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  2. I have about 180 PS1 games (includes a few Japanese imports - and a Japanese PS1 to play them) -includes pretty much all of the RPGs. I also have a neat store display sign in a metal case that is about 10" by 48" that has the color logo and is backlit by a flourescent bulb.
  3. I'm also curious for PS2. I've started buying every PS2 Asian release that I see here, if it's about $5 or less. Don't have a lot though, the buggers aren't the easiest to find.
  4. Following because I'm interested to see what information you find. However, I think you will have a hard time getting a solid list. The US list of PS1 games is massive already, and the Asian list makes the US list look like the Wii U list.
  5. I've been collecting the Asian PS1 releases, does anyone have a complete / comprehensive list of what exists?
  6. I think this is an interesting subset. This is one of each game that was originally released in a long box, later re-released in a black label jewel case, and eventually released again under the Greatest Hits line. Out of almost 1,300 PS1 titles in the US, these are the only 17 games to be released in those three formats. Obviously it's my goal to eventually have pictures of all 17 of these games in all three formats, but this will have to do for now.
  7. And beat Echo Night 2: The Lord of Nightmares. 6/10 It looks better and it's got some quality of life improvements over the first game but not massively so and it's hard to really call it better overall. We've even got another practically-unsolvable-if-you're-not-a-music-guy puzzle and this one's probably less amenable to trial-error than the first game's. It's technically skippable but the alternate solution locks you out of the best ending (lots of ways to do that actually and yeah that wasn't my favorite design decision either). The haunted mansion setting is much more standard and the main antagonist and final confrontation were less memorable. This one does probably does have generally better characters though.
  8. I tend to collect more Nintendo systems, games, and accessories, but have always been a big fan of the PS1. I have a launch model PS1, along with a longbox copy of Rayman: A Pac-Man World demo disc: A Crash Bandicoot 2 shirt that I got when the game was new: My original copy of Mega Man 8 that I've had since 2000: I have a lot of other PS1 games, demo discs, accessories, etc. I'll post more pics when I have a little more time.
  9. So there I was thinking “I hear Overblood 2 is pretty neat, I should get around to playing overblood 1 and then it sometime.” and then I thought “MagusSmurf you idiot nobody likes overblood 1 for anything beyond so bad its good monents why are you considering this when there’s still allegedly decent-to-good stuff even just on PS1 like Galerians and Echo Night # 2 you haven’t played? Or hell, Dino Crisis 2 and Parasite Eve II which you already own?” and then I thought “wait, what the hell was Echo Night 1 even about? I remember the setting and a few bits and pieces but none about how any of it fit together. Uh. Guess I’m replaying that then.” then I did that. 6/10 pretty decent game. It’s got a neat atmosphere with some cool moments and I can largely overlook the bad voice acting. Found myself heading for a walkthrough a few too many times though and when I did I felt there was usually some kind of issue or oversight with the game’s design rather than JUST me being dense. And while I liked the macabre story and all, the characters who weren’t William generally ended up sketched too lightly to make much of an impact.
  10. And here is a new photo for the PS1 Star Wars games. I posted this one earlier, but this is updated with all black label games.
  11. Here are a few other recently finished sets. Road Rash Pro-Pinball
  12. That's really cool. Thanks for sharing the info and pic about the inlay. I never noticed that.
  13. This is the subset for the A1 Games/Agetec releases in the US. This publisher was known for brining Japanese games over to the US. These games all use a unique template with a color code on the top for the genre. Most of these games have a super generic title such as Racing, Bowling or Boxing. Also, most of the games don't use the standard PS1 inlay as seen in the second picture. These are the only US PS1 games I can think of that don't use it.
  14. reminds me of when i played gt5 on ps3. there were, 220 mph max @ daytona, rooms. the settings for gear/suspension were cool. the building cars and sponsor thing seems cool but like you said what a time sink.
  15. I enjoyed 2002 because the simulation mode was based around running the race team. You had to build cars and repair them after races. Building and repairing took time and resources meaning that you had to mange everything extremely carefully. If you started to build a new race car on week 10, it might not be ready until week 12 which means you had another race to worry about before the car was done. You also had to keep sponsors happy or they would back out and you could lose precious earnings. The other big thing was that the default settings for each car were crap. If you used the default settings, you would be lucky to finish in the top 35. You had to take the time to practice and adjust settings to make your car faster. I had a notebook for every track with the settings I used (I still have that notebook today). It was a very difficult, yet rewarding game to play. Unfortunately, I would never have the time and energy to put into a game like that today.
  16. thunder 2004 (xbox) is my favorite nascar game. they should have come with a 12 pack of mnt dew/budwieser.
  17. And also, here is every single NASCAR game released on the PS1 (including the Collector's Edition of '98 and the Legacy Edition of '99 with soundtrack CD). Lots of games here which isn't surprising considering that NASCAR was pretty huge in the late 90s and 2000s. NASCAR Thunder 2002 is my all time favorite NASCAR game, but I prefer the PS2 version because of the full 43 car field. NASCAR Rumble is an interesting title as it's actually a Mario Kart clone. It's basically Mario Kart (including items and weapons), but with NASCAR drivers (Mario Kart is much better if you haven't already guessed). NASCAR Racing and NASCAR Heat are the only non-EA NASCAR games on the PS1.
  18. This is another mini sub set that popped into my head the other day. The "Car Magazine Presents" games. Both Road & Track and Car and Driver sponsored racing games on the PS1 with Road & Track sponsoring the original Need for Speed and Car and Driver sponsoring Gran Tour Racing '98. Obviously NFS spawned into a huge racing series, but I don't believe R&T had their name on any sequel. I'm guessing that GTR98 was meant to start their own series (based on the inclusion of the year), but it never took off enough to justify a sequel. I actually played GTR98 a ton back when it was new, but the game hasn't aged well and I would rather play NFS today.
  19. My favorite sub set. Namco with Guncon sets:
  20. And here is one more subset completed this weekend. This is every game developed by SingleTrac for the PS1, which also just so happens to be every game developed by SingleTrac except for one game which was only released on PC (Outwars). If you can't tell from the games pictured here, SingleTrac was very good to the PS1.
  21. This is a sub set that I've been looking forward to completing. All 11 Collector's Edition 3 packs for the PS1 along with the 2 Twin Packs that I pictured a few weeks ago. The first CE that I ever bought was the GTA CE which was probably almost 10 years ago. Over the years I picked up a few others and even pieced 3 of these sets together (the ones that were pieced together have the proper packaging and SLUS numbers.
  22. Thanks. Lots of other sets are planned, but I'm just missing a game or two. I'm working on getting a proper list of developer and publisher for each game because I believe that will make up some more interesting sub sets. However, getting that information accurately is not easy. The Wikipedia list has numerous errors. Game-Rave has all of the information, but not in a way that can be easily collected. I might send send him an email and see if he has it in a spreadsheet or database that he can share.
  23. I love see-ing the mini "sets" together like this. Very cool - keep em coming!
  24. I've got a big subset that I'm looking forward to posting that I just recently finished, but I'm waiting on the final game to arrive in the mail. So for now, here are all of the Caesars Palace games.
  25. Cool Boarders collection. Parts 2, 3 and 4 also received GH versions. I'm only missing part 3 out of that group.
  26. Ah yes, a double pack of the two Sesame Street games that are basically two skins of the same engine, neither being very good!

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