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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all, in the middle of playing symphony of the night on the saturn, the game started randomly pausing without touching the start button. I noticed when restarting the system, that the controller is either rapidly pressing the start button, or holding it down on its own. Even when I took apart the controller and plugged it in without the pads to press the contacts, it was still doing the same thing. Any help on what could be the problem would be very much appreciated! It is the official australian model 2 controller that has turbo switches on the back, thank you.
  2. Hey People’s, I did a lot of Hack collecting a few years back, I have seemingly forgotten which Hack and Release this one is. Anybody remember?
  3. I'm negotiating a cartridge with an internet seller and he sent me some photos and a video of the cartridge. Said to be original and showed me pictures including the system board, but the label is crooked and the red rectangle is misaligned. He told me some of his cartridges are relabel (I've included the photo with the other cartridges, the ones marked are relabel). As the relabels look a lot like originals, I would like your opinion. Seller seems honest. We will negotiate for a site that allows me to return if he has lied. He said that when he bought it the seller made sure it was completely authentic. I want your opinion. Do you have any cartridges in which the label is misaligned? Here is the link to the VIDEO: https://streamable.com/30h810 The marker carts are relabeled.
  4. Please help, I am looking for someone that does soldering repairs, I sent out my neo geo aes to have a unibios installed and it came back non-functional as the person lifted a few pads off. Is there anyone else that offers a soldering service to do some jumpers from the chip to the trace? Thank you
  5. Hello all, Because of the shut-down of NintendoAge, I can not longer find a thread a made a while back that contained instructions for proper uploading spreadsheets into GameValueNow's collection tracker. I remember it being a simple mistake on my part, but now when I try to upload it it will see the games but it can't find any of the titles. I know that the game titles are correct, but I think it's how I am specifying the "Title" column when I upload. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. These are dark times. You may have lost your job, you might not have enough money to pay the bills, you might be sick or know someone who has the virus. You might have terrible anxiety. You might feel worthless or feel like you're not pulling your own weight. You might have fear of the unknown. You might be paranoid. Whatever you're feeling, the point of this thread is to help you get through these tough times. Post positive things to cheer each other up. If you need help in any way, please ask. I like to think we as a community can help. I'll start with a silly Pokemon joke I made up, and a funny video. Why did the Wobbuffet cross the road? Wynaut? Sock puppet eating cars quarantine video: https://twitter.com/gnuman1979/status/1239523796542992387?s=20
  7. I remember playing my gameboy almost every day when i was younger (back in the early 2000's). One game that I remember really enjoying was a racing game (I'm fairly certain it was a futuristic one, like wipeout) where, when you crashed your vehicle, sad, violin music would begin to play, and you'd be forced to restart. If anyone knows what game I'm refering to, please let me know what it's called. I've done the best I can to find it myself, but, as you might've guessed, have failed. All help is appreciated; thanks in advance.
  8. I remember playing my gameboy almost every day when i was younger (back in the early 2000's). One game that I remember really enjoying was a racing game (I'm fairly certain it was a futuristic one, like wipeout) where, when you crashed your vehicle, sad, violin music would begin to play, and you'd be forced to restart. If anyone knows what game I'm refering to, please let me know what it's called. I've done the best I can to find it myself, but, as you might've guessed, have failed. All help is appreciated; thanks in advance.
