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  1. @fcgamer Ha! It’s going nowhere, took me long enough to get it off the island!!
  2. Hi @BreaKBeatZ I have a CIB Rolling Thunder 2 if you are interested PM me. Some pics here: https://imgur.com/a/lYDc0kB Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, as some of you know I am an avid collector of the obscure and have a passion for documenting Asian region Sega games, by Asian I mean those released in Singapore, Taiwan , Hong Kong, The Philippines etc, not those released in Japan and Korea. Thanks to @OptOut I recently picked up an Asian Mega-CD game, The Space Adventure and after some research it was evident there is very little info on this rather niche library of games. I have decided to try and research and record the games released in the region. To do that I need some support, if you have Asian region Mega-CD, please
  4. Would like to get these away so feel free to make an offer! Thanks
  5. Hi @fcgamer, nice find! I have seen a few EA games with the same sticker, both US and PAL releases, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme and reason for it, clearly the QA process wasn't (which is what I assume "Inspected" means) great as the artwork @Hybridposted is a massive error. For a while I thought the yellow circle thing was added to those that were not up to the right quality and then found some that were so its a bit of a mystery. I certainly think its linked to some sort of QA process. I think yours is a genuine US release but I don't have a copy to compere the manual so the
  6. Thanks, much appreciated. I couldn't see that completed auction. Spot on prices have gone a bit crazy, just like everything else
  7. Hi folks. Looking for a price estimate on a sealed copy of PLOK for the US SNES. A couple of scuffs and scratches to the seal. Thanks
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