrew is in Another Castle

No Longer Available NES/Famicom Releases:
-1007 Bolts/Hammers/Gifts

-8bit Music Power (NES & Famicom)

-8bit Music Power Final (NES & Famicom)

-8-bit XMAS 2008

-8-bit XMAS 2009

-8-bit XMAS 2010

-8-bit XMAS 2011

-8-bit XMAS 2012

-8-bit XMAS 2013

-8-bit XMAS 2014

-8-bit XMAS 2015

-8-bit XMAS 2016

-8-bit XMAS 2017

-8-bit XMAS 2020

-Action 53, Volume 1: Function 16 Volume One "Streemerz Bundle"

-Action 53, Volume 2: Double Action 53

-Action 53 Volume 3: Revenge of the Twins

-The Adventures of Panzer

-The Adventures of Panzer 2

-Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure

-Alwa's Awakening

-Amazon's Training Road

-Anguna: Scourge of the Goblin King

-Armed for Battle

-Armed for Battle (Limited Edition)

-Aspen's Adventure

-Astro Ninja Man (FC)

-Basic Championship Wrestling

-Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril

-Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment

-Beat ‘Em

-Beyond the Pins (The Assembly Line Game Jam 2021)

-Blade Buster

-Blow ‘Em Out

-Bomb Sweeper

-Bovinium Quest

-Box Boy

-Brandon You're Going to Hell

-Brilliant Pebbles

-Bust A Nut: Flight of the Harbinger

-Candelabra: Estoscerro

-Choumiryo Party (FC)

-Chumlee's Adventure: The Quest for Pinky

-Chunkout 2

-City Trouble

-Commie Killer

-Commie Killer featuring Jeffrey Wittenhagen

-Console Killer

-Convention Quest

-Cornball Cocksuckers

-CORGS Simulator

-Cowlitz Gamers Adventure

-Cowlitz Gamers Second Adventure

-Cross-Strait Independence

-CTWC 2018: The Archives

-D+Pad Hero

-D+Pad Hero 2

-Deth Complex

-Doodle World Redrawn

-Dragon Boat (FC)

-Dragon Feet

-Dragon Leap



-Eskimo Bob

-Exit Loop

-F-Θ (FC)

-F-Θ (NES)

-Final Fantasy VII

-Flappy Bird

-Force Bot

-Frankengraphics Concept Cart

-Freecell LE

-From Below

-Galactic Ascension


-Garage Cart


-Germ Squashers


-Gold Guardian Gun Girl (FC)

-Gold Guardian Gun Girl (NES)

-The Grind

-Gruniożerca 2

-Gruniożerca 3


-Halloween Scare Cart 2015

-Halloween Scare Cart 2016

-Halloween Scare Cart 2017

-Halloween Scare Cart 2018

-Hamburgers En Route to Switzerland


-Haradius Zero (NES)

-Haraforce (NES)

-Homebrew World Championship (HBWC) 2012

-Ilevan (FC)

-The Incident

-The Incident: Remastered

-Jane Austen's 8-Bit Adventure

-Jay & Silent Bob: Mall Brawl

-Jet Paco

-Juhannusolumppialaiset 2017

-Juhannussauna 2016

-Kevin Power in Concert Carnage

-Kevin Power in Too Many Games

-KHAN Games 4-in-1 Retro Gamepak

-Kira Kira Star Night DX (NES & Famicom)

-KUBO 1&2

-Kuro No Fantasy (FC)


-Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover

-Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover: Engagement Edition

-Legends of Owlia

-LSD: One of Us

-Mad Wizard

-Mauri Mursu's Hangover


-MGC Arcade Pack

-Meet Me in the Parking Lot

-Midwest Gaming Classic 2011

-Miles Con 2016

-Montezuma's Revenge

-Mr. Splash

-Mystic Origins

-NA Halloween 2009

-NAGE Hunt



-Ninja Slapper

-Nomolos: Storming the Catsle


-Oof McBrewster

-Ooze Redux


-Perfect Pair




-Random Insult Generator

-RC 2 Rally (FC) Link

-Reknum: Fantasy of Dreams


-Retro Homebrew Championships 2015


-Rick Roll'd

-Rise of Amondus

-Rock, Paper, Scissors

-RSM Cart 2011

-RSM Cart 2012

-Save the Kuin


-Shera & The 40 Thieves

-Shera & the 40 Thieves: Definitive Edition

-Sgt. Helmet Training Day

-Sir Abadol

-Sitten Kitten

-Slappin' Bitches

-Sly Dog Studios 3-in-1 2P Pak

-Sneak ‘n Peek

-Space Foxes

-Spirit Impel


-Star Keeper

-Star Versus

-Sudoku 2007

-Super Bat Puncher Demo (NES)

