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Collections accomplishments in 2020

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I finished a CIB USA NES set minus Stadium Events and then took the last 6 months of the year off from collecting. It was the culmination of about ten years of work so it was a big accomplishment for me. I actually just deleted my NES CIB eBay alert yesterday and it was quite cathartic. Now onward to Sega items!

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Homebrew Team · Posted

I picked up a few items that I had on my one day list like:

  • Ultimate Frogger Champion - Lady Frog Edition
  • Star Keeper

Also got into TurboGrafx / PC Engine and picked up a bunch of titles, but the ones I was most excited about were:

  • Ys Book I&II
  • Soldier Blade
  • Gate of Thunder
  • Legendary Axe II
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Dis is my baby for 2020 collecting. I called all across the country until i found this. I know i can take out a mortgage on a copy on ebay for 2k but this deal was a LOT better. Still cib’ish. Minus the fact that someone had cut the original box and fit it inside a clam shell. My guess is that this might have been a rental at some point?



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Administrator · Posted

I hit two major milestones in 2020.

The first was finally obtaining all 42 PS2 US Trade Demos, something that has taken me well over a decade to accomplish.  Getting that last one was extremely rewarding.

The second, is sort of arbitrary, but I realized that during 2020, I surpassed over 1,000 PlayStation Demo Discs, between US and Asia regions.  Mostly PS1 and PS2, but also some PS3, PSP.  I started collecting demos a long time ago, and I never thought I'd hit over 1,000 at some point!  

I usually don't go for fullsets or quantity over quality, but with the demos I started going after all of them for a (somewhat) of a unique collection as most collect retail games.  It's been a fun little journey.

Congratulations to everyone else achieving goals and milestones, and good luck in 2021!

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I did my inventory and discovered that I added 120 unique games to my xbox set last year (not counting variants and PH) and many sealed xbox accessories. I am super happy to be around 300 titles away from the full us set. 

I think it's all thanks to vgs, before making a pickup thread I didn't have as much ambition to go as hard but it has definitely kept me focused.

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I didn’t have any specific goals as I entered 2020 but I obtained a Animal Crossing Switch towards the end of the year and I climbed from 6 GameCube games to over 50 through trade and the purchase of a friends collection after he decided to sell. That spurred me on to getting back in the hunt. I’m mostly going after Nintendo published games or those I really enjoyed from my original GameCube collection. Getting Mario Kart and Paper Mario were highlights as I really enjoy those two games. 

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Graphics Team · Posted

I finally started up my Atari 2600 collection, and I've been having a lot of fun with the games so far, notably Phoenix, Super Breakout, and Moon Patrol.

I also knocked-out a fair bit of my remaining "must-have" games list for the NES. It feels good not to worry about inflating prices on all the games I didn't snatch-up when I originally compiled that list two years ago.


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After months of making missteps, second guessing, and the like I managed to achieve the following goals:

1. Reboot my Dragon Quest collection.
2. Reboot my manga collection.
3. Reboot my physical goods collection.
4. Get an arcade card that was exclusive to a USJ event.
5. Have my collection be easy to manage in 2021.

With #4 this was rewarded to those who had managed to beat the final boss in Dragon Quest the Real. I did not accomplish this so I did the next best thing by buying it on eBay. 😛

Also, with my 2021 goals I hope to finish both #1 and the first part of #2 by the middle of this year.

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After spending 2019 just kind of randomly picking up games for the systems I had, not really having a focus, I decided to really focus on what I wanted in 2020 and see if I could land some "grails" (all CIB). I even called 2020 my "year of grails" as I had a plan of which games I was going to get (or which goals I was going to accomplish) per system. Here's how that worked out: 

  • GB - Kirby's Dream Land 2 - still don't have it, but I did land King James Bible which was my "holy grail" 
  • GBC - Shantae - gave up on getting it, then picked up the licensed repro from LRG, although I still don't have it in-hand. Also picked up Metal Gear Solid thanks to this forum which I had figured would never happen. 
  • GBA - Pocky and Rocky with Becky - never happened, probably never will happen. Shifted my focus later in the year to try to land some really obscure stuff and I did manage to land a DSI Software 2-cart release which I was very happy about. 
  • DS - Shepherd's Crossing 2 - acquired. This was my biggest purchase ever and I don't plan to spend this much again! Also landed a bunch of other games I didn't think I would manage to land like Magician's Quest Mysterious Times and Izuna 1 & 2. 
  • 3DS - Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition - acquired and with the pre-order bonus keychains too
  • NES - my goal was a complete set of Zapper games. Didn't happen, although I did get closer to it. Not a big focus right now though. 
  • N64 - Mario Party 2 - didn't manage it in 2020 but I have one on the way finally. Also I'm done with N64 collecting, won't be keeping it for long. 
  • GameCube - Go Go Hypergrind - acquired
  • Wii - The Last Story CE - acquired
  • Wii U - wasn't really swinging for the fences here, I think my goal was to get Rio Olympics and I did
  • Switch - Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - was kind of just thinking of this as a joke and then I actually did acquire it
  • PS1 - Klonoa - never happened, didn't manage to land any other big hitters for the system (like R-Type Delta), Finally just gave up on PS1 collecting. 
  • PS2 - Futurama - acquired, thanks to this forum
  • PS3 - Railfan: Taiwan High Speed Rail - acquired

Then I kind of branched out past games a bit, and managed to get a poor condition but complete Nintendo Power #1 and a Neo Geo Pocket Color (plus a flash cart, because I realized I really need to limit myself) which were both things I never thought I'd manage. 

I've also been working on completing series, and so far that's been going pretty well, I've completed a bunch of series and have some more that I'm still working on and close to completing. 

I had the realization halfway through 2020 as COVID-mania was seriously driving up prices that if I had decided to focus even just a year earlier on acquiring the higher end stuff I really wanted instead of just spending money randomly then I would have been much happier. I think I owe this forum a lot of credit for helping me to prioritize and think about my goals with collecting. Thanks everyone!

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