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  1. I've got one of these: https://wiki.raregamingdump.ca/index.php/Mii_Support_Disc In comparable shape to that shown. Mine's also the RHAE version, not RSPE. Has "MW-13A" written in marker. I had planned to save this for a rainy day but have someone interested. What's the market for something like this?
  2. Oh snap, it's my listing! My understanding is that these consoles were NOT shrinkwrapped by Atari. The shrinkwrapped consoles that you see on Ebay were done aftermarket by Ebay seller MyAtari who I believe bought out Atari's inventory when they went bankrupt in the 90s. I don't assign any nefariousness to MyAtari here; this is probably a nice way to protect the surface from scuffing. Indeed, I believe it was one of their listings where I read that they were the ones responsible for the shrinkwrapping. In my case, I've had and sold several cases of new Jaguar consoles over the past decade or so. My supplier had a large Jaguar inventory from his involvement in the wholesale gaming business in the 90s/00s. I asked him once about the "sealed" consoles and he said he'd never in his life seen them sealed - and he had bought/sold tons of these over a long period of time. Yes, these boxes were sealed with glue on one end and a single hologram sticker on the other. MyAtari did sell some units with a holo seal on the long side but I've never had any of these myself. Here's that listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/133813833544 That $2k sale seems well above market prices to me. I've been selling new/open box units for $700-800ish and sold my last non-open box units last year for around the same price. I could have some of these details wrong - I'm not an expert! - but I'm as confident in my assessment as a person can be without having direct experience with Atari/MyAtari. In any case, the console you own does indeed sound factory sealed.
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