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  1. ^ as much as that’s not the most difficult thing to figure out, spelling it out will definitely make it easier and I’ll probably do it in the near future. Thank you!
  2. lol definitely gotta fix it. I’ll hide it for a while before I actually do or it’ll drive me nuts
  3. figured I’d give a quick update. went with the universal game cases, mostly because they were the cheapest. I printed out the box art on normal printer paper with my work printer, so nothing special (and why it doesn’t fit perfectly). overall, not a bad case. Feels like the games will be protected. downside- the snes game rattles around, definitely not “snap in,” but that’s ok. the edges feel sharp in some places, but I could probably sand them a little. overall, not bad. Definitely feels blockbuster-y. might have to check the others in time, but it’ll be slow going. Still have shelving to design and put together..
  4. that's good to know- I have a small room in the back of my house that I'd like to build some shelves for and display my snes games better than just stacking games. I'm not much for original boxes only because the few I have look terrible and of course $. I think the old-school blockbuster style would go well with a few dozen vhs tapes I can line the walls with too. thanks for the info! I was thinking of getting 1 or 2 of each and seeing how I like them in person, but it's hard to justify spending $10 for a case with shipping 3x over. they have great deals when you buy 25 at a time, which is what I'd likely do, but to spend $5shipping plus $4/case...gonna have to have a few beers and pull the trigger I guess.
  5. these look pretty good- and prices aren’t bad. I saw these as well, not sure if anyone has any experience with them. https://www.playerschoicevideogames.com/pd-universal-video-game-cases.cfm?gclid=CjwKCAiAj-_xBRBjEiwAmRbqYsmolb5V_XxAdOe5p3Mv1HhzNkppuUUzbSMdMUX3Kthnmm6ibf7gOhoCqrkQAvD_BwE they stoneagegamer ones look a bit cleaner and are more expensive, but the universal game cases are more “blockbuster” like I think.
  6. I think so. I’m looking for it to at least hold snes games specifically
  7. hey guys, I’m looking for some blockbuster-style cases for SNES carts. Ideally I would be able to print out some custom labels and throw them on the front or in a slip. any recommendations? looking for something to protect the games, but show them off in a retro/blockbuster style display
  8. that might be a bit too big lol
  9. This is great. I’ll have to keep an eye out- thanks for the info!
  10. Rifle would prolly be better
  11. lookin for the a suitable wii gun attachment. I have the controllers themselves, just tryna get my arcade setup on and have a few beers while hunting some wii bears and other dangerous hunts.
  12. what I’m lookin for! a little description. any personal favorites are welcome too
  13. I’m not too familiar with youtubers and retro gaming, lookin for some midden gems. favorites? classics? spill em!
  14. it has that. I just bought some replacement panels cuz the one covering the controller slot doesn’t attach correctly/looks like the clips are sheared off lol
  15. not sure. It was a gift so I didn’t specify. I do have a GameCube lying around somewhere, but without cords or controllers. I’ll look into it
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