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  1. I have about 6-8 games left and I’m on the lookout for another 20 or so plus Xbox magazine bonus discs. I haven’t played the system in a couple years though.
  2. I hope we haven’t started yet. Work requirements have kept me away from the site. Edit: Just watched the fantastic video and realize it starts on the 1st (April Fools Day?) so all good. We’re all doomed!
  3. I got my New Year’s Day sale games today; Turok for the Switch and my mystery box SE PS4 game was Mercenary Kings. That one won’t get opened. If anyone got a Switch SE game they don’t want or need I’d gladly trade. Waiting on a couple of soundtracks now and I’ll likely order Scott Pilgrim.
  4. Is the Data East Classix Collection any good? It’s half off right now, $10, on the eShop.
  5. Added an Intec NGC LCD screen and charger (new), TG-16 TurboStick, DSi box, and N64 Multicart adapter - pics available upon request
  6. I didn’t have any specific goals as I entered 2020 but I obtained a Animal Crossing Switch towards the end of the year and I climbed from 6 GameCube games to over 50 through trade and the purchase of a friends collection after he decided to sell. That spurred me on to getting back in the hunt. I’m mostly going after Nintendo published games or those I really enjoyed from my original GameCube collection. Getting Mario Kart and Paper Mario were highlights as I really enjoy those two games.
  7. I have no specific goals at this point other then to get a copy of Chibi-Robo. I’m continuing to add to my GameCube collection, reacquiring a pared down collection I had sold off, when I find stuff I want at a good price or through trade. Otherwise it’s just getting games as I come across them for my new Switch console. Why did I wait so long on this system? It’s fantastic.
  8. @Scrobins I’m glad these arrived safely and that they helped to bring you some joy this holiday season. I read this to my daughter and she was very pleased and happy to know you enjoyed her artwork. She creates these characters along with ones that are more Wolf and Angler Fish mixes and is crafting a world and backstory behind them. The one you received is so far her first and only video game based one being it was for a gamer. Here is a Halloween one she did which is a rare full body piece.
  9. I missed out on almost everything I wanted. I don’t have any of these as I just got my Switch and I was really hoping for a couple of each of the blind boxes, regular and especially CE for the Switch, and failed miserably. I managed to grab Turok (Switch) which I wanted, after Turok 2 sold out in my cart, as well as a collectors edition blind box for the PS4. I’m hoping for a Jax game or Metal Slug 3. Disappointed but mostly my fault. My older teenage daughter was having a really hard night so I didn’t get much sleep and forgot to set an alarm.
  10. Absolutely love both Zombie and Linger. I never owned an album but the songs I do know I have always really enjoyed listening to. I’d give them an 8 just for Zombie.
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