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  1. I've been changing it up between Mgła and Agalloch. Currently listening to Agalloch - The Mantle:
  2. I hope all you guys are doing well and staying safe. I know I haven't been on here much, but I've been working at hospitals and other health care areas servicing power injectors. I am on a call discussing the COVID-19 with medical experts and what we need to do to be safe. While most people are working from home, that's not feasible for me in field service as our top priority are our customers and keeping them up and running.
  3. Do you think the Bills have a shot this year? They are coming back with a vengeance since they last played each other. KC is still looking good as well. At least both of those games will be played at Foxboro which will give the Pats an edge.
  4. Cân Bardd - The Last Rain Just got this bad boy on vinyl.
  5. I've built my PC a while back and just upgraded whenever I could. Currently have: -Asus X-99 DELUXE motherboard -i7-5930k processor -64GB (8x8)Corsair RAM -2x 2080 RTX Founder Edition graphic cards in SLI (nvlink is what they call it) -512GB M.2 SSD -256 SSD -2TB Black Western Digital HDD -4TB Black Western Digital HDD -2x ASUS VG248 monitors All connected on an UPS. Sucks that I don't game much on it, but I have the means to do so.
  6. I'm surprised no one mentioned the first Mario Party. Blisters galore on the palm of your hands.
  7. Just got back from Slayer. Phil Anselmo and the Illegals played a Pantera set of 8 songs with no songs from Cowboy From Hell...kind of disappointed but it was good to hear "Pantera" live. Ministry was something else. Definitely need to check out more of their stuff. Primus killed it. And of course, Slayer. 20 songs of craziness. Definitely had a great time.
  8. Last band I saw was Ghost. Going to see Slayer this Friday in Springfield, MA. On that same note, I have an extra GA ticket if someone wants to go (will be less than the going price). My favorite shows: 1. Fear Factory w/ Mastadon in 2004 2. Metallica 2003 Summer Sanitarium Tour (w/ Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Deftones, Mudvayne) 3. Megadeth w/ Exodus in 2004. 4. Soilwork w/ Mnemic and Threat Signal in 2006. 5. Megadeth Gigantour 2005 (w/ Dream Theater, Fear Factory, Dillinger Escape Plan, Nevermore) 6. Fear Factory Demanufacture 20 Year Anniversary Tour 2016 (with Soilwork) I know I'm missing a few, but these stand out for me.
  9. Anyone doing no shave November this year? After shaving my whole head for about 3 years, I'm just going to grow out my beard and see how far I get...
  10. Summoning - Lugburz Been working on Summoning's back catalog, and found this gem. Great black atmospheric sound to them.
  11. Just wanted to say hi and glad to see you're still alive! I still have that Castlevania stitch you made a while back, though it's in a box somewhere since I've moved a few times since. Hope you stick around!
  12. Field service engineer servicing power injectors at medical facilities.
  13. I used to have a 5 piece Tama Starclassic EFX in liquid metal with Z custom 8", 16", and 18" cymbals and A custom 16" and 17" cymbals. Still had the ZBT 12" hi hats and 20" ride. Had them all a pearl rack set up. Sold them all before I went to AZ a few years back. Only thing I have left is my double pedal Pearl Demon Drives. I plan on getting a house soon and hope to get back into drumming again. Lastly, I have a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 6 string neck through in black cherry. It's not mine per se, but my friend said I can permanent borrow it since he has the guitars that he wants and doesn't need it.
  14. They did do a ALTTP and Super Metroid crossover randomizer if you ever feel like getting lost for hours on end.
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