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Official Secret Santa Discussion Thread 2021! (Signups are closed)

Secret Santa

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Ho Ho Ho!   It's that time of the year once again! Sorry I'm a bit early, but due to shipping times, we need the extra time to send the presents!

Welcome to the third annual VGS Secret Santa!   If you would like to participate, please read through the following directions: 

1- Send Secret Santa a PM with your real name, your address, and a LIST of items that are $25 or less. The more specific the better. If I get any of these lists with all $50+ items on them, I won't even ask you for a revised list; you'll just be out of this year's Secret Santa.   

1a- Also please indicate if you can ship internationally. It does require you to be a bit more prompt on shipping due to how long it will take to reach its destination.

2- Once I receive your list, you will be entered into the SS participant list.

3- Signups will end at 10:00 pm Eastern on Wednesday November 10th.   That's a whole 10 days, it shouldn't take you THAT long to get your list in order.

4- Santa hopes to have recipients matched up and your lists sent out by end of day November 13th if not earlier.  Santa and his helper will try to get it done earlier due to the time constraints!

5- Once your gifts are shipped, please PM Santa with the tracking number!   This is very important, so don't lose it.

6- Deadline to ship in your own country is Dec 10th.    International is Dec 3rd.   (I understand that's a quick turnaround for those with international recipients, but we also have to consider international shipping times.)

7- Have fun!   I'll post a reveal thread Christmas morning for you to show off your goodies, but no revealing before! Also, as tempting as it may be, it's no fun to open it early! Throw it under the tree, Santa knows when you've opened it early...


Also, Santa has some basic rules to follow:

1. In order to participate, you must have joined VGS before this thread was made and you must have posted a few times. 

2.  PLAN ON BUYING SOMETHING.   Don't assume you can just pull some stuff off your shelf.

3.  Plan on spending a minimum of $25 before shipping.   Take that into consideration before buying your recipient those Rock Band drums. If you don't want to take this seriously or plan on being a grinch, don't bother signing up. 

4.  DO NOT MESSAGE YOUR RECIPIENT.   If you need clarification, please reach out to Secret Santa.

5.  No public complaining about your gift/list/etc. People generally try their best with these things, but if you have a legitimate complaint, PM either Santa or VGS site staff.

6.  We reserve the right to refuse Secret Santa entry to anyone.   This will especially apply if you've been on Santa's naughty list before. Don't be a grinch, being such may result in your inability to participate in future years (it will also give Santa a mad headache).

7. Try to be prompt, especially with international shipping. Due to the particular pandemic that is happening globally, it seems to be taking longer for packages to reach their destination. And keep in mind that this time of year is rather difficult on postal workers, try to get stuff in before the massive rush.

8. It is REALLY not recommended to do drop shipping. It can be confusing to the person receiving the gift and they may just open it up early. On top of that, if the wrong thing is shipped or gets damaged due to bad seller packing, it can lead to a bummer of a Christmas gift.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or send me a message.

Merry Christmas!


Also, to note, there are 2 of us this year!  We are also considering bumping up the limit some.  If you all feel it is necessary, then there will be a poll opened up in this thread so you can all vote.  One of the choices will be leave it alone at the $25 before shipping, so if you choose that it is fine, then you can vote for that.  So, when time comes we will do a guess the santa(s) thread.  Hints will pop up every so often for you, so keep a lookout!  First hint:  One of us is the exact opposite of the characters in the Profile Pic.

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Ho, Ho, Ho.

So far we have a total of 13 of you, with 1 definitely not interested!  Let's hope we get some more participants as we can't stop at lucky number 13!

Come on all you folks who have been naughty, this is your chance to redeem yourself this year.  Maybe I should have my friend Bender come after you all to knock you around to decide to join in.  

Second hint:  Santa has the name of one of the characters of Futurama, and it is spelled correctly.

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Administrator · Posted
13 minutes ago, FireHazard51 said:

My eyes!!!!



But I'm in....time to stock up on chili

It's a really tough thing to manage tbh. Like, on the one hand, I could totally FORCE all text, even copy-pasted (maybe?) to be dark background light text. But then people wholesale lose the ability to customize. And the system (intelligently, I'd say) allows you to copy-paste stuff onto the site and keep the styles. 

It's a tough-un.

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2 minutes ago, Gloves said:

It's a really tough thing to manage tbh. Like, on the one hand, I could totally FORCE all text, even copy-pasted (maybe?) to be dark background light text. But then people wholesale lose the ability to customize. And the system (intelligently, I'd say) allows you to copy-paste stuff onto the site and keep the styles. 

It's a tough-un.

It's not tough.  If you copy and past you gotta just know to past as plain text or past into another program that keeps font type and size the same?  I mean the thing we are having issues with is the whole text color right?  If you pick black text it will do a white background?  I feel like there should be a button for "convert to dark friendly view" where they just make small changes to the pasted text.  Or for dark view to overwrite any black text with white background to white text and black background, regardless of what the poster "wanted" to be shown.  But I get it, what I want is likely out of your control and the few times the copy paste "issue" shows up is worth keeping everyone having their own preferable options.  I just hope the reverse happens and you freaks have to deal with my black background and white text surrounded by a bright white screen 😈.

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