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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
BLINXERIZER BLINXERIZER 02/14/2022 Good sale! Bought some games from their for sale list! Happy with transaction, would do business again! Jeevan Jeevan
Richard Kimmel Richard Kimmel 02/13/2022 Friendly & easy to deal with. Great VGS member. Thanks for purchasing Clutchcards Clutchcards
Goodvibes Goodvibes 02/12/2022 Great Buyer! Idblbruno Idblbruno
Goodvibes Goodvibes 02/12/2022 Thanks for the trade; it's nice to finally have a Secion Z map :) Dr. Morbis Dr. Morbis
Idblbruno Idblbruno 02/11/2022 Great member to work with, easy transaction and communications, fast shipping and great packaging, thanks again Goodvibes Goodvibes
alpenanews0506 alpenanews0506 02/11/2022 Great member to work with and communications. Helped add a bunch of inserts to the collection. Goodvibes Goodvibes
Maertens29 Maertens29 02/11/2022 Awesome member to deal with, great communications and happy to get some help with inserts I needed. Thanks again! Goodvibes Goodvibes
Dr. Morbis Dr. Morbis 02/11/2022 Great member and trade we finally got done. Always a pleasure and thanks again. Goodvibes Goodvibes
Renmauzo Renmauzo 02/11/2022 Great guy to deal with, super easy communications and transaction. Wish they all went this smooth, thanks again. Goodvibes Goodvibes
Goodvibes Goodvibes 02/11/2022 Wonderful to work with and great communication, a smooth transaction with a solid member. Thank you! Renmauzo Renmauzo
3rdStrongestMole 3rdStrongestMole 02/11/2022 Awesome VGSer and great to work with. DoctorEncore DoctorEncore
DoctorEncore DoctorEncore 02/11/2022 Great transaction! Everything packed to perfection and as described 3rdStrongestMole 3rdStrongestMole
Kain Highwind Kain Highwind 02/08/2022 Great VGS member! Easy to deal with. Great buyer. Thanks! Clutchcards Clutchcards
Richard Kimmel Richard Kimmel 02/07/2022 Great Trade, thanks so much! I definitely look forward to trading again in the future! Naked Warrior Naked Warrior
Clutchcards Clutchcards 02/07/2022 Great communication, shipping and product! Kain Highwind Kain Highwind
Idblbruno Idblbruno 02/07/2022 Fast Shipping, Great to work with, Thank You Bonanza125 Bonanza125
Mr. CIB Mr. CIB 02/07/2022 Quick and flawless transaction. Thanks much! nrslam nrslam
TDIRunner TDIRunner 02/07/2022 Excellent buyer. Easy to work with. Thanks for the purchase. Hammerfestus Hammerfestus
Hammerfestus Hammerfestus 02/07/2022 Purchased multiple PS1 games. Games were packed well and shipped quickly. Seller is easy to work with. Hope to do business again. Thank you. TDIRunner TDIRunner
nrslam nrslam 02/06/2022 Easy to work with! I appreciate it Mr. CIB Mr. CIB
alousyknave alousyknave 02/05/2022 Great buyer yet again. Thanks again! Prime2099 Prime2099
Prime2099 Prime2099 02/05/2022 Second transaction, just as good as the first. alousyknave alousyknave
MadTitan MadTitan 02/04/2022 A+ buyer! Thanks mail_bag mail_bag
JamesRobot JamesRobot 02/03/2022 Smooth transaction, fast payment! 3rdStrongestMole 3rdStrongestMole
3rdStrongestMole 3rdStrongestMole 02/03/2022 Easy peasy lemon squeezy. LoZ NES CIBs. JamesRobot JamesRobot
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