  9. Today we're announcing a bit of a pilot project, potentially the first of many of its kind, depending on how it goes - VGS Databases! If you were a member of NintendoAge you know we had a Games database, where users entered data pertaining to games across various consoles. This is essentially the first go at something like that here on VGS. Based on how it goes and your feedback on the tools, we'll be in a good place to expand into other stuff, such as a Games database, among other things. We're pretty open to ideas for similar stuff so please feel free to let us know if there is another "list" on the site or anything like that which might be a good use case for Databases! As for this particular Database, the Retro Video Game Store DB is exactly what it sounds like. You may be familiar with the thread from NA and the one here on VGS (Thanks @Mega Tank for porting it over!), and this is that, but official and user-generated. It's got a wiki style editing process, so anyone (yes, you!) can hop in there and add a store to the list, along with the pertinent info for the store. Right now we have them categorized by country and currently limited to Canada & USA (if you live elsewhere and want to contribute just let me know and I'll add your country and region!). Inside each country is a list of provinces/states for better organization. Hop into your province/state of choice and add a store! If you think that we could use more fields (I've considered adding social media links as an option, for instance), let us know in this thread. I'm happy to make adjustments based on feedback. If you're reading this, the feature is NOW LIVE! Check the main navigation on the site for "Databases" and click "Retro Video Game Stores" to check it out, and contribute! A bit of a side note re: rules & regulations: I do want to caveat that while I can totally appreciate a good joke, note that this feature follows the same rules as the rest of the forum. Making a fake store and calling it "Cock 'n' Balls" because it's funny will both make me laugh, and hand you an official Warning on your account. We've left it quite open - you can edit anything, even stuff other people have put up, just like a wiki! But with great power yada yada - if you try to ruin the hard work of others you will find yourself being punished accordingly. Let's work together to make something cool without being dicks about it, eh? We can see who makes edits, what edits they've made, and we can roll back to previous versions. So if you think it's funny to go in and remove someone else's hard work, you'll find that the page will be restored without issue, and you will no longer be able to log into VGS.
  10. So I just purchased a Nintendo wii that I want to use as a gamecube as well as an emulation machine. I have a 4K monitor with only HDMI in. What is the best way to hook this thing up? My initial thought was get some component cables and an adapter to convert it to HDMI, but I'm seeing tons of hdmi adapters that plug directly into the Wii. Also not sure if upscaling is necessary, as far as I know 480p plays a lot nicer than 240p with HD tvs. But I'm not sure if the fact that it's a 4k display changes anything. I dont care if the image displays in 4k, I'm just looking for a solution that is affordable and doesnt look like ass. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  11. This is a thread for asking for solid state to modern-related tech and repair questions.
  12. Hard to find tips and tricks for combat, fishing, gardening, gold, and more. I've been playing fire emblem three houses for a couples weeks now (still haven't beaten it), and I'm finding it difficult to find one concise guide with accurate tips. So I thought I'd make my own and add to it as I get input from people here who have played it. FISHING This is a very important part of the game. You can fish on your free days if you choose to explore. You will need bait to fish. You can get bait from these sparkling blue dust orb looking things that are all over the monestary, or by buying them from the Eastern merchant after you do one of the quest battles early on. Fishing gives you experience towards your professor level. Fishing is free in the sense that it doesn't use up any of your free activity time. Fishing is your way to get lots of gold. Buy all the bait from the Eastern merchant on each exploring day. They'll have 40 total pieces of bait costing you 1050 gold. There are 5 different kinds of bait ranging in rarity from 1-5. The ones with 4 and 5 star rarities bring in rarer yellow fish more often, and also Platinum fish more easily. The Eastern merchant sells: 10 insect larva (rarity 1), 10 pond snail (rarity 2), 10 earthworm (rarity 3), 5 blowfly (rarity 4), 5 herring bait (rarity 5 ) This bait replenishes in the store at the start of each month. If you explore twice in the same month, you will not be able to purchase more bait during the 2nd visit. Fish when there's a fistfulls of fish or uncommon fish event going on, such as the fish of mystery event. You will catch multiple