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POLL: Who do you expect will win? (NOT who do you want to win)


Who do you expect will win?  

63 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you expect will win?

    • Donald John Trump
    • Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

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Hi guys. Sorry to get all political, but I just can鈥檛 keep it in 馃榿

So this poll is about who you expect will win the election. Not who you聽voted聽for or who you want to win. Even if you hate the outcome that you expect, I hope you all will be honest about who you expect will win.

Feel free to discuss, but please don鈥檛 get into stupid arguments, name-calling etc.. just wanted to collect some polling data,聽that鈥檚 all

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I considered posting this exact same poll.聽 The thing is though, I don't see this being called tonight even if one of the two wins with a massive land slide.聽 Because of COVID and mail in ballots, they will want to wait at least three more days to count all of the ballots postmarked today (or yesterday, or whatever the deadline is.)

And IMHO, the waiting makes sense.聽 By my observation, conservatives are much more willing to stand in line and not care about COVID.聽 Left-leaning people are the ones more inclined to stay away from crowds.聽 I'm not saying they are all that way, but unless Trump or Biden pulls off 60% of the votes (which I don't see happening) then there's no way it can be called tonight.聽 It just can't happen.聽

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2 minutes ago, ZeldaFan042 said:

I could never imagine squirting my butthole with water, so I'll stick with my dissolvable sand paper

Ah yes, the alternative to fresh clean water - shove your hand up your ass with a bit of easily torn paper and just sorta smudge the shit around.

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40 minutes ago, Reed Rothchild said:

I meant in general.聽 Nasty material on your body somewhere?聽 Wash it!

And as a father of three little boys, I do.聽聽Constantly.

I was worried for a second there that the underlined "Constantly" was a link to a photo.

Disclaimer: this is not a call to action to post a photo.

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