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Where’s My musicians at?


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4 hours ago, theirontoupee said:

Been playing the drums since I was young. Since having two kids and currently being stuck in a small apartment I sold my 9XS bike and MBR/SR to get a Roland 17kvx. Sad to see the Exertainment stuff go, but the drums will get a lot more use!

How do you like the 17?


Mine is a td50k with dw5000 hardware. 

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I used to have a 5 piece Tama Starclassic EFX in liquid metal with Z custom 8", 16", and 18" cymbals and A custom 16" and 17" cymbals.  Still had the ZBT 12" hi hats and 20" ride.  Had them all a pearl rack set up.  Sold them all before I went to AZ a few years back.  Only thing I have left is my double pedal Pearl Demon Drives.

I plan on getting a house soon and hope to get back into drumming again.  Lastly, I have a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 6 string neck through in black cherry.  It's not mine per se, but my friend said I can permanent borrow it since he has the guitars that he wants and doesn't need it.

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Beautiful set. I used to play drums every day.  I had a Gretch Catalina Maple with paiste Alpha cymbals. I kept them wound up pretty tight and they sounded so warm and mean at the same time. Perfect for playing 90s alternative and metal. It's been about ten years and probably the thing I miss the most since starting a family. There's an Alesis pro set that's been in the window of a local pawn shop I drive by for only 500. I almost have space for it.  

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I played in a band all throughout college and for a few years after the fact. Haven’t set up my kit in some time now, but I still have it. It’s a Pearl Masters, birch custom. I think the shells are 10, 12, and 14 inch toms, a 22 inch kick, and I have a Chad Smith signature snare. For cymbals I had 14 inch Zildjian Mastersound hihats, a 16 inch Zildjian K Dark Crash, an 18 inch A medium crash, and a 20 inch Zildian A light ride.

I’m not a big “Signature” guy, as I find it to be kind of lame. But that Chad Smith snare is meeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaan though. It’s black nickle-plated steel, and cuts like a knife. I had it tuned super high, and it hurt your teeth when you hit it.  It was loud. 

I definitely miss playing, but I’m so strapped for time at the moment and the kit can be loud (obviously). I plan on setting it up once my youngest is a bit older.  

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My guitars and amps. 

‘83 Gibson Explorer with Dirty Fingers


‘96 Charvel Lightning Sky


‘89 White Custom MX 220 and 2006 MX 250


Current Amp setup

Amps - Mark IIC++, Mark III blue stripe combo, Marshall JVM 410 modded with a 10 henry choke and channel two is wired to match a JCM 2203 800

Cab - Marshall Silver Jubilee 4x12 with  G12 -65 speakers, Mesa 2x12 with EVM 12L speakers

Guitars - Custom 2016 ESP MX 250 mahogany body, maple neck, vintage white

’85 Gibson Explorer alder body and neck with vintage 1986 EMG 81 pickups.


Older amp setup 

Amps - Mark IIC++, Mark III black dot, Mark IV

Cab - Mesa 4x12 V30 speakers, 

Guitars - 1995 ESP MX 250 with 220 headstock

’89 Les Paul Custom, ‘96 Jackson KV1


Long since sold but, my old Jackson Custom Shop Death Warrior



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Editorials Team · Posted

I played brass in high school, but I didn't like only being able to play 1 note at a time. That drew me to instruments that are more suited for solo play, like guitar, banjo, piano, accordion, bagpipes, uke, and a uke-like thing called a cavaquinho. Nothing beats playing in a band though. Throwing cover bands together in college was some of the most fun I've ever had.

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Played the trumpet in school band from 5th-12th. Got interested in stringed instruments my junior year in HS.

I don't have the money to have 10 $2000+ guitars laying around so I look for versatility, paying up when I have to, so I only have to have one of each instrument. There were multiple trades/purchases to get to the point where I was satisfied.

Electric: Collings 290 - beautiful when played clean yet plays very hot w/distortion. Only other guitar I've played that I liked better was a Strat-bodied Suhr but it was uglier than sin.

Accoustic: Bourgeous OM Cutaway - literally the only item I own that I am convinced I will never sell.

Bass: SX 5-string - very inexpensive, needed set up out of the box, but plays as well as my friends $1500 P Bass Deluxe.

Mandolin: Eastman F-Style w/XLR jack - The XLR jack is great. It's no Collings, but it beats any other assembly line piece I've played.

I dont keep all my stuff at the house so the pics attached are stock photos of the exact items I own.





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On 11/25/2019 at 4:47 PM, Yelir said:

@jerbilly Great to see you back!

Here is my main girl, I think between stringed instruments I have nearly 20 to pick from depending how I feel. I don't have much space so I usually jam with modelling and workbench type amps!

Gibson '71 SG Standard / Yamaha THR

  Reveal hidden contents




Nice geet! Is that all original!?

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Roland RS-50. Yamaha Piaggero. Epiphone Les Paul with custom fish bone paint. I bought it on clearance for $200, and painted it myself. Digitech RP500. Hidden is a Fender 65 watt Princeton Amp.

I also own a Strat (black with a mirror pick guard and chrome metal knobs) and an Ibanez Bass (red, 4 string).




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6 hours ago, jerbilly said:

Nice geet! Is that all original!?

The body/neck/pickups are all good, but under blacklight I've noticed there are two hole indents right under the bridge. I think it either came stock with a tailpiece or one of the past owners did the mod, I'm not sure about that part. Otherwise it's all there. 🙂


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