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  1. I have had trouble with a few games crashing, but I also am bad about just putting it in sleep mode and never restarting it for weeks. I actually started seeing graphical errors/architects in tales of vesperia the other day until I actually restarted the console.
  2. I have never used my joycons at all. Literally never touched them lol. I bought a pro controller day I bought my switch, and its been docked ever since. I got mine at launch, so im sure probably would suffer from it if used.
  3. I work in programming at a bigger tax software company. How ours does it is you can file already, we just stockpile the returns until they open. But the IRS does pull quite a few early for testing, so its entirely possible to have your return already accepted. Lots of changes and last minute additions this year because the cares act and stimulus payments.
  4. Thats literally one I was thinking of when I came in here. It outlasted a whole console generation lol
  5. They keep a few extras frrom every sale for damages in shipping, lost mail, stuff like that. then at end of year they get rid of the extras. thats why so limited, some may have only had 3-4 copies.
  6. Yeah I got some blind boxes, and blazing chrome collector. I couldnt get any collector blind boxes or blasphmous I really wanted, but maybe ill get lucky with the blinds.
  7. There are a few I missed that I am going to try for, I have pretty good chance with the blind boxes of getting ones I need. So im just going to order a handful of those. If I get any duplicates, would be happy to trade for anybodies if its something they need
  8. 5 from me. I never understood the hype over it, bland to me. re2 will remain king to me
  9. The official zelda timeline already has seperate timelines as part of its "canon" so i would not see why this wouldnt count. Just another branch on the tree lol
  10. Thanks for doing this. My internet too bad for anything but the disc version lol, so if you get another one I would jump on it
  11. Yeah its always been withdrawal from bank account, I never keep funds in actual paypal account. Its just weird that I will have 200ish transactions, then randomly one day one do it lol. Not even a high amount sometimes, like 30 bucks was last one.
  12. I pay online all the time with my paypal, and once in a blue moon it will do a echeck instead of instant payment. I have no idea why, paypal couldnt tell me anything. Just like once a year a payment will have to clear. Ive had same paypal account for more than 5 years, plenty of large transactions both ways, it just seems to randomly audit it lol.
  13. Literally the same. I was in a gamestop one day and saw one, and asked what it did over the wii and found out it was a different system entirely. I never saw a single advertisement on tv or anywhere (granted I dont watch much), and the name of it was awful just seemed upgraded Wii.
  14. Round 1, no music, score 11 Round 2, music, score 11
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