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  1. I'm playing some tabletop simulator with friends, it's nice to hang out with people
  2. Wait I didn't know Left Hand had this beer, now I gotta hunt down both of these
  3. Oh man, Great Lakes is such a good brewing company. I love the Edmond Fitzgerald porter and the Elliot Ness Lager.
  4. I'm still playing Kingdom Hearts and on occasion LOTR Two Towers on Gamecube. Keep dying in the same place on LOTR sigh
  5. I'd be interested in knowing where you picked it up. I love milk stouts and cool cans.
  6. Huh. I didn't know this. Nifty. Well either way, be safe man. We don't need to be losing any of our already small and niche community.
  7. Well, you mentioned that you finished the second half after you got home (I'm assuming). So presumably the first half was either before you started driving, or while you were driving. That's basically admitting to driving and driving.
  8. I'm not sure admitting to what you just admitted to is the smartest of ideas on the internet man.
  9. That sounds like a wonderful thing to play for a few
  10. I've actually never played the first golden sun, but the sequel is so so so good
  11. Agreed, I don't even understand why it's not. Over all it feels like a better game than the first one was. Except for the main character being a mr "I don't have time for anyone else" tough guy.
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