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  1. Don't tell us how to buy stocks games!
  2. I can keep an eye out for junk PCE systems in used shops but I don't typically have much luck finding the PCE stuff, even broken. Maybe Vectrex can find one on his end though?
  3. Will do. First I need to probably drill out the last two screws. I can't figure out any other way to get them out.
  4. Okay so I was walking down the road the other day and glanced down into the drainage ditch and saw a kind of familiar shape. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, but had to go back and fish it out just in case.... So, like an idiot I climbed into the ditch and lo' and behold, it really was a PC Engine core grafx console and (probably) power adapter! However, the adapter was mostly buried under mud and the cord snapped off when I tried to pull it out, so I left it. Here is the video of my encounter. I get home and as soon as I pull it out of the bag, I know this thing i
  5. I had two of them ylod on me early in the consoles lifetime. However I had some good times and put a lot of hours into it.
  6. I like playing Among Us, but lately I've been trying to vote through new stuff that we haven't played yet.
  7. Goldeneye source, super bomberman, or quake.
  8. You are a good enough liar that people are super inclined to suspect you. Maybe too good.
  9. If people really don't care then I have no true preference between discord or gather, and you'll see me Sunday.
  10. Ok so here's my problem with gather, and why it will probably reduce the amount of game nights I participate in: Just the lack of any kind of PTT feature. I have a baby and I live in a Japanese apartment. Which means if you guys like hearing babies whining and crying, invite Rooster to game night. Otherwise I'll probably just have to wait until you guys are hosting a night with the discord instead, so I don't subject you all to constant noise and crying other than the crying I do when some degenerate shoots me with a red turtle shell.
  11. I can't recall because I only spent a little time in gather, but does it have a push to talk function available?
  12. I wasn't a huge fan of using gather. I felt like it was more convenient to just voice chat over discord.
  13. I found one, no longer looking thanks everyone.
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