-Super Russian Roulette

-Super Uwol


-Tailgate Party

-Tapeworm Disco Party

-Tempered Vengeance

-Tic Tac XO

-Torgman Adventures Pt. 1


-Tower Defense 1990

-The Tower of Turmoil

-Turtle Rescue: Unhatched DX

-Turtle Rescue: Unwrapped


-Ultimate Frogger Champion

-Utakata Synopsis (FC)


-Vector Run

-Vegetablets Go (NES & FC)

-VGBS Gaming Podcast Season 1

-Witch 'n Wiz

-Zdey The Game

-Zooming Secretary

 No Longer Available NES/Famicom Music Carts:

-_node: d3ad_form4t

-8Bit Music Power

-Alex Mauer: Color Caves

-Alex Mauer: Vegavox

-Alex Mauer: Vegavox II

-Alwa's Awakening Soundtrack

-Anamanaguchi: Dawn Metropolis

-Anamanaguchi: Endless Fantasy

-Anamanaguchi: Power Supply

-animal style: Teletime


-Chip Maestro (for making music!)

-Holly Jolly NES Mix

-Goofy Foot: Power Chiptunes


-King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland

-King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland 2nd Release

-Kreese: PAL Project



-MOON8 re-release

-Moonfall: A Legend of Zelda Compilation



-Puzzle Boys: Duck Tails

-RTC: Years Behind

-Super Synth Drums Cart

-Zao: Reformat/Reboot

-Zi: Four

No Longer Available SNES/Super Famicom Releases:
-16-bit XMAS 2011

-16-bit XMAS 2012

-Frog Feast

-Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero

No Longer Available Game Boy Releases:
-Athletic World

-Bub-O Escape

-Busty Bunny: The Bounty Babe

-Cherry Rescue!



-Digital Monster

-Digital Retro Park

-Dragon Mountain Double Feature


-Flying Arrows

-Flying Arrows 2

-Gameboy Camera Gallery 2022

-Hime's Quest


-Jill's Day Comiket 99 (demo)

-Leo Legend

-Lunar Journey

-Melon Journey Pocket

-Micro Doctor

-Nyghtmare: The Ninth King

-Phobos Dere.GB

-Pocket Penguin

-Repugnant Bounty

-Rope & Bombs

-The Shapeshifter

-The Shapeshifter 2

-Submarine 9

-Super Connard

-Super Jetpack DX

-Teenage Gizzard Gameboy Game

-The Train

-The Warp Coin Catastrophe

-Where is my body?

-Windows 93 Adventure

No Longer Available Game Boy Music Carts:

-ASM 2016 Christmas Card

-Heebie-GBs 2014

-Heebie-GBs 2019

-King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Flying Microtonal Banana (Gizzmoix)

-King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: I’m In Your Mind Fuzz (Gizzmoix)

-King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland (Gizzmoix)

-The Mist Toggles: Boneless

-Nonfinite: Plus/Minus

-Tronimal: Hello_World!

No Longer Available GBA Releases:

-Anguna: Warriors of Virtue


-Avalar (music/video)

-Bowls for Breakfast (music/video)

-Bytes of Sound (music/video)

-Desire (music/video)

-Goodboy Galaxy

-Unity (music)

No Longer Available GBA Music Carts:

-Be Careful: Anemoia Garden

-Be Careful: Dissipated Skies

-Be Careful: Liminal Cove

-Doctor Popular: Destroy All Presets

-Don Aaron: FREEDOM?

