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  1. Can't help but mention Baby T-Rex, which was reskinned and renamed to Agro Soar for the Australian market, We're back! A Dinosaur Story for the US market and Bamse for the Scandinavian market.
  2. We'll cross our fingers that one will be set up at one of next years conventions - would love to give it a try
  3. This does seem to be old news, after I've Googled the subject a bit more. Was surprised it hadn't been discussed on here before. @SumezDo you know of any venue in our part of the world that has an exA setup?
  4. Seems that Gimmick! will get a release for the exA-Arcadia arcade system. https://exa.ac/product/gimmick-exact-mix/?v=0f177369a3b7 Price for the system is SGD$ 3,549 (~USD2,600) Price the the game is SGD$1,699 (~USD1,245) Game + system bought as bundle: SGD$4.529 (~USD3,320) Wasn't familiar with the system, but it's interesting indeed. Wouldn't expect someone going all in on a new arcade system in 2020 - Going to be interesting to see, how far they can take it. Their list of partners already at this point is fairly impressive: https://exa.ac/en/partners/?v=0f177369a3b7 Thoughts?
  5. View Listing Mr. Gimmick NES SCN CIB Hi, For offer is this Mr. Gimmick SCN CIB; this is a genuine copy. Reason for selling is that I'm shifting my focus towards Game & Watch games, so if you have any (boxed) Game & Watch games, I would welcome these as trade or part payment; I would also be interested in buying G&W's directly. All offers considered. It's currently also on eBay for $2.300 OBO, but would consider a lower offer. Hit me up, if there are any questions. Will be shipped from Denmark. Lister tordur Date 07/09/2020 Price Category For Sale/Trade
  6. I'm not sure I get it? What exactly is fog gaming? As far as I can see, we're just talking a kind of remote desktop solution for arcade games? That can't be it - Does that even make sense? So you'll be at home playing with your controller, but instead of playing a port for whichever console you have at home, you'll be playing the arcade game remotely? But... why? I have no idea, what's available in terms of arcade games in Japan, but are there masterpieces which aren't possible to port to home consoles, that people are craving for playing at home on a normal TV or monitor with a normal controller?
  7. If you're talking about a list over which games are available as Swedish Yapon, the best updated list is available on sndb.se - Their list counts 180 Swedish Yapon games, plus 7 more for Finland / Denmark. I've tried doing the Spoiler thing here below to not use too much space.
  8. Hi @Bubbapauls Thanks for the list. I'm curious about the quote: Do you remember where you have this information from, I would love to read your source on this, and curious to why Nintendo should've needed to purchase the rights to their own games? Thanks,
  9. Pretty cool to see Týr and music from the Faroe Islands represented Here's some other stuff from the Faroe Islands as well SIC - Killing Birth Asyllex - Sodom
  10. Hi, Does anyone know of any member here from Argentina? There are a few items I need bought from Mercade Libre once in a while, but I don't know anyone from the country; I would of course compensate a bit for the help. Thanks
  11. Anyone here, by chance, know who the current/former owner of this is? https://gonintendo.com/stories/359224-extremely-rare-game-watch-demo-units-up-for-auction?fbclid=IwAR2R7wWHw0egMos6IsTuszthBYs7TEXNcW1dgphKFjvGn9oJ0wSnDs4fhYQ Will be way outpriced for me, but we are a few who would love to get more information on this Thanks
  12. Well spotted, I did indeed pick these up in Denmark @fcgamer and @Noobguy Thanks to the both of you for your inputs - A lot of interesting things; I had no idea that Sachens were distributed so widely under so many various names, nor did I have any idea, that they were easier to find in some regions than in others. Really interesting stuff - Thanks
  13. I'm only seeing blue ones of Master Chu (Color dreams version). VGPC doesn't seem to have any recording of a black one. GVN has one recorded black cart, but that's a black color dreams one https://www.ebay.com/itm/283298474888 Hence why I'm a bit of a loss. I agree that probably very few people might care. But I've lucked out a couple of times before with unlicensed black carts; I have a black cart CIB Menace Beach as well, which appears to be hight priced than its' blue counterpart. But again, I'm not very familiar with the unlicensed scene and all its' quirks
  14. @Noobguy Thanks for the feedback I was under the impression they were much rarer, seeing as I couldn't find amy black cart versions on neither eBay nor VGPC...? Unlicensed games have never been my forté though, so I'll have to take your word for it
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