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POLL: Are they coming or are they going?


Are they coming or are they going?  

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  1. 1. Are they coming or are they going?

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Events Team · Posted

They are in fact coming toward the camera.  


The rear leg of the horse(furthest to the left) is on a plane further from the camera.  The red lines show how the knees, ankles, and hooves of the rear legs align and the blue lines regard the front legs.  If the horse was walking away, then its rear end is levitating.


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13 hours ago, RH said:

Well, if you know anything about equestrian... stuff. Owners/handlers walk on the left side of the horse. That alone makes it very-likely they are coming.

That's the first thing I noticed, I thought it was common knowledge.

Also if they were going, that would be one super loooooong lead because the girl would be at the ass end of the horse. Handlers always use a short lead and walk at the front of the horse.

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Administrator · Posted

It looks to me like it's one of those manipulated photos to be confusing just for this purpose hah.  Anyway, without digging in or complicating it, what my brain initially sees, is the horse coming, and the girl "going" / facing the horse.  🤷‍♂️

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