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Who Are Your Favorite Simpsons Characters?


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         Who's Your Fav?  

 Pick One For Each Category.


Primary - Anyone from the immediate Simpsons Family = Anyone who lives on the reg. at 742 Evergreen Terrace.

Secondary - A frequently recurring Character (outside of the immediate family.)

Tertiary - An infrequently recurring character.

Singular - A character who has only been featured in ONE episode (not counting cameo/Easter egg stuff [example: Jay Sherman])

Deceased / Retired - Any character who has died on the show* / been retired due to a voice actor death.

*Deaths that occur in a Treehouse of Horrors episode don't count, as one would presume that everyone in Springfield has been killed in one of those at least once = not canon.



Mine are clockwise from upper left and include a Duo as well as a Tie.

Simpsons Characters.png

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Primary: Maggie, the amount of character and personality they put into a non verbal character is kind of wild. Plus she’s wholesome as can be. The end of “Lisa’s First Word” when she days daddy killed me, I have two autistic children and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever hear those words myself and when I did this became very relatable 

Secondary: Mole Man, SO FUNNY. I love mole man and all of the outlandish jokes that come with him. In other words, I am gay for mole man 


Tertiary: I’d have to go with Lureen Lumpkin, I love Beverly D’Angelo, such a good character and voice. 

singular is Roy, I love everything that character is, just a single use joke


deceased is actually Krabapell. Marcia Wallace was a blessing and the post death chalk board gag, made me tear up 

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I don't know the show well enough to know who is in what category. But some of my favorites are: Abe Simpson, Lenny, Krusty, Homer and Ralph.

Not necessarily in that order. I'm 1000% more familiar with South Park and Family Guy than Simpsons unfortunately. I want to watch it more, I just haven't caught up in years. 

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All of my answers come from the seasons I'm familiar with and watch often years ago (Seasons 1 through around 13)

Primary:  Homer

Secondary:  Moe

Tertiary:  Disco Stu

Singular:  Hank Scorpio - his episode is my single favorite Simpsons episode ever

Deceased/Retired:  Lionel Hutz

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On 12/21/2021 at 2:23 PM, WhyNotZoidberg said:

I can’t answer because my pick for singular is too damn hard.

Frank Grimes or

Hank Scorpio.

If you should choose Frank, Hank won't mind at all, he'll totally understand; no hard feelings at all.  Seriously.  But if you could just kill someone on the way out, golly gosh it'd sure help him out a lot.

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