fish from one piece of bait during a fistfulls of fish event. You will also gain much more professor level experience during this event. You will catch rarer fish more easily during an uncommon fish event. You can catch Fodlandy once during the "Lots of Large Fish" fishing event in chapter 14. You can catch Goddess Messenger and Fodlandy during a Fish of Mystery event. Goddess Messenger fish have the rainbow fish icon. Fodlandy has the purple fish icon. I was only able to catch these fish during the fish of mystery event with herring (rarity 5) bait. When you go fishing, you have 3 guaranteed tries to catch a fish before you lose your bait. You can risk it and go for a 4th attempt. Sometimes there will be a fish you can catch on the 4th try but most times you'll lose your bait. You cannot catch a fish on a 5th try. You are guaranteed to lose your bait if you wait for a 5th fish shadow/color to appear. (All guides I've seen say you only get 3 tries but this is not true). Fish colors and sizes can be seen at the bottom of the fishing pole. There are 6 fish colors and sizes (despite every other guide saying there are only 3 or 4): SMALL BLUE, BIG BLUE, RED, YELLOW, "RAINBOW" (green, blue, purple, and pink) only available on some special fishing event days when there's a bunch of yellow light shining up from the pond you fish in. Goddess Messenger is the only fish I've been able to get so far from this icon. PURPLE (only available on certain special event days. So far I have only confirmed that purple fish appear in chapter 14 on the day of The Big One", and in chapter 15 during a "Fish of Mystery" event). The only fish I've caught from the purple fish icon is Fodlandy, but I suspect you can also catch ancient fodlan from the purple fish icon. The fish go in order of rarity. Small blue are common fish that give you very little gold. Big blue are common fish but give you a little more gold. Red fish are rarer and give you around 20-100 gold per fish. Yellow fish icons are very rare. They're what you want. Yellow fish icons give you silver fish, gold fish, and Platinum fish. All these fish are available during any fishing outing, not just special fish events. And then there's the "rainbow" fish and purple fish. There is an extremely rare "rainbow" fish. I put it in quotes because it's not the colors of a normal rainbow. This fish only appears during special events like the fish of mystery event. I have only been able to catch them with herring bait (rarity 5 bait). Rainbow fish are extremely hard to catch because the circle moves very fast. The fish you can get from rainbow fish is goddess messenger. Potentially ancient fodlan as well but I have not confirmed these. Then there's a purple fish which is found during a quest in chapter 14 when this guy asks you to catch "The Big One". I used insect larva and got a purple fish on the first bite and only the first bite. The purple fish ended up being Fodlandy, which you trade him to complete the quest (sorry no 2000 gold for you). You can also get purple fish during the "Fish of Mystery" event in chapter 15. The only fish I've caught when it's purple is Fodlandy. I was only able to catch Fodlandy with herring (rarity 5) bait. Silver fish sell for 200 gold, Gold fish sell for 500, Platinum sell for 1000, Goddess Messenger sells for 1500, Ancient Fodlan sells for 2000, Fodlandy sells for 2000. During a golden fish event, you can catch a gold fish with any of the 5 different kinds of bait. I personally did this so I know it's possible. I was only able to catch a platinum fish with rarity 3, 4, and 5 bait. 4 and 5 are much easier to get platinum fish with than 3. I was able to catch a platinum fish with rarity 2 bait during the fish of mystery event. I know you can get silver fish with rarity 1 and 2 bait. Not sure about the 3-5 bait. I have confirmed you can catch platinum fish on any day with bait as low as pond snail (rarity 2 bait). You can get around 6000 gold from the 40 bait you buy each time from the Eastern merchant. So a profit of 5000 or so. GARDENING You should garden every time you explore on a free day. Gardening gives you professor experience. Gardening doesn't use any activity points. Gardening gives you gifts which you can use to boost your classmate's motivation. Gardening gives you food you can use for meals and sell. You can get stat boosting items if all of the flower seeds you plant are the same color. You get better crops if you plant all of the same seed. The higher the seed rarity, the better the crops you'll get as well. You get a higher yield the more money you pay. So always pay the most you can. You can buy rarer seeds such as red, blue, white, purple, and green flower seeds from the Southern Merchant. COMBAT Assign a battalion to every unit There is no downside to having a battalion But the upside can be tremendous, especially against giant/demonic beasts. Gambit attacks (which are your battalion attacking) are useful to break giant beasts shields. Gambits can also be useful against stronger does because you don't take counter damage