-Gizzmoix: ALEX GBA (Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald editions)

-Gizzmoix: Camping in Alaska - please be nice

-Gizzmoix: People in the Sun - Power Plant GBA

-H A R U S P E X: Tome of the Forbidden Land

-ItsDisbelief: You Do Not Exist Beyond My Perception

-Lazuli_yellow: The Hidden Temple of Wuhu Island

-Lazuli_yellow: Videopolis

-Lin Lin and the Symphony of Tears: Release I


-mingkurray: Hidden EP

-mingkurray: holographic

-Monster Teeth: Slippery Slope

-NMBUS: Ciel Rouge

-NMBUS x Be Careful: Linear EP


-OasisLtd.: Mixtape #1

-Startide Realms: ASVMR

-TUPPERWAVE: To you baby, with love

-Umamifunk: Super Express

-Whitewoods: Spaceship Earth

No Longer Available Sega Master System Releases:
 -Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe

No Longer Available Genesis/Mega Drive Releases:
-16Bit Rhythm Land

-1985 World Cup

-30 Years of Nintendon't



-Beach Volley

-Bomb on Basic City

-Cannon Fire Chaos

-Code Eliminator

-Diamond Thieves (original edition)

-Double Symbol

-Escape 2042

-FX Unit Yuki

-Game Panic II

-Germ Squashers

-Griel’s Quest

-Hangman SG

-Humiliation Nation

-Insane Pain


-IK+ Deluxe


-Jessie Jaeger in Cleopatra's Curse

-Megagames Almanac

-Mega Casanova

-Mega Casanova 2

-Mega Casanova 3

-Mega Cheril Perils

-Mega Marble World 2

-Mega Xmas '89

-Metal Blast 2277


-Papi Commando

-Pier Solar and the Great Architects


-Return to Genesis

-Sacred Line

-Smiley & Smiley

-Space Flies Attack

-Star J


-T*Gun II

-Uwol Quest for Money

-War in the Machine

-Zooming Secretary

 No Longer Available Genesis/Mega Drive Music Carts:
-Eternalist: A Telefuture Compilation

-Freezedream: Today

-Hyperdub: Konsolation (bundled with Analogue Mega Sg)

-Tanglewood Soundtrack

-TH4 D34D: Future 2612

No Longer Available Game Gear Releases:
-Hamburgers En Route to Switzerland

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Moderator · Posted

Hello all! Thank you Beau for all your diligent attention to promoting awareness of what’s happening in homebrew! With this thread, I’m starting where Beau left off, and creating something of my own to serve as a reference that can promote what’s out there to the gaming community. I’ve also created a different name for this thread to reflect the passing of the torch per se.

EDIT CORNER: At last, all links are up-to-date! And I've finished the initial version of my reference thread highlighting what homebrew is on its way, either available for pre-order or is actively in-development, which can be a launchpad for brewers' development blogs with regard to specific projects.

I’m open to expanding what’s represented here. Right now we have homebrew for consoles between what are considered the 3rd and 5th generations. With help, we might expand to other consoles of that time period: Virtual Boy, Neo Geo, Atari Jaguar, PS1, and even the Game Gear. More daunting might be expanding to other generations to include the Atari 2600 and ColecoVision of the 2nd generation, and the Dreamcast of the 6th.

NOTE ON VARIANTS: As stated in the OP, variants can be included where there is a substantive difference in gameplay, however limited editions, variants of the physical cart itself such as its color, availability from different publishers, or minor in-game differences will not be distinguished.

In the meantime in-betweentime, let’s see where this takes us 😎

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Moderator · Posted
4 minutes ago, neodolphino said:

Nice job bringing the thread over.  🙂

You can update UXO CIB to available for $35, and to PM me if anyone wants one. 😜

Done! I just got a copy myself actually and was pleasantly surprised it was one of the copies with a UXO inside the cart 😎

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14 minutes ago, DefaultGen said:

Is Convention Quest available at shows or through secret back channels? There were a bunch of copies at PRGE, did @Ferris Bueller have some?

It was a convention exclusive, so there is no real way to order it if you aren't getting it physically at LPGE next year. I did take a handful of copies to PRGE last month and sold some there. I may also bring some to MAGFest and MGC, albeit I don't know that I'll have a table at either, I'll just have some if you ask me.

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1 hour ago, Ferris Bueller said:

It was a convention exclusive, so there is no real way to order it if you aren't getting it physically at LPGE next year. I did take a handful of copies to PRGE last month and sold some there. I may also bring some to MAGFest and MGC, albeit I don't know that I'll have a table at either, I'll just have some if you ask me.

We're asking now. 😉

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Moderator · Posted
32 minutes ago, Deadeye said:

Has there an update about What Remains?

I was placed on the pre-order list at the end of May, but haven't heard anything since then.  

This is where I have to figure out where to draw the line if I do decide to include pre-orders. No updates, they are taking reservations but not money yet. I heard from them a few months ago that they were about to slowly begin physical assembly.

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