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VGS Weekly Contest - KUNG FU!!!


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Events Team · Posted


What new stories this new year will unfold? Which rivalries will be formed? 2020 is looking promising!

For the first game of the year, our excellent players will be tackling a CLASSIC! They will have to master KUNG FU in order to come up on top
The rules that will define the kung fuest fighter are:

  • Play on 1 PLAYER GAME B
  • Play ONE loop
  • Anyone suspected of playing more than one loop or play any bit of the first stage of the 2nd loop will be ELIMINATED from the tournament
  • Highest score wins
  • Participation: Make to stage 2 on loop 1

I would wish you all good luck, but there is no luck in Kung Fu, only skilled KICKS!

The contest ends Sunday, 03/08/20 at 11 PM VGS time.  Your user name MUST be written or typed on a piece of paper and be in the picture for your score to be valid.  The entire TV screen, or computer monitor if you are playing on an emulator, MUST be in the picture for the score to be valid.  No partial screenshots will be considered or accepted.  No screenshots by hitting "print screen" on a computer will be allowed.  You must take a picture of your computer monitor.  There may be instances where this will be acceptable, but it will be at the discretion of myself and the contest organizers.  Also, the use of turbo controllers is forbidden, as well as any cheat codes, Game Genies, slow motion functions, or save states if playing on an emulator.  Also, we will only be using NTSC systems for the contests.  The use of PAL systems will NOT be allowed.  Good luck everyone and have fun

" have been called bad before. Many say, I do things things that are not, correct to do. I do not believe in such talk as this. I am nice man, with happy feelings, all of the time!" - Master Pain (Betty)

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Events Team · Posted


1st Bearcat-Doug 523,680
2nd bertsampson 522,480
3rd TWarwick07 520,940
4th Gaia Gensouki 467,210
5th mbd39 418,830
6th skinnygrinny 412,780
7th 8bitdontquit 412,110
8th 0xDEAFC0DE 377,790
9th ninjistar 322,810
10th arnpoly 312,980
11th Richardhead 293,480
12th SuperJimtendo 261,630
13th MeganJoanne 202,210
14th Murray 126,990
15th JamesRobot 117,960
16th Ausden 47,050
17th Reed Rothchild 33,210
18th Krunch 20,270
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