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This is a place for those who enjoy pinball to chat about anything pinball.
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  2. Great video on some games like Tommy Dollars, Split Flipper, or Stall Ball. Most of these rules are scattered on forums or just known in communities AFAIK. Cool to have a well laid out video like this.
  3. Agree with arch_8ngel above me. I voted for early solid state. Extremely iconic and nostalgic for me. Elvira and the Party Monsters, Taxi, Cyclone...PIN BOT! Man, love those mid-to-late 80s games. Never saw them in an arcade, but would play them at bars when I would tag along with mom or dad...back when kids could go into bars and nothing was thought of it! Smell of cheap, American, yellow beer...grease from the bar kitchen burners...crusty old men muttering as they walk by you and the pin...man! Loved it! I have Party Animal from 1987 in basement arcade. Hoping to add one or two more pins from the 80s down the line.
  4. To me, early solid state are the most iconic, and something about modern machines just feels cheap. But I own a beat up 60's era EM machine (the original 8 ball) because my granddad left it to me. Will make a good project with my kids when they get older.
  5. Early and mid 90s DMD era pinball tables (Bally Williams specifically) were just something uniqe and magical, where the stars were aligned perfectly for creating some of the biggest classics. The DMD display along with better sound hardware allowed the tables to better purvey the status and targets going on to the player, allowing for more complex rules with more long term goals, yet the designers knew to not rely overly on it (IMO a lot of modern Stern tables rely way too much on the display, which the player rarely has time to look at). The industry in general was going strong, and ensured both lucrative licenses, lots of creativity, and some of the highest quality hardware, and some of the best pinball designers were all working for Williams - Pat Lawlor, Steve Ritchie, Dennis Nordman, etc. Nearly all of my favourite tables are from this period, though there are some really strong contenders from the 80s also, as well as a few of the more "recent" Stern ones.
  6. I absolutely love the late 90s Bally Williams games and the early 2000s Stern stuff. Recently I really enjoyed Jurassic Park from Stern. The game just... works. Everything seemed to fall in place.
  7. I've always enjoyed pinball, but the machine for me as a kid was the ST:TNG one, so I'm going with that era.
  8. Early 80s (and late 70s) Ballys for me. Pretty much anything is great, but new games are often too long/too easy/too multiball focused. I also don't like winning games via rules knowledge compared to flipper skills. You can tell someone how to play Meteor in like 2 sentences and have a competitive game. With Game of Thrones you can't even explain what house someone might want to choose in that time.
  9. While the old games are fun, I tend to enjoy the newer games with deeper rule sets. Don't care about displays as I am usually too busy trying to keep the ball in play to look.
  10. This is a thread for asking for solid state to modern-related tech and repair questions.
  11. This is a place where X-Files owners can discuss, share, gloat, vent, inquire all things X-Files.
  12. This is a place where SMB MK owners can discuss, share, gloat, vent, inquire all things SMB MK.
  13. This is a place where SMB owners can discuss, share, gloat, vent, inquire all things SMB.
  14. This is a place where Ball HD owners can discuss, share, gloat, vent, inquire all things HD.
  15. This is a place where DE TMNT owners can discuss, share, gloat, vent, inquire all things TMNT.
  16. CURRENT LEADERBOARD: Bally: Attack from Mars: Harley Davidson: Scared Stiff: The Addams Family: The Simpsons: Theater of Magic: Twilight Zone: Data East: Back to the Future: Batman: Checkpoint: Guns N Roses: Hook: Jurassic Park: King Kong: Laser War: Last Action Hero: Lethal Weapon 3: Maverick: Monday Night Football: Nightmare on Elm Street: Phantom of the Opera: Robocop: Secret Service: Star Wars: Tales from the Crypt: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends: The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard: Time Machine: WWF Royal Rumble: Sega: Apollo 13: Twister: X-Files: Stern: Batman- Classic TV Series: Black Knight: Sword of Rage: Deadpool: Elvira- House of Horrors: Guardians of the Galaxy: Iron Maiden- Legacy of the Beast: Jurassic Park: Metallica: Star Trek: Star Wars: Stranger Things: The Beatles: The Munsters: Williams: Bad Cats: Banzai Run: Barracora: Big Guns: Black Knight: Black Knight 2000: Bram Stoker's Dracula: Comet: Congo: Cyclone: Demolition Man: Diner: Dirty Harry: Disco Fever: Earthshaker!: F-14 Tomcat: Firepower: Fish Tales: Flash: The Flintstones: FunHouse: The Getaway- High Speed II: Gorgar: High Speed: Hurricane: Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure: Jack-Bot: Jive Time: Johnny Mnemonic: Jungle Lord: Junk Yard: Laser Cue: The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot: Medieval Madness: Monster Bash: No Fear: Dangerous Sports: No Good Gofers: Pin-Bot: Police Force: Red & Ted's Road Show: Riverboat Gambler: Road Kings: Sorcerer: Space Shuttle: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Star Wars Episode I: Tales of the Arabian Nights: Taxi: Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Whirlwind: White Water:
  17. Post your high scores here. In order for your high score to qualify, the following requirements must be met: Picture of the high score (with VGS username included in picture) must be posted in this thread. The following information (in the same format to make moderating easier) must be included with the picture. Pinball initials, Game Manufacturer, Game Title, Score
  18. Which era of pinball machines do you gravitate towards? Please make a selection so we can see which era is king!!
  19. Wanted to start this Collector's Corner section with a owner's club type thread so people can come together to share, gloat, inquire all things Williams Sorcerer. I purchased my Sorcerer from a guy in Chicago a few years back in very rough shape and no signs of life. Cool thing is it is a very early release with the polished stainless steel lock bar, coin door assembly, and the pink and purple wizard wardrobe. Oh, and let's not forget the prototype game (and I believe sound) roms (pictures to come). I purchased Comet LEDs and Titan rubbers this Black Friday, so over this Christmas break, I spent my time installing these to my pinball machines. It is amazing how LEDs and competition rubbers really refreshed this game (pictures to come)!!

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