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  1. 139,330 First time playing this game. I also like it more than Kung Fu.
  2. WTF there is a go faster button, you have got to be kidding me. One thing I love about this contest is realizing I’ve been doing a thing completely wrong for 35 years. Good stuff. Ok, I guess I will try this again after all.
  3. 42,280 48,870 50,650 Slightly better after discovering the speed button.
  4. We’ve got a local place that does them pretty well. I get mine with bulgogi, extra kimchi, a fried egg, and... damn. Now I kind of want one Thanks. I spent most of my time living in the Sunset but usually worked around the Mission and Potrero Hill. But I would go all over the city for a burrito. Now that I’m thinking of it, the best burrito I’ve ever had in my life was at Taqueria Cancun on Mission St. Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what kind of burrito it was as I was also very drunk. It was definitely the best though, whatever the hell it was.
  5. Ah, I see. I read your comment as kicking off one of those burrito gatekeeping conversations, e.g. "a burrito with french fries is not really a burrito." I don't like the gatekeeping part but I do think there's an interesting discussion there about regional food variants, like with pizza. Incidentally my favorite go-to burrito was at a SF taqueria called Gordos, and the best thing about it was that they melted a layer of cheese across the entire tortilla before adding any other ingredients. Once wrapped up the cheese worked as glue to hold the whole thing together and you were sure to get
  6. I moved from burrito mecca San Francisco, where I was a proud burrito connoisseur / snob, to the US Midwest a few years ago. Outside of a few sparse urban taquerias I've never seen someone around here even wrap one correctly, and in my head I've come to think of Midwestern burritos as "a loose tortilla-sack full of whatever Mexican-flavored food you want to stuff in there." So when defining "burrito" I think one should consider the broad array of regional distinctions that exist. Also, Korean burritos are legit.
  7. Good, because the thought of trying to go back and 1 cc a few of those actually makes me nauseous. There are some true classics on that 40th Anniversary Collection, but man are there a lot of stinkers.
  8. If it’s the former you can strike all of my SNK wins, and then buy me a stiff drink I can cry into
  9. Just wanted to brag about this since I finally got a big one
  10. I don't know how tiebreakers work for these contests but it really should be biggest marlin, not just because they're tough to reel in but because they're so hard to find in the first place. For the record, mine is 730lbs 994lbs
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