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  1. Aside from my childhood stuff, my mint CIB copy of James Buster Douglas for the SMS. I needed ernest money for our upcoming house purchase at the time so it was a needed sale, but I still miss it.
  2. Honestly it's a tie between Yoshi's Island and Halo 2. Different nostalgic memories/periods in life and I played the heck out of those two.
  3. Been discovering all the 80s songs that have been ripped off by other artists in the 90s and later edm DJs in the 00s. I know sampling has been going on forever, but my naive child-self feels like it has been lied to all these years...lol
  4. I like it! It's the best in it's price range and the sounds are pretty darn good. The td50k is pretty sweet, just too pricey for me
  5. My wife and I wanted a king, but she had some physical issues from the birth of our second kid. We ended up getting two XL twin mattreses with adjustable bases so we can each have our own incline, but still have a king size bed. Spent about a grand on everything during Mattress Firm's labor day sale
  6. Gotta get the flesh crust off some how!
  7. Been playing the drums since I was young. Since having two kids and currently being stuck in a small apartment I sold my 9XS bike and MBR/SR to get a Roland 17kvx. Sad to see the Exertainment stuff go, but the drums will get a lot more use!
  8. Joined NA in Phoenix, moved to MN, then to WI, now in the Houston, TX area where I have joined here!
  9. Gyarados. Since it evolves from Magikarp, it's the ultimate "be careful who you make fun of in high school..." Lol
  10. Hi! Trying to keep up with the NA drama. Haven't really been super active over there, but hope to stay somewhat connected to y'all! Hopefully there will be a good way to save past threads as I certainly posted a lot about Exertainment stuff! I also hope the Secret Santa will happen again...I look forward to that every year!
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