when you use a Gambit For giant/demonic beasts, you can hit them if you're 3 or more squares away and not take counter damage. So save those thoron, more, and death magic attacks for the beast and to break the shield down if you can't with a Gambit. Lure opponents to you. Put your strongest unit on the edge of where your opponents can reach. This will draw them to you and allow for your strong unit to counter attack. Then on the next turn, you can finish the job. If you have an incredibly tough opponent (like the death knight), who will wipe out most of your units in one hit or round, You can rack up more damage by placing mages and bowmen within striking distance of the enemy, but don't attack with them. Then let your one or 2 very powerful units go in for the attack with the boosted support from those within range. Use weaker weapons when you use your combats abilities. Most combat attacks cost -3 or -5 to a weapon's durability. You don't want to ruin your best weapons when your weaker ones can get the job done and take the hit on their durability. Don't be afraid to equip iron weapons on a lot of units even when you also have stronger weapons like steel. Iron weapons often allow your unit to attack twice while steel weapons usually don't, so you can actually often do more overall damage with an iron weapon than a steel one. You can use your rescue magic spell to sort of act like a warp spell. If the mage with rescue is farther away, they can rescue another even farther away unit toward them. Not quite the same as warping but it is a way to move units an extra amount before the warped unit moves themselves. Do not assign healing battalions to healers. There is no point to doing this since you can already heal your units. Always have at least one or two units who have a monster combat art. It'll come in very handy by doing a ton of damage in one hit to giant/demonic beasts. Critical hits do 3x the normal damage. It is advantageous to have high critical hit ratio items such as a killing edge or killer axe. Even if the accuracy is lower, the critical hit might come into play. Some items like killing edge have a high percentage of landing a normal hit already plus a 40% or so rate to be critical. These are great items to have, especially if you counter foes attacking you. OTHER Another way to get some gold is to sell the training weapons you pick up from the purple spots you land on where lots of people online died. The rusted weapons will only give 1 gold but the training weapons usually give around 100 and are basically worthless in combat. There is a purpose to rest days other than it maxing out everyone's motivation (which you can do on your exploration days anyways). Resting also replenishes your sword of the creator weapon's durability by I believe 5, maybe 10. I need to figure that one but I know its durability can be replenished somewhat. There is almost no point to doing seminars or resting on your free day. The reason being you can achieve the same things from your exploration days or from battling. Seminars raise skill focuses for certain characters, but not by much. It also raises motivation by 50 but only for those few that attended the lecture. As mentioned before, rest days restore everyone's motivation to the max, and also recovers some of the sword of Creator's weapon durability. You can boost skill focus experience by fighting on the battlefield with different weapons for whatever you're trying to increase. Battles also give your units experience, gold, weapons, and items. It's much more valuable to do battles and get all those extra bonuses than to do a seminar. Exploring is also super beneficial. You can raise anyone's motivation by giving them gifts that you buy from merchants or that you get from gardening. You can also boost motivation through meals, tea parties, and by returning lost items. Exploring also boosts professor experience which in turn adds more activity points which means more meals you can have with people, more training you can do to boost skill proficiency, etc. You can go fishing when you explore, and get lots of gold from it. You can recruit people. There's a lot you can do. You can forge and repair weapons any time too. You can only do certifications right before you decide what you want to do on your free day. It's the only thing I can think of that you can't do in multiple places. I recommend pushing X to bring up the menu, then going to inventory, then going to reclass. Try to max out a units experience before doing a certification for another class. You'll get useful bonus abilities when you max out their unit exp. For example, when Byleth maxes out his Commoner class, he gets an HP+5 ability he can equip to gain 5 extra health. You gain unit exp per enemy your unit fights. The later classes like intermediate ones take longer to get the bonuses. Some require 100 unit exp, so 100 enemies fought. There are many more tips and tricks but I figured I'd start with these and see what you guys have